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Top 15 Funny Picture Memes Website #2022

The word meme was firstly introduced by Richard Dawkins originated from his book called the selfish gene. Now the funny meme is a viral concept that is being spread either by making images or videos and it gets spread from person to person. These funny memes are so trending topic in this generation it never fails to get a smile on your face.


Funny memes are sometimes referred to as humor present physically in one’s brain very scientific but sometimes true. It is also said that the very first meme was created in 1921 by a comic writer which got popularity in this era, the first funny meme was about the expectations and reality.



The one among the most popular funny memes website that Alexa ranks at 286 is a Hong Kong-based website This website has the highlight level of funny memes and videos. It also allows anyone to post there own memes into there website. As 9gag is a Hong-Kong based company it was started by the entrepreneurs, the word 9gag was referred to as shitty jokes or funny jokes. Before it has only a few Hong Kong-based audiences now it has all the funny memes arriving content from all over the world.



The Cheezburger blog is a US-based funny memes website and it is a very popular blog having daily upcoming Internet memes that attract its customers. Alexa’s ranking got the stage at 4579 making it the most popular memes blog in the US. Can I have a Cheezburger? Starting with its slogan was created by Eric Nakagawana in 2007 with his entrepreneur’s friends. It shares the funniest memes images and videos giving it a larger hit count of about 1,500,000 daily.



MANCH is an Indian funny memes website upcoming nowadays featuring the user to share its most funny memes like images, videos, and GIFs with trending topics in India. They have maintained a good profile level program for there members called elite membership where it allows them to join and earn the money.

most popular funny memes website known for there Dank memes. Dank memes are nothing but a meme in which a comedy is overdone, its more viral in the Internet. In Alexa’s ranking got the stage at 4687.


Know your meme

Know your meme is a funny memes website also called a database of the meme containing a huge quantity of memes. One can also share their funny memes through there website. In Alexa’s ranking got the stage of 1213. This was created by Rocketboom the owner of the Cheezburger funny memes website, it was launched in 2007.


Funny or die

Funny or die is the most viral taking over the world of the Internet with its funny memes. It gives the funny memes that re originally from the comedians. It also has a voting contest for there users. Once you have registered to the site you get the chance to vote it weather the meme is funny or it should die.


College humor

College humor is one of the finest upcoming funny memes websites contains a wide variety of funny trends such as Bollywood, education, cricket, funny memes and a lot more updating trends of daily updates. Humor and funny blog of India is the slogan name of the funny memes website.


Dog shaming

Dog shaming is one of the featured and most shameful, hilarious and a dog shaming funny memes website. They gave a unique concept of dogs that attract there audiences with there outstanding and funny memes. This is also called as animal shaming and it is viral on the Internet. Its first funny meme was generated on the Tumblr page of dog shaming in 2012.


Wot post

It is an Indian funny memes website which came up with the interesting topic of the day to day lifestyle, the product we are using and most of the time we are spending on which gives a new idea of there top funny memes. It has an Alexa rank of 596k.


Meta meme

Corresponding it is the most popular funny memes blog which gives the ability for ios user to directly share funny memes just by adding an image and writing an interesting caption or funny caption with an optional watermark. The user can also share their funny memes through images or videos even though there Meta meme App. It has Alexa rank of 4.7M



Likewise do shaming these uses bunnies to make their funny memes blog. They write the funny memes on day to day about bunny experiencing life, sightseeing of bunny through its eyes and it could stand out hilarious. This has Alexa rank of 6.6M.


Indian meme template

This is one of the largest Indian meme templates which gives a large category of funny memes on movies, TV shows, Web shows and other photos giving it a large number of funny memes on a variety of TV shows and they are hilarious and very viral on the Internet. In Alexa ranking got the stage at 381.6k


Funny pictures and memes

Funny pictures and funny memes is another type of blog where you can find a lot of variety of memes that relate to the real instances of life in a funny way and building a funny meme is the basic concept of there website. In Alexa’s ranking got the stage at 5.5M


Funny memes

These are one of the funniest memes you will find on the Internet. They came up with an option of meme generator which helps the user to generate their own funny memes. In Alexa’s ranking got the stage at 2.7M


Dept. Of memes

Additionally, funny memes have also a concept which has a memetic news website center on the Internet giving funny memes on the politics and the daily activities and TV shows giving and spreading virally on the Internet. These funny memes are mostly on trump. They have received Alexa’s ranking got the stage at 6.1M



As we have seen these funny memes websites are only the surface of the funny memes only one instance still there are tons and tons of websites on the Internet making there way in the memes category.

This is just a brief to the funny memes website residing over the Internet giving a shot of happiness and jokes which people like these days. There even a lot of Indian funny memes website upcoming with new ideas among which they have evolved the concept of CID and many other TV shows funny memes making fun over the Internet world.

Alexa’s ranking is the concept of measuring the website through its popularity. It ranks website according to its popularity.

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