How To Fix A Samsung TV That Won’t Turn On – Step by step guide #2022

If your Samsung television won’t switch on, we’ve compiled a list of possible remedies from the web. Start with the simple repairs and work your way down to the more difficult ones. This article will explain how to fix a Samsung TV that won’t turn on.

Several things might contribute to the Samsung TV not turning on problems. A software problem, a defective power supply, or even a broken surge protector might all be at blame. You’ll need to go through a number of troubleshooting procedures to repair this.

Samsung is a South Korean business best known for producing some of the best Android devices on the market. However, did you guys know that this firm also makes smart TVs, washing machines, and refrigerators, to mention a few? Samsung TVs, for example, is routinely one of their best-selling items across the world.

What should you do if your Samsung TV won’t turn on?

Solution 1

Make sure the TV’s AC power cord is securely connected to both the television and the wall socket. Reconnect the TV directly to the wall socket if you’re using a power board or surge protection.

Solution 2

Make sure your electric socket is working and that the voltage requirement of the TV is met.

Solution 3

Is it in any way possible that it is receiving power? Check the state of the Standby Light. It’s in the lower right corner of the television. If it’s turned on, that signifies the TV is getting electricity.

Solution 4

Is it the error of the remote? To test if you can turn the TV on this way, press the power button on the TV itself.

Solution 5

Many consumers were able to procure a free, on-site mechanical repair by calling Samsung, according to our study. This will depend on whether your television model is supported, as well as a few other things, but it’s worth a go. To discover this, call 1-800-SAMSUNG and have the model number of your television handy.

Solution 6

An HDMI problem might be affecting your Samsung TV. When a gaming console is linked to one of the HDMI ports via an HDMI cord and the TV is switched off, this can happen.


The game console will prohibit your Samsung TV from properly functioning when you turn it on.

The surge protector isn’t operating properly

 If your Samsung TV is attached to a surge protector, it’s conceivable that this is the source of the issue.

However, a surge protector is meant to keep your TV from being harmed by abrupt electrical spikes. It can also trigger the TV to stop working correctly, especially if it is ruined.

You can reconnect your TV directly to the power outlet to see whether this is the source of the problem.

You Should try to remove and then replace batteries with a new ones in the remote control

When you switch on the TV by press the power button. But when you use the TV remote control, however, the TV does not reply. In this scenario, you’ll need to update the remote’s batteries, as this is most likely the source of the issue. Verify to see whether the remote control works once the batteries have been replenished.

By pushing the power button on the remote, make sure you aim it at the IR window on your TV.

Restart the television sometimes solve the issue

You should reset your Samsung TV to rule out the chance that the power problem is due to a firmware fault.

Disconnect the TV from the power and wait at least 30 seconds before plugging the TV power cable back in.

Make absolutely sure it’s firmly linked in.

If the standby mode light is on, turn on the TV by pressing the power button.

Does your Samsung TV light up when you turn it on? Whether it does, verify to see if the remote control is working.

If you have to repeatedly disconnect and re-plug the TV to get it to operate. Then you should consider doing a reboot, which will clear out any registry errors that may be holding things up.

Your TV will be restored to factory default settings after the restore is completed.

There are a few more troubleshooting actions you may do

If none of the above procedures succeed in resolving the issue, If the problem continues, you may try the following extra troubleshooting actions.

Check if your screen on the Samsung TV is black

If your Samsung TV does not display anything. Whether all you view is a blank screen, attempt to see if it’s linked to another device, like an Android TV box.

Ensure the gadget is directly aligned to one of the TV’s HDMI ports.

Detach the external HDMI equipment from the television and see whether it turns on. If it occurs, the HDMI device is to blame for the issue.

Make doubly sure that the Television and the external device are both set to the same source. Configure the TV source to HDMI 1 if any of your HDMI devices are attached to it.

Need to Upgrade the firmware on your television

To avoid any software issues that may be present in the outdated software version that your TV is running on, you may need to upgrade the firmware on your TV.

The update will be done via the internet. You may utilize the remote to go to Settings and then Support on your TV. Choose Update Now from the Software Update menu.

When you need to make an appointment with the nearest service center

If you’ve gone through all of the troubleshooting procedures in our tutorial and still can’t figure out what’s wrong. Then you’ll need to call a local service center to get your television repaired.

The service shop will have qualified staff and the necessary equipment in order to fix the problem and repair your television.

If your television is still covered by a manufacturer’s guarantee. You won’t have to pay any repair costs after that. In the event that repair is not feasible, you will be given a new television of the same model.


It might be aggravating to have a TV that does not turn on. The good news is that, as long as the problem isn’t caused by a hardware breakdown, it’s typically simple to remedy.



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