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10 Best Golf Video Game For PS4 In 2020

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Here, we discuss on ps4 golf games. Before starting, firstly we just talk about golf— Golf is a club-or-ball sport in which players use many clubs to hit the balls into the hole. The game is considered by various people that “game for the rich”. Most of the people play for just timepass or being happy.
For gamers, there have various gaming consoles in the market and many platforms contain golf games for golf lovers like PlayStation. That’s why we bring a list of ps4 golf games which is too interesting for golf lovers and by helping ps4 you can play everywhere like a bedroom, living room, etc. And you can play without the trouble of finding the golf ball for hours. So let’s start! Without wasting time.

The golf club 2019

The golf club 2019 game for ps4 is the sequel to The Golf Club 2 and it is a very good game. It has more features that make it unique from other games are
  • You can play in various environments.
  • You can develop your own golf-society to play with your friends and family members.
  • Here, you can achieve trophies that showcase by trophy room.
  • If you want to unlock the PGA tour then you will have to archive the targets.
This is realistic to real golf and it has layers of difficulty that maintain you immersed also has the capacity to frustrate you just as it does when you actually play golf!!!! For example, you have three holes left your one shot behind understanding you have to birdie two of the three holes to win! In this game you can simply mass up a hole so with that you feel the anxiety, it’s great!!
A wonderful game will so much ability to be the best golf game with future versions. Remember golf is not an easy game to play and it is very interesting. Golf club 2019 is for people who truly appreciate golf in all its glory! The animations and graphics are also very attractive.

Golf Club 2

If you are a crazy lover of golf gaming then the golf club 2 is specially established for you. The golf club 2 is the best game on our list. It provides you a real environment that will make you play this game again and again. It has interesting graphics and features which make it different from others.
  • The Golf Club 2 provides us dynamic tournaments, single-player Career mode, endless hours of interactive golfing with online competitors, establish your own society and upgrade your clubhouse.
  • Inviting players online to join and compete with your team. The opportunities are endless in the highly predicted modern principle in golf gaming.
If we are talking about gameplay than you will get a miraculous experience when you start to play and you think you want to practice then you can always go for training mode. Apart from this, you can design your golf course and players by enlarging small details.

Everybody’s Golf

Everybody’s Golf is the latest game for PS4! Everybody can play golf with three easy button clicks. The wide species of customization, different game modes and recently added activities can provide entertainment golfing experience for Hot Shot Golf lovers and new players. Simple to play for everybody. The classic power measure and three button click technician is easy to play for players and golfers alike:—
  • Category of customization—With the most character custom-built choices in voting history, you can select among a wide nomination of clothing and equipment.
  • New activities—Karting, fishing and compiling items across the courses can provide additional entertainment on the green. Some online mode will compel a PS Plus membership.
  • Improve your skills—There are more than 60 challenges which are to improve your gaming and other skills.
  • Share entertainment with others—You can compete in the entire tournament with other players and play with your family or friends through the online or offline-multiplayer mode.

Dangerous Golf

The dangerous Golf game is a very different game on our list because it has a target. The aim of this game is to effect ultimate damage over 100 holes and four different locations. Hit up the toilets, make a large mess in the Kitchen, destroy rare trophies in the Palace. Funny damage and over the top trick shots are the way to score huge. There has few features are:
  • As you perform, you unlock new locations and extra Capacities that will help you do even more or more damage.
  • Play the World Tour co-operative with a friend or family member. This is the excellent couch Co-op experience. Both players play successively into a similar scene making it an excellent game for players of mixed capacity. One or more buttons.
  • Take on and play against the most dangerous golfers in the nation. Up to eight players.
  • You can play with other players and with your family or friends through the online or offline-multiplayer mode.
There are four locations are USA, England, France, and Australia.


Infinite Minigolf is a never-ever-ending minigolf experience!  Infinite Minigolf has a lot of unique modes for you to experience, but the essential gameplay revolves around hitting the ball into the hole with a minor amount of hits.
Of course, there are a lot of entertainment power-ups that enable you to conduct trick shots and pick up score increasing ornaments along the path. Take part in challenges and tournaments, use arcade-technique powerups, and experience different gameplay, enormous graphics and more. Use the game’s powerful toolset to build wonderful minigolf courses and share them with the society, showcasing your capacities to other players.
Try these out and see if you can bring the highest score probable! Check out the course designer tools and let your concept run crazy! These simple to use tools will have you developing and sharing courses with society in no time.

100ft Robot Golf

100ft Robot Golf is a real-time golf game where you obtain to control impossibly huge robots on their journey for equality. Never get your ball stuck behind a skyscraper or pesky tree always again!
Just roll your golf club to smash just the highest buildings out of the way or into the way of your robot golfing companions.
Up to 4 players can hit the cities, mountains, greens and orbiting moons. 100ft Robot Golf’s different movement mode reveals the actual stories and experiences the romance, thrills of controlling 100ft of raw golfing power through a few of the inexpensive animation ever engaged to screen.

Rory Mcilroy: PGA Tour

Rory Mcilroy is best to know for its authenticity. Show in another generation of golf with the capacity of the Frostbite tool and play the most wonderful sports game to duration with no quantity times, enabling you to analyze real tournament courses or different illusion environments.
it features some real courses and real golfers like Rory Mcilroy and players can play like them too.
The second best feature of this game is that it really gets the real entertainment of golf. And you can play this game with your friends or family members in the offline and online mode that you will not skip out of challenges.

Party Golf

Party Golf is one of the best game which provides you fun with endless variety. There are large integer of gameplay combinations and wonderful graphics. It has features that make it unique—
  • the gamers can play 4-player and 8-player with the unique shared controller mode and it contains more than a hundred game modes.
  • Party Golf enables gamers to rapidly change the gameplay through the group chat and wacky powerups, elimination-modes, night Golf.
  • You can make your own society within a superpower gameplay customization method.

The Golf Club: Collectors Edition

The Golf Club Collector’s Edition gets you a very realistic golfing experience like no other. With entire rein to develop and play the courses of your dreams, the game shows off zero load times, endless design choices, variable weather conditions, beautiful view, and actual controls that are on par with real-world actions and behaviors. It’s a fantastic game for lovers of golf.

PQube 3D Minigolf

This game is also a great golf game. It gives you a unique space that players really love and it also gives you a real atmosphere. This game is specially developed for you if you want to play golf in real environments and in some different places.


Hope, this list helps you a lot when you’re trouble to find golf game for ps4 and it provides you fun. If you like this article then comment in the comment box and share.

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