Fix Apps Keep Crashing On Android Devices [Guide #2022]

We all are familiar with smartphones, and that is why we are on this page today. At the current time, everyone owns Smartphones as they make our life easy and convenient. Although these smartphones run on processors such as IOS and Android. 

Here we are discussing android as most people use android platforms on mobile phones. But sometimes while using the phone we all face issues, applications go down, without any appropriate reason behind it, and sometimes they keep crashing and don’t work properly. An error such as  ” Unfortunately Settings has stopped ” 

Here in this article, we are going to discuss this issue and cover it with the helping tools so that we can easily get rid of this issue. But before getting the solution, let’s explore what could be the reason behind it. 

Why do these applications keep crashing into Android phones?

The reason could be related to the Update of your phone’s software, application updates, storage issues, Poor connectivity. Let’s discuss. 

  • Phone software updates but applications don’t – When we update our phone software, we need to update the applications in our phones so that they can be compatible with the updated software storage
  • Issue – While purchasing any device we check for its internal memory and processor. Maybe there are a ton of applications installed on your android device, or you are using various applications at a single time, check the background running application, as most of the time it is the main reason for crafting your applications. 
  • Network Connectivity – Our phones work with the net connectivity and so on these applications, so check your network connection properly. 

Now we know the reason behind crashing these applications. Let’s look for a solution. 

What can be the best way to fix app crashes on Android devices? 

Well in the upper article we discuss some might be the reason, as we can’t give surety about. So here we are going to the most used ways to fix app crashes on Android. Let’s discuss how. 

Step 1 – Download the application DroidKit 

Best application for the android users, you can also make it your phone’s life lifesaver success rate of this application is higher than others. And the reason which gives this application the best success rate is that you don’t need to root your device before using it. Root the rooted you to the rito risk of losing your device data, and it saves you from risk. 

Look at the given steps to use DroidKit 
  • Download the application to a laptop or computer. 
  • Now connect your android device with it, with the use of a USB. 
  • Launch the application DroidKit, on your laptop, you can see a list of features after opening it, in the middle you c, can see the option of fix fixing an issue 
  • Although the function of fixing issues can be only seen in Samsung devices. 
  • Not follow the given instructions, and download the given firmware into your device. Put your device on download mode, and the application droid will help your device to fix your android phone issue. 
Step 2 – switch off and on your device again. 

Whenever we face any software issue, or issue which we can’t recognise in our phone, we find switching off our phone and restarting it is the best option. It is not technical, but it can help your device software to restart and it also shuts down all the applications which are running constantly in the background. 

If you are facing any hanging, crashing or normal issue on your android device tries this method out, before worrying. 

Step 3 –  Clear the Application Data from settings and Caches 

The application is constantly crashing, for repairing it you can go into your mobile settings<search for all applications<touch on the particular application<in the below you can see the clear caches and clear data altogether together. 

Step 4 – Uninstall Unwanted applications 

If your Android phone is facing a crash issue then one of the reasons for this crash can be storage issues. As mobile phones come with a limited storage issue, which we have to maintain if we want to use them hassle-free. 

If you are facing the issue, try this hack of uninstalling applications that are taking more storage, uninstalling them and freeing up space. 

This can help you to use the application you want to without issue. 

Step 5 – Uninstall the application and are download it

Application crashes continue which is so annoying, so to get rid of it, you can uninstall the application which is crashing, and reinstall it with the updated version. 

Uninstalling an application is so easy, you need to just hold that application icon for seconds, and you can see e options, in which you can easily find the option of uninstalling, simply click on it. And your work is done. 

Step 6 – Force Stop option can help 

The easiest method of getting rid of crashing applications is to go to settings, open all applications, find and click on the application you want to force stop and click on it. 

The application would easily force stop and start working. 

Step 7 – Double-check the internet connection or its speed 

The Internet can be the reason for your irritation sometimes, which occurs when seeing the interference of crashing the application when you want to use it on your android device. 

If you are using the application with the connectivity of Wi-Fi, close your wifi and cellular data, shut off the action from the background and start it again. 

Step 8 – the last option – Factory Reset 

After using all these options but your phone application crashing is still not working, so the factory reset option could work. 

Although this option will delete all your data, save your data first before performing this factory reset.

Final words 

These all are the possible ways by which you can Fix Apps that Keep Crashing On Android Devices but after using them all, your problem Is still not solved. Then visit your nearby mobile repairing shop and consult with them.

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