How to Prepare for Your First Adventure

How to Prepare for Your First Adventure #2022

Are you planning your first hiking trip and are really excited about it? Backpacking is an excellent way to de-stress, enjoy the beauty of nature, and get a good workout. The good thing about hiking is everybody can do it as long as physically fit.

However, there are several essential things you must do to make your adventure safer and more fun. Among them are selecting your trail and choosing the appropriate wear, like hiking shoes, wool boxer briefs and a waterproof jacket.

Essential Tips to Consider When Hiking

Trekking is an enjoyable and exciting outdoor activity with excellent health benefits. According to studies, hiking can help prevent osteoporosis and reduce anxiety. Here are some backpacking tips you may consider for your first try:

  • Select a trail that is ideal for beginners like you. You can partner with your friends or family members on your adventure. You can also look for hiking buddies in your local backpacking clubs or online forums. For a start, you can choose a trail near your home.
  • Check with authorities whether you will need a permit or other requirements to trek the area.
  • Monitor the weather so you can prepare the right gear for your adventure. You may bring a small day pack where you can carry water, compass, and other essentials in case you decide to make side trips from your camp.
  • Make sure to pack the essential things, like a flashlight, first aid kit, extra clothing, water, tent, snacks, sun protection, camera, and smartphone. Also, bring water disinfection tablets to purify water from ponds, rivers, or springs.
  • Prepare comfortable wool clothing like wool boxer briefs and shirts to avoid inconvenience. Avoid wearing clothes made of cotton to minimize sweat absorption.
  • Make sure to wear synthetic or wool socks and comfortable shoes to avoid stressing your feet too much. Don’t forget to bring blister dressings.
  • Bring a waterproof and breathable rain jacket.
  • Learn how to wear your backpack the proper way for better comfort during your hike. To do it, loosen all straps before wearing your backpack. Then, adjust the hip belt to sit on your hips. Next, tighten the shoulder straps and the load lifters at comfortable levels. Lastly, adjust your backpack’s load stabilizer straps.
  • Make sure to inform family members or friends about your itinerary. Maintain constant communication with them while on your trip.
  • While at the trail, try to pace yourself and enjoy it. You can snap beautiful photos using your phone or camera while walking.
  • Respect other hikers by keeping the right of way, avoiding loud music, and conversing quietly.
  • Refrain from feeding wildlife to avoid disrupting their natural foraging routines.
  • To maintain the cleanliness of the trail, bring a trash bag where you can put your rubbish.

Reasons for Wearing Wool Apparels when Hiking

When backpacking, you will produce sweat as you will be walking a lot. Clothes made of wool are lightweight and have moisture-wicking capability to keep you dry while on the trail. They can also repel odor-causing bacteria, allowing you to reuse them even without washing. They are also wrinkle-resistant.

Backpacking is an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors and have fun. By packing the right gears and practicing proper hiking etiquette, you will experience an unforgettable trekking adventure on your first try.

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