20 Best Highly Compressed PC Games Less Than 500MB

20 Best Highly Compressed PC Games Collection Less Than 500MB

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Compressed games refer to those games which too big in size but have been reduced to a smaller one! This method basically useful for those who don’t have a high-speed internet connection or unlimited internet connection, so they can easily download their favorite games without much trouble.
Although they have been compressed people will get the full game so it’s an easy way to download a large-sized game in a smaller size with not so high internet speed!
We have gathered some of the best compressed of games for you which otherwise would have been hard for you to get! Let’s take a look at the list of best-compressed PC game which can easily download and play on your PC!

highly compressed pc games less than 500mb

1 Total Overdose

Highly Compressed PC Total Overdose

Total overdose can be easily downloaded as a compressed PC game and its a fun game too. It is a third-person shooter game which is available in single-mode only! It is an action-adventure open world game where the player will take control of characters like Tommy, Ernesto, and Ramiro.
There are many weapons that a player can use like shotguns, rifles, handguns, and rocket launchers too!! Other than weapons players can also get to use some special cars. As it’s an open-world game player can go anywhere in the game but someplace will only be accessible during the missions. It’s a cool game to play and the few that it is highly compressed PC games make it more appealing to players!

2. Just Cause 1

Best Highly Compressed PC Games Just Cause 1

Just is another highly compressed PC game in which players can easily get access. It’s the first game of Just Cause series which is an open world action-adventure game. The game is one of the best-compressed pc games. The players will get 21 full-fledged story missions and 300 side missions.
Player will take control of the lead character named Rico Rodriguez, who is a higher officer of an organization called Agency which deals with security stuff! Another Agency which deals with weapons which can lead to mass destruction and Rico has been assigned to deal with this matter!
There are a lot of vehicles that a player can possess throughout the game and they include cars, boats, fixed-wing aircraft, and even helicopters! Enjoy base jumping, skydiving, and other stuff. This compressed pc game is surely an addicted one!

3 Half-Life 2

Best Highly Compressed PC Games Just Cause 1


Half-Life is one of the best game which features a well-written storyline, and lots of elements which makes it a unique game. And they include puzzle-solving, action, shooting, adventure and vehicles along with physics-based elements too.
What you will love about this highly compressed pc game is the fact that you will be able to explore so many aspects and discover something new every now and then!

4 Project I.G.I 1

Best Highly Compressed PC Games IGI-1

If you wanna play the best tactical shooting game but you can’t download the game as most of the shooting games comes in a bigger size but thankfully we have Project I.G.I 1 which comes as a highly compressed pc game.
The player will have to prevent a nuclear attack and for that, he will have to go on many missions and show his shooting skills. And the suspense will be there if you can or can not defuse the bomb! So its gonna be a fun game to play.

5 I.G.I 2

Best Highly Compressed PC Games igi2

I.G.I 2 is also a tactical shooting game that features action-adventure gameplay. Unlike its prequel, this one features a multiplayer mode too. So enjoy the best shooting game which comes as compressed pc games. So download this with ease and enjoy it.
The gameplay features lots of missions that will include huge weaponry and lots of action. You will definitely have fun with this compressed PC game!

6 Ultimate Spider-Man

Best Highly Compressed PC Games Ultimate Spider-Man
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We know you must be a fan of spider man no matter what your age is, spiderman was among the very first superhero that we have witnessed. And the good news is spiderman is now available as a video game for various gaming platforms including PC. But the thing is just like any other game it too comes in a big size but thankfully now is preset as a highly compressed PC game.
What more you can ask for you get to play your favorite superhero game by downloading it in a smaller size. In this action-adventure game, players get to roam the city and get to experience many adventures as spiderman. The game features a story mode where they will experience a quick switch between spiderman and venom. It’s a super fun compressed PC game so don’t miss out on it.

7. Resident Evil 2

Best Highly Compressed PC Games resident evil 2

Resident Evil 2 is indeed the best horror game ever made but the only complaint this game got is that it was too big to download for PC but thankfully we got it as the highly compressed PC game and now anyone can play it on PC too.
If we talk about the gameplay than this features a survival horror theme where two characters will find a way to escape the city after it has witnessed a zombie apocalypse and they might be the only ones left on the whole, of course, there will be zombies too. It was one of the best selling games for any gaming console and now you can play it on your PC too.

8 Prince Of Persia: The Two Thrones

Best Highly Compressed PC Games price of persia

If we say that Prince of Persia is one of the greatest action-adventure games in history then we wouldn’t be wrong! The game features the best combat where the player will have to make use of the prince’s ability and agility. Although this game was released for almost all the gaming consoles and Microsoft window, for PC users it was kinda a toughie to download such a high size game and that is why it is now available as a highly compressed PC game.
Now that all the PC users can download the game, they will experience the best gameplay as it features puzzles, time leaps, along with lots and lots of action. The storyline is just epic and everyone has loved its combat style so don’t miss out on this amazing just because you can’t download such a big file just get it’s compressed PC game version and you can enjoy this incredible game on your PC!

9 Spider-Man Web of Shadow

Best Highly Compressed PC Games spider man web of shadows

Another spiderman game which is now available as a highly compressed PC game so that all the PC users can enjoy this incredible superhero game. The has three versions that is, a 3D one, 2.5D side-scrolling platform and lastly, 2.5D beat’em’up! So it’s gonna be triple fun!
It’s a single-player game so you will have to be the hero on your won who will fight against the bad on his own! As this game features an open-world game you will be wandering around Manhattan and show your superhero abilities. Obviously there are gonna be separate missions so don’t wait the spider man world needs you!

10 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six

Best Highly Compressed PC Games rainbow six

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow six is based on the novel Rainbow. The story began with a counter-terrorism agency called Rainbow and how the people of it deal with all the threats and stuff! So basically it’s a first-person shooter game where players can take control of the character and how things go with them. The game was a success but for PC users there were different concerns since the size of the game become a problem but luckily we have it as a compressed PC  game version.
So download this game in a compressed version and enjoy being a member of a secret organization and deal with threats and terrorism!

11. Earn to Die 2

Highly Compressed PC game earn to die 2
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People have loved the fact they finally got Earn to Die 2 as a compressed PC game. It’s a classic racing game where you will have to speed up if you wanna win! The locations are different and some of them are the same as’s previous one! So download this compressed PC game and have fun while racing the game!

12 SimCity 3000

Highly Compressed PC game simcity

SimCity is a city-building game that is harder to find and that is why it got really popular.  Players will have to show their creative city and build a city on their own. It may sound easy at first but let me tell you it’s not so much! Players will have to build every single thing in the city from hospitals to residential buildings and from utility buildings to power plants and that is why this game is so much fun. You will be glad to know that this compressed pc game is now available for you to download in a smaller size!
Strategize your city planning and make your city one of the biggest in the country. You will need to upgrade its status by building more and huge and skyscrapers buildings!

13 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six; Rogue Spear

Highly Compressed PC game rainbow six rogue spear

This game is similar to the previous Rainbow Six in terms of gameplay and storyline. You will have to deal with terrorist organizes that have taken some hostages and they have some high weapons that can lead to mass destruction! The game is more than just shooting you will have to plan and strategies against every action! It is now available in both single and multiplayer mode so you will definitely have fun! What are you waiting for just go and download this compressed pc game and shoot some bad guys!

14 Alien V/S Predator

Highly Compressed PC game aliens vd predator

Alien vs. Predator is a sci-fi genre video that has gained huge popularity after its release in the market! This compressed pc game can be played in single-player and multiplayer mode ao bring your friend in and enjoy one of the best shooter games and kill some out of the world creatures.

15 Drift Force

Highly Compressed PC game drift force

Another compressed pc game on our list is Drift Force which is a racing genre game. Drift Force was very popular but one thing that kept away from its players is its bog size but thankfully now we have its compressed version so you can race until you win in this amazing game!
Your only goal will be to survive the game long enough but it’s not gonna be easy because the game features a variety of obstacles and hurdles to make leave the race! It’s too a single-player game where you will be chasing your own high score! It’s a fun game and luckily we got it in a compressed version.

16 Star Wars Battlefront 2

Best Highly Compressed PC Games battlefront2

As the name says this game is based on the popular star wars so it’s natural that its and sci-fi genre video game. The size of the game was definitely something that worried pc owners but now its available as a compressed pc game so all the fans can easily download it have olay their favorite game on PC!

17 Terminator 3

Best Highly Compressed PC Games terminator 3

Terminator 3 is undoubtedly one of the best highly compressed pc games which you can find. As the name suggests it is based in the film and players will be able to recollect all the cool elements that were shown in the movie!

18 WW 3 Smackdown

Best Highly Compressed PC Games ww3 smackdown

WW3 is obviously one of the best boxing games that you can find and now the players can download its compressed pc games that otherwise would have been too large to download! Players can play it in both single-player and multiplayer mode!

19 Soldier Elite

Best Highly Compressed PC Games sniper lite

Soldier Elite was released way back in 2006 and people have loved it for its gameplay and controls. Now that it is available as a compressed pc game, all the pc owners can too enjoy the game!


20 Bomberman

Best Highly Compressed PC Game bomber man

The very last compressed pc game on this list is Bomberman, which is a puzzle-based game that features so many great elements that managed to gain huge popularity for this game. So if you are looking for a puzzle-based game then this might be it!
So these were the top highly compressed pc game which you can now easily download and have fun while playing your favorite game!

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