Best Land Survey Apps For Android And IPhone

10 Best Land Survey Apps For Android And IPhone #2022

The surveyor must have important tools with them. Mobile app developers have solved a number of useful issues with their products. It can be done with high precision on a Smartphone or tablet. Users need a good survey app for this. If you want further information about the best survey apps you can download from Google Play and the App Store.

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GPS field area measurement

Do you care about the effortlessness of use without concession precision or functionality? Let’s talk about one of the best applications of this type that can estimate everything in very suitable work design. It offers several marking modes, such as fast distance, terrain and high-precision smart marking in the point placement process.

Here are some helpful tools for operational with the information: For example, naming, grouping, saving, editing, and transferring. GPS link function improves process correctness. This application is used and appreciated by travelers to calculate distances and by farmers and builders in their daily work.


Terrain Calculator: Distance, Terrain Area, Surroundings


It is another useful tool for builders, engineers, and farmers. It has maximum ease of use and is also an application suitable for inexperienced device owners. The set of tools for investigating and measuring regions is very extensive. Users can efficiently perform terrain calculations. There are three main types of measurements:

Manual coordinates input.

Create a boundary by moving users.

Also, Precision GPS Compass is perfect for your work. In short, the main features of a typical terrain application are presented in the easiest way of working with ground calculators.


GPS area measurement


This is an easy-to-use terrain calculator that allows the user to measure a specific area. It is important to consider that applications do not need specialized knowledge or the skill to use the apps and anyone can do tasks without training. Please help with this easy-to-use interface. To work in an area, simply press a button and walk through the area. A GPS sensor counts user movements and performs quick calculations.


It is meaningful to add an application and follow the common criteria of sending horizontal and vertical information at the distance between mention points. This application is much admired on Google Play.


Local computer

The list of terrain applications describes the most beautiful, aesthetic and visually interesting options. This GPS survey application for the iPhone has similar properties but does not overload data in a clear and practical visual way. The application can rapidly and simply compute the area of ​​a real estate plan or another similar task.


There are two ways to correct the data, manual and automatic. In the second case, the GPS works and collects data. This is a high precision GPS device that captures data with minimal errors.

Among other features of this application, it is value noting the suitable organization of markers on the map, the capability to save results, the range of ways to show the map, and the capability to transfer data fast.


Land Survey 

Land Survey is a very simple and minimal calculator to operate land in one place. There are no bright optical tools, but there are completely clear calculators that can be used for everyday tasks. Workspaces are very useful.


To begin the calculation, you must state the area of ​​attention as a group of rectangle and triangle sides. When the mission is finished, the user needs to add information to work mode. All data is presented conveniently and visually. Converters give the choice to understand the workspace of numerous units.


This is a type of land use that is valued by experts who need the most information in their daily work. There is nothing extra for the user to solve the problem only. This is a suitable tool for GPS ground recognition applications in the Android category.


GPS test

GPS Test is a powerful and powerful GPS land recognition app. This application allows the user to manipulate UTM coordinates. This powerful system provides real-time measurement accuracy with errors of several meters. All work data is visually shown in a natural and actionable working boundary.

Among the other features of GPS testing, you need to be aware of a rich channel for sending captured data immediately. The work screen allows information to be sent to all popular social networks via email, SMS, etc., using the Al Time Meter, Speedometer, Compass, etc. Even more convenient are well-thought-out visual execution and easy-to-read sources.



Considered as one of the oldest augmented reality applications, it offers users a set of special features such as search engines and area calculations. This application is very useful in all aspects but more useful for professionals. For the average user, the tool is overloaded with data and needs some time to investigate its functionality. Also, there is a commanding toolset for dealing out, storing, and transferring data. This is a land recognition application exclusively for iPhone.


Simple GPS survey

A suitable data management method permit users to store send and receive data and do other errands in their daily work. Flexible data editing tools allow you to modify estimates and regulate tasks as needed.


Users understand the ease of the interface and the management of its true worth. The mechanism is very simple. The application captures the user’s GPS start point and records the route. You can quickly remove all unnecessary information from your system, including a GPS application to help you find land on Android.


Map GPS Land Survey and Measurement

The application quickly and easily calculates all the necessary areas and processes data efficiently. GPS works in real-time and reads location data continuously and accurately. Many measurement points can be used to manipulate the data. Calculations can be made manually via a map or automatically by collecting current GPS data. This application is highly regarded in the agricultural sector as well as in travel planning operations.


Outer land

Field surveying is another sample application of this type. Created in a minimalist style, users can fully focus on calculations. GPS transmitters can assemble information in real-time, but users can work rapidly and simply with manual data entry.

Field Survey is a completely free land recognition app, just for Android. Whether you are a professional or a beginner who has not yet selected tools for daily or unique work, you can safely select this item from the list.

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