Top 8 Fate Games you must play in 2020

Latest Tips – Best Fate Games 2020

The Fate/ series is making a name for itself outside of Japan. While the original visual novel has not received an official localization yet, lots of spin-off games have made worldwide appearances.

Type-Moon is a rather famous developer that is known for like Tsukihime and Melty Blood, but the Fate/ line has become it’s most prominent. It is one of those series that started out as something for a more mature audience but then became more fit for general audiences due to its popularity and eventual adaptations. you mas also like highly compressed pc games.


Fate/Grand Order 2015 

Fate/ExtraCCC 2013

Fate/Extra 2010

Fate/unlimited codes 2008

Fate/tiger colosseum 2007

Fate/hollow ataraxia 2005

Fate/stay night 2004