10 Best Games For Apple Watch 2020

10 Best Games For Apple Watch #2021 | Download And Play #2022

We are already in awe with Apple watch for making our life easier as we can now do most of our stuff on our apple watch! But not many people know that we can also play games too! Yes you heard it right, although it’s not gonna be a full-fledged gaming experience where you can play PUBG it will be enough to kill some time and entertain you for a bit. So let’s not waste more time and find out the best games for Apple watch! you mas also like highly compressed pc games.

1 Pokemon GÓ

Apple Watch game pokemon go

Pokemon GÓ is undoubtedly one of the popular games right now. The joy of catching your favorite Pokemon is just beyond fun! And now you can take the help of Apple watch in your Pokemon hunt! You might not able be to actually “play” the game on your apple watch, but it does simpler your task of Pokemon hunting by alerting you!
Your apple watch will alert you whenever it finds a Pokemon in your nearby area and that’s not it will also suggest you if you need to run to the target! Although you will need to use your phone to catch the Pokemon it surely makes it easy!

2 Sonic Dash 2

Apple Watch game sonic dash2

Sonic Dash 2 is also a very popular game nowadays and your apple watch can help you ace the game! It’s not an ideal apple watch game but the reason why we have mentioned it on our list is that, when you have an apple watch you can use it to gain more in-game points and prizes! How? Well, the game uses the apple watch sensors where you could win many prizes in the Sonic Dash by just walking or running! Of course, they set a distance as a goal for you to accomplish and once you have done that you will be able to get the prize when you play it on your iOS device!

3 Nuggetz

Apple Watch game nuggetz

Nuggets is the ultimate time killer apple watch game that you can find and it’s pretty famous too. The game tests your intelligence skills by giving you some toughies. For example, you will be given a name of color but the name written and the color that is shown by the name will be different.
For example, if the word spells red and it shows color blue then the answer will be red! Sounds easy? Well, it’s not and you will find that out once you will play it on your apple watch. We challenge you to get the highest score, so go and play this fun game for Apple watch!

4 Letter Zap

Apple Watch game Letter Zap 

If you love to play word games then letter zap would be your best choice for an apple watch game! The game features time-based gameplay, where you will give some random letters and you will have to get the right word by tapping on letters in the right sequence to make it the word before you run out of timer! It’s a fun game to play and it’s definitely one of the best games for Apple watch, as it fits its tiny screen perfectly!

5 Bubblegum Hero

Apple Watch game bubblegum hero

Bubblegum Hero is also one of the best games for Apple Watch. The game is super simple where you will have to blow a bubble when the first bubble is big enough then you blow out the second one, and like that the game goes on. It is a fun time killer game which you might wanna try!
The game isn’t as easy as it sounds, the bubble keeps changing their size and once you get it wrong it will blow out on your face and you will lose the game. Fight with yourself to gain higher scores in this game, be careful you might get addicted to it!

6 Rules

Apple Watch game ruules

If you are looking for a brainbuster kinda game for your apple watch then rules might be the best choice. The game basically gives you a brain exercise on a daily basis which you will have to complete with your own pace, that’s where the game has gained appreciation because instead of being a timer-based stressful game this is actually a brain stretcher game which you will definitely enjoy. So try to spare 10 minutes a day and play this game as a brain exercise.

7 Tiny armies

Apple Watch game Tiny Armies

You might be not expecting a strategy game on our best games for the Apple watch list, but here we are with Tiny Armies. It is pretty great actually and the best thing is it can be played perfectly on the tiny screen of Apple Watch. You will be basically playing against the A.I where you will have to beat the computer. But it should not be a rash decision because you will have to give a thought before sending your squad.

8 Snappy Word

Apple Watch game Snappy Word

If we say Snappy Word is an addictive game to play on Apple watch then we wouldn’t be entirely wrong. The game is simple yet fun, where you will be given four-letter which you will have rearrange to make a word. But you will have to super quick because you will be given only 30 seconds! The game is definitely something you should play on your apple watch when you have some time to kill or when you are simply getting bore (in a class or meeting!).

9 Lifeline 2

Apple Watch game life line 2

The last apple watch game on our list is lifeline. It has become very popular in the last couple of years. The game is much more than you can expect from an apple watch game, it has a story and some suspense. We are not gonna ruin the game for you by giving you any spoilers. We can only say that you will definitely enjoy the game and you should get it as soon as possible.

10 Best Friends

Apple Watch game best friend

It’s not the biggest game but its definitely something you would enjoy. Best friends is a kinda game that features simplistic turn-based gameplay.
The game is simple where you get to explore the world of Minutia, where you will have yo find some treasures! But it’s not gonna be that easy because you are gonna face some obstacles which you will have to avoid! As you progress and find some treasures then you will be able to earn some reward and unlock some powers for your in-game character.
The game is simple and it could be your best time killer.

These are the top 10 games for Apple watch and we hope you play them and have fun!

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