Getting Glasses with a Private Health Fund

Health Fund Claims and Optical Glasses: Significant Things You Need to Know

Getting optical glasses while having a health fund is an advantage because it can help you manage the costs of buying eyewear. By this, you will be able to buy glass frames that have considerable value and a different range of aesthetic designs without breaking the bank.


However, health fund coverage for optical benefits might be a bit confusing to some individuals. If you have a health fund and are currently in the market searching for eyewear, then be sure to read on as this article will discuss the essential things you need to know about Health fund claim glasses.


Getting Glasses with a Private Health Fund


Majority of private health funds or health insurance packages include benefits of optical coverage, such as Medibank Private, Australian Unity, and CUA Health, to name a few. It is crucial for you to be aware that your current health fund offers coverage for optical benefits so that you can avail of cost-saving deals on eyewear.


According to Medibank, they offer health funds that give 100% back for prescription contact lenses as well as prescription glasses. However, this is only possible if you get your eyewear from companies or stores that they are partnered with.


It is worth to note that the majority of private health funds offer optical benefits that are valid up to one year. This means your coverage could expire after a year if no optical benefits were claimed or used.


What Eyewear Products are Included in Health Fund Claims?


Getting eyewear just for fashion makes you ineligible for Health fund claim glasses. The reason for this is that claiming optical benefits are only valid for health concerns.


The eyewear products that are included in health fund claims include only glasses, contact lenses, or sunglasses that have prescription lenses. This means non-prescription eyewear products are not going to be processed for optical benefit coverage.


How to Claim Glasses?

Once you are sure that your private health fund has optical benefit coverage and that you are going to get prescription glasses because of health concerns, the next step is to go to a partner store.


When you are at a partner store, all you have to do is to bring proof that you are a health fund policyholder such as your private health fund card, and valid identification as well.


If you were able to buy glass frames through an online store, you could request for an appropriate invoice that you can use to process and claim your optical benefit with your respective health fund provider.


What are the Advantages of Claiming Your Optical Benefits?


One of the significant advantages of claiming your optical benefits is that you will be saving more money from your eyewear purchase. Since you will be paying less for them, think of it as getting a discount or buying a product that is on sale.


Also, some partner stores offer amazing deals to their customers with optical coverage, depending on which health insurer they are with and the level of their coverage. You will have a variety of choices from eyewear with exceptional color and aesthetically designed frames that will be perfect for you.


Processing your health fund claims for your optical benefits should not be confusing and taxing. Hopefully, this article has helped you so you can do it with ease. Check out your health fund provider for more details regarding your optical coverage and get ready to browse optical stores for exceptional eyewear!

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