6 Gift Ideas For Your Creative Friend #2022

You think that your creative friend is the coolest person you know. They introduced you to Daria, your love for reiki, and the best coffee shop in the city. They have the best fashion sense, and you feel unbearably cool whenever you hang out with them.

With so much awesomeness coming naturally to this friend, you don’t know how to compete. You’re not sure what to give your creative friend as a present. You know they have in-depth knowledge of all kinds of cool, artsy things, and you feel intimidated by the idea of buying them anything.

No matter how awesome your hipster friend may be, they won’t be able to resist these gift ideas. Read on and prepare to have your creative friend’s jaw drop.

1. Pictures To Display

If you have some memorable photos with your friend, get them ready for display in our friend’s home. What better way for them to enjoy their morning hot yoga than to look up and see smiling faces on the wall?

Consider canvas picture prints or have them professionally framed with white bordering. They will love the modern touch you added to make the timeless memories in line with the times. They might even go as far as to call your gift ironic, which, as you know, is a compliment in the hipster world.

2. A Curated Playlist

Think again if you felt that curated mixed tapes were just for high school lovers. You can also gift your friend with a mix of their favorite tunes. Instead of creating a playlist online, download music and burn CDs like its 2003.

Label each CD with the list of tracks and some kind words explaining why you picked each song. The amount of thoughtfulness behind this gift is ridiculous, so consider getting a new friend if they don’t like it.

flatlay photography of wireless headphones

3. Noise Canceling Headphones

For all their music-making, meditation-app listening, and podcast ponderings, get your friend noise-canceling headphones. The joy of being able to block out the world while remaining productive in their little bubble is what creativity is all about.

4. Recycled Paper Journal

Reducing their carbon footprint while emerging as the next thought leader? Oh, no, you shouldn’t have! They will love the ability to write freely while knowing that they’re saving the environment every time they use their recycled paper notebook. Make the gift extra fancy by getting them a calligraphy pen to go with it—calligraphy pens: where penmanship and friendship combine.

5. Monthly Subscription Selfcare Box

The market for self-care products has never been in higher demand. The chaos of the pandemic and shift to remote work has left people gravitating towards self-care products for better sleep, better mental health, and the excuse to spend money on something other than at-home workout gear.

Let your creative friend’s superior imagination run wild with fantasies of indulging in the best body lotions to come with a self-care box subscription.

6. Bookstore Gift Card

You don’t stand a chance at figuring out what your friend likes to read. But you can get them a gift card to a bookstore. You’ll also earn kudos for looking like the cool friend who also reads because you thought of the idea. Pro tip: read SparkNotes ahead of time if they want your feedback.

Be That Friend

All kidding aside, finding the perfect gift for the creatives in our lives is challenging. They’re bright, and they need intellectual stimulation that goes beyond whatever’s popular. It’s snobby but also intriguing, and that’s why you keep them around anyway. They are your creative friend, and you are the friend that gives great gifts.


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