Best Free Excel Password Recovery Software Windows

10 Best Free Excel Password Recovery Software Windows #2022

Excel is used every day, everywhere, for employees, students, teachers, college work, keeping records, etc.  our PC or Computers, we install anti-virus programs to keep our data safe and protected, likewise to safeguard our work, we apply a password to excel so that the data is kept confidential.

There arises a problem when one couldn’t access the files due to forgetting the password. An individual has so many accounts with different passwords that there is always a chance to forget the password for whatever reason. To solve this problem, there is 10 Best Free Software for the recovery of Excel Password for Windows 2020.

Free Word/Excel Password Recovery Wizard

It is free software that works like an expensive password recovery software, used in all window operating systems.  It is a small and straightforward free password recovery tool, which is used to recover the lost password of any word/excel files. It assists with multiple languages and delivers various password hacking methods.

It is a user-friendly software and simple to comprehend. The limitations are that it has a limited set of attacks (crack methods). And, it can only recover passwords with less number of characters.

Crack it Password Recovery Word

It is a software that will recover your password in seconds. Additionally, it can protect the program by assigning a secret administrator password, so only the authorized person would recover the password. It is comfortable with any version of the application and any password.

This is a free Software, available for you to open secure files. This tool cracks the password hidden in the word/excel file and unlock the information inside. The limitation is that this software can only work until 40-bit encryption. If the encryption increases, then this software will be of no use.


This software decrypts any password of any file of Word 97/2000 and Word XP/2003. It decrypts any file with encryption of any password, no matter what character set, how long the password is. The average time taken to recover the password in a modern PC is 1 Day.

This software requires no installation and is portable. One can download, and it comes with detailed instructions from which one can easily comprehend how it works. One thing is suggested that before using the software, you should make a copy of your file.

Crack it

This is another free software used for recovering excel file passwords. It has only three password recovery methods, which make it simple and easy to use. It is safe to use and user-friendly. The process to install is also straightforward. This software was built for Windows 95/98, but it works smoothly with all the latest versions of Windows. It has some features as autosave: to restore password recovery, no loss of data or damage will happen to your files, which allows you to recover your password effortlessly.

Remove Excel Password

Another free software is used for recovering the password of Excel Files only. It can remove password from an excel file, with any password, whether it is a long, different set of characters, etc.

This software removes the password from the excel worksheet, chart sheet, and workbook structure. It is safe and user-friendly. The only drawback is that it cannot open VBS type security files and open screen passwords.

Excel Password Recovery

It is another remarkable free software to recover the password of your excel file. It works by recovering or removing multiple passwords from any kind or any number of excel files. This software is user-friendly and also supports multiple languages. It also allows you to copy the recovered passwords to your clipboard. This software is one of the finest and simple software to use.

Free Word/Excel Password Recovery

An amazing free tool used for recovering passwords from both excel and word files. The process to install is straightforward, one has to download and can start recovering the password. It works by searching words from the large dictionary against a file, which is included with the download and then tries different character combinations to finds the most common passwords to open the file.

Stellar Phoenix Password Excel Recovery

This free software uses an advanced brute-force attack method to recover the password of an excel file. It can easily recover too critical passwords and is a user-friendly tool. This is comfortable in working with all versions of Windows. The instructions are given on the site about how to download and use it. It also verifies the details you insert, which makes it a safe tool to work on.

Easy Excel Recovery Password

Incredible software for decrypting the password of excel file in seconds. It is comfortable with both excel workbook or excel worksheet. This tool provides alternative methods that help in decrypting the password. This software generates massive possible symbols, and by checking one-by-one, it tries to find the right password. It can also help to remove the password protection from the files, by which one can open and modify the file without any restrictions.

Accent Excel Password Recovery

This is free software that supports all versions of Windows. This tool is a unique visual mechanism that helps in specifying a range of possible values for each position, individually, so that the password can be generated. It recovers too critical passwords in seconds. The unique feature to crack is a dictionary-based attack, in which the dictionary manager allows to search various dictionaries to recover the password.


so, these are the best free software available to the recovery of an excel password. Whatever suits your demands should be used. As you can see, all the above software is free to install and user-friendly. These tools will help you recover either a problematic or secure password from any excel or word file. To keep your information safe and secure, in the future, you should try keeping a password that you can remember.

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