Healthy lifestyle tips for students

Top 10 Best Healthy lifestyle Tips for Students #2022

It’s no secret that student life is hard, we have to manage a lot of things at ones. Whether it’s about the assignment, taking lectures, trying hard not to be short on attendance or spending time with your friends or for yourself. We have so much to do and in so little time. But in between managing the student life collage, friends and now social media we tend to forget about our health and miss out on a healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips that may help you to have a healthy lifestyle.

1. Eat quality food!
Although pizzas, burgers and other junk food sound so tempting and hard to resist, these are gonna cause you problems in the long run. Make sure you are not eating outside food every day. Your quality of food will decide your performance in academics, sport, and your overall health. A healthy diet may not sound cool but you have to maintain your food habits in order to stay healthy and fit. If you are having a hard time concentrating, always feeling fatigued then these may indicate your poor health. Avoid too spicy or oily things and stick to veggies and fruit juices.

2. Never miss your breakfast
The first food for your day is the most important meal. Skipping breakfast is a very unhealthy habit that will cause you poor performance as a student. Having a good breakfast will set your day and give you enough energy to concentrate and work effectively. Stick to a healthier breakfast like whole-grain toast, smoothies or anything you like or can be made easily( if you are living on your own)

3. Drink enough water
You may be busy and struggling through one class to another but make sure you are getting 6-8 glasses of water every day. We don’t need to tell you that your 70% body is made of water and if you are not hydrated you may face some serious consequences. If you can’t remember to drink water, you can try setting an alarm and it’s always good to keep a cool water bottle wherever you go. You surely don’t wanna lose on daily activities just because you can’t keep yourself hydrated.

4. Get enough sleep
If you don’t sleep well you will be stressed and will ruin your day. Getting good sleep is directly related to healthy student life, even though you have so much to do but don’t comprise with your sleep get at least 6-7 hour sleep and try getting a few naps along the day. Good sleep will keep you relaxed and you can focus more on your daily tasks ( biggest plus point you won’t be sleeping in your class) avoids late parties or doing your assignment till the morning, instead make a routine and prioritize your tasks and go according to it. We know managing your sleep cycle is a big task but you can do it with a little effort.

5. Keep some snacks with you
You may wanna eat in between your lectures and instead of getting a burger, you can have something healthy and light to make you feel full and keep you healthy. Keep healthy snacks like some fruits or juice with yourself. It will be good on your pocket too, you can save so much money by switching to healthy food.

6. Exercise
Don’t just sit on your desk all day this will make you laugh and physically inactive. Engage in physical activity whenever you get a chance. Physical activity is very important to relieve stress and keep you fit. Stretch whenever you get a chance and relax your muscles. Try cycling to your school or college instead of taking the bus, it is a very easy yet effective exercise. You can join some sports team as playing any sport is the best of engaging in physical activity. This will keep you fresh and save you from boredom and a little sweat won’t harm you!

7. Stay away from alcohol or smoking!
Students tend to start these things in the peer pressure but they will affect your health in the long run. Know your limits when it comes to drinking alcohol in parties you may enjoy the parties with a little amount of alcohol but those hangovers are not worth it. Say no to smoking as it comes with many disadvantages from poor lung capacity to chances of having cancer (in the future). Don’t lose yourself to these bad habits in the growing years of life as they don’t worth it and their addiction might affect your career badly.

8. Limit caffeine and sugar consumption
These may or may not give you the energy you are looking for but they surely can affect your physical health and leads you to obesity. It is okay to consume soda once in a while but doesn’t make it a habit. A sugar-free drink or food items with high protein and fibers would be your best choice.

9. Don’t stress
Understand that you can’t do everything, catching up with classes, work, exercises,  assignments or engaging in your social life is really hard. And you are doing everything you can so don’t stress out just because you can’t do everything on time. Know your limits and your capacity and stick to that, pressuring yourself will only harm your mental health.
To avoid stress, you can make a routine and give fix hours to your certain work and stick with the routine. Surround yourself with positive people and avoid any bad vibe.

10. Make a journal
Keep a diary with yourself and write about stuff that you like, dislike or experience on a daily basis. Keeping a diary or journal with yourself will keep your mind clean and relaxed. You can also make a schedule or to-do lists so that can help with your daily tasks.
So these were the few tips that might help you in coping up with your student life. Your career and future is important and so is your mental and physical health. A healthy student posses a strong and sharp mind that help him achieve his life goal. 

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