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10+ Best Farming Games For PS4 Play Now #2022

In 2014, There were almost 1.82 billion video gamers across the world. By 2021, this figure is expected to rise over 2.7 billion gamers. Well, we can understand the love for games by users. Games rely on the fact that it improves the ability to do multiple-task as well as executive functioning. While playing games it requires your whole attention, perception. It is this much helpful that it improves your decision making quickly and solve problems easily.

Playstation 4 involves many games as action, adventure and farming is one from them. Farming games are for relaxing your mind and entertain you at another level. Agricultural adventures are big business these days. To fulfill your desire for the realistic agriculture game. We have searched out the best farming games from thousands of lists. Let’s take a look.



One of the best farming game is Farm Together for PS4.In this game, you have the best farming experience. You have to do is to scratch with a small land and end with a huge farm plot. Grow crops, trees as well as look upon the animal husbandry. And earn money to unlock hundreds of new items. Manage your farm all by yourself. You can make it attractive by many of the customize stuff like fences, roads, buildings, decorations. You can enjoy with all your ideas, your decorations. THIS GAME IS ALSO AVAILABLE FOR : Pc, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.



To be honest, Pure Farming 2018 is the most beginner-friendly Farming game these days. This game allows you to use modern technology of farming with state-of-the-art licensed machines. This game will fulfill all your desires of farming. In the game you plant region-specific -crops with traveling in countries like America, Asia, Europe and grow crops likes coffee beans, hemp, and olives. There are lots of unique challenges in this game to make the game more adventurous. The campaign of this game makes you walk through every single element of agricultural “action”. THIS GAME IS ALSO AVAILABLE FOR -Pc, Xbox One.



Stardew Valley is the perfect choice for farming games. You have to take care of the grandfather’s old farm named ” STARDEW VALLEY”.The game is open-ended. Including activities like raising livestock, crafting goods, mining for ores, selling procedure and socializing with townsfolk. Also, the game offers to marriage and have a child. In this game, three players are allowed to play this game online. The game offers you very much difficulties and as well as different modes to entertain with the game. The game already sells 10 million copies by 2020 on all platforms.
THIS GAME IS ALSO AVAILABLE FOR :- macOS,linux,Xbox One,PC,Nintendo switch ,iOS,Android.



Almost the world is fond of the game Farmville 2. The game is over 50 million downloaders on the Google play. Explore tour farms and animals. Farmville is back with a portable time. So, now harvest your favorite foods, crops, vegetables almost everything. The time is to explore the adventure from the Farmville 2.Earn daily rewards with the mystery box. As well as chat and trade with your friends too. The graphics of this game are wonderful or beyond one’s imagination. So, have fun with the game. THIS GAME IS ALSO AVAILABLE FOR:- iOS and Android.



Farming simulation 19 returns in a complete graphics. This game offers you the complete farming experience you ever had. This game allows you to be a modern farmer. Play this game on two huge farms of American and European environments. This game is fully filled with exciting crops to harvest and allows new farming and different activities. Drive up to 300 vehicles and machines. Not only the game offers vehicle roster but also for the first time in the game ride horses also. You will really love this best farming game Farming Simulator 19. THIS GAME IS ALSO AVAILABLE FOR– PC, Xbox, Nintendo, Switch.



My Time at Portia is again the best for farming adventure. Pathea Games developed the game and published by Team17. This game combines the aspects of both role-playing video games and simulation games. The theme of this game is to explore and expand the city of Portia and be the best builder. In amazing 3D this game takes you fully adventurous mode with villagey actions and farming modes. Beautiful workshop creations as watering in the fields, growing crops make it more fantastic. This game also makes you fight with your enemies. THIS GAME IS ALSO AVAILABLE FOR– Pc, Xbox One, Nintendo switch.



Well, this farming game is heartbreaking and heartwarming both for Ps4. With some serious problems and the cute story of the beautiful world. This is the best farming game for both emotional and relaxing. The world is a whole imaginative one. Here you will explore the miniature village of Sancourt. You have to help your citizens with all the solutions you can do with your power and strategy. This will be the new adventure story of farming. THIS GAME IS ALSO AVAILABLE FOR– PC, Windows, Xbox.



Again a top best farming game for PS4 is Yonder. Yonder comes from the Australian studio Prideful Sloth games. This game allows you to explore more and more and discover. You are the hero of the game and you will explore game. You have to solve the mysteries from the Island with your strategy. Fith full of surprises ahead in the game beautiful graphics mingling with the sights or with the animals. Here wildlife is part of your game. The milk of the animals and farming is the trade. A pleasing land with beautiful creatures will make your heart amazed with.
THIS GAME IS ALSO AVAILABLE FOR –  Xbox One, Nintendo switch.



Slime Rancher an another best amusing farming game for PlayStation 4. This game is published by American Indie studio Monomi park. One of the best entertaining game. The storyline of the game draws you in. With an amazing soundtrack that blows your mind.With all the new good graphics of this game.With colorful creatures. This game will involve you with the world of full addiction. THIS GAME IS ALSO AVAILABLE FOR – Xbox One.



Last but not the least, the game Staxel is fully creative farming and involved with fully village life. Make your friends, help villagers, explore animal husbandry. Make your blocky world with the all possibilities you can. In this game you are tasked to restore the farm back former glory as the new resident. Staxel makes you learn humanity in the game. The graphics of this game are adorable.


We have enlisted you the best farming games for Playstation4. Once playing this game you will be fond of the games. Rate our page and also let us know your respective views.

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