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10+ Best Fallout Shelter Advanced Tips And Tricks #2022

If you are a gamer, then you must be aware of the fallout shelter. It is a game where you build an underworld for dwellers. You have to provide them all the necessities like food, shelter, water, electricity. You have to keep your dwellers alive and safe from the dangerous world.
To do that you have to manage resources, buildings, and supplies. Fallout shelter was released in 2015, is available for Xbox One, ps4, Nintendo switch. Since its release, the game has managed to gain wide popularity among teenagers and adults. This game has every element that will make you addicted to this game.
Doesn’t matter if you just started this game or playing this for a while we have some tips that will help you master this game. you mas also like highly compressed pc games.


1. Start slow!

  At starting you will need to build many buildings that can lead you to the scarcity of the resources. Just start slow and take your time to manage everything. Don’t build too much too soon. Even your dwellers would have a negative impact as there will be a lot of work for them. When you start building check whether you need extra space or not. If you don’t need the space that would be a waste of resources and also make your dwellers unhappy.

 2. Manage your layout

Choose a layout first which suits your need better. Plan your building or the same kinds of facilities near each other. When you build any kind of power plant or dinner you will be asked to place this on the area where dirt is found, always pay attention to the dirt when making a layout. When you combine two or three same type of buildings you will get a bigger place which would be a lot easier to handle.
 If you don’t plan out your layout carefully you will end up in maze which will make it difficult for dwellers to travel between the rooms. Make sure all elevators form a straight line, this will make sure your dwellers travel easily through one place to another.

 3. Be careful with the weapons!

  Equip all your dwellers with spare weapons, this makes them ready for attacks and can be really useful. Don’t sell your extra weapon which your explores aren’t buying. Hou can sell low damage weapons but make sure all your dwellers are equipped with weapons. Also, make sure you have some high damaged weapon that can help at the time of attacks. Even if you don’t have enough weapons make sure all the top floor dwellers have some weapons that can help everyone to stay alive.

 4. The special system

 Know the strengths of all the dwellers through the special system and give them a job which suits best to their strength.  Following qualities are found in dwellers


  • Strength – best for a power plant or nuclear reactors.
  • Charisma- radio hosts and baby-making.
  • Ability – in making great food and gadgets.
  • Intelligence -science labs.
  • Perception- water treatment plants.
  • Endurance- exploring the outer world.
  •  Luck- can help at any point in the game.

5. Costumes aren’t just for fun!

 Since not all the dwellers of your vault has impressive skills, and you can’t control their stats, plus the training room doesn’t open for less than 30 dwellers that is where you can boost their productivity with a specific outfit or costume. Even if you unlock your training room a costume still makes a difference in their creativity and productivity.
Manage the outfits for your dwellers and you will have long term success in the fallout shelter.

6. Keep your workers working and happy

Never leave a dweller free as they would start feeling low and won’t show any enthusiasm. This can be a loss interest for your shelters as they won’t maximize their level and would be a waste. Best way to avoid it is to keep them working where they best suited (use special system to place them in your vault)
Make sure all dwellers have all the needs like power, water or electricity which is important for them to survive and will keep them happy. More you take care of them and keep them happy more enthusiasm they will show by working hard for your vault.

7. Do baby planning

 As funny it sounds, don’t neglect the resources a baby will use before it can contribute to your vault. Initially, when a baby is made it will consume space and other resources that too when it won’t give much to your vault. Let dwellers make love to each other and conceive a baby when you have space capacity and other resources which a baby would need.
When you have a large number of dwellers at your gate to join your country. Pair them up to get them in single bed make extra room. Make sure you have all the necessities to feed them and shelter to live.

8. Keep an eye on Stanger!

 Much like the real-world we see strangers in this game too. When a stranger appears or disappears in your country you get 2-3 beeps as a sign for strangers. They are dressed as a detective with black glasses an a trenchcoat. You can win up to 1000 caps by tapping on them.

9. Earning caps

As we all know the importance of caps in the fallout universe, they are the currency for the game. Here we have a list to earn more caps.
  • Completing daily objectives.
  • Completing quests and missions from the overseer’s office.
  • Finding mysterious strangers.
  • By completing the popup quest.

10.  Hold the door

 Keep your door upgraded. A strong gate will give you better protection against outsiders. This will keep them attacking your vault or even consuming your valuable resources like food, water, and electricity. In the fallout, post-apocalyptic world dwellers are always seeking a shelter. By entering in your world they can lead to the scarcity of resources resulting in trouble making situation for your vault.
Even if your gate can’t keep away dwellers for a long period of time but still a stronger gate will buy you some time to prepare yourself.

11. Rearrange the position of dwellers when needed

 Although we have a special system that tells us the qualities of a dweller and where should we place them, but that doesn’t mean we can’t rearrange them. If there is an emergency in your fallout shelter then you can always bring dweller from another room to a much-needed palace. For example, you need to produce more electricity then you can bring dwellers from water or food areas.

 12.  Protect the first floor

 It’s no secret that the first floor is the most important floor in your vault. Not only outsiders will break in through the first floor but also if dwellers are not fully equipped with some good weapons that might create a problem for your vault to do some serious damage. Equipping your dweller with good weapons is a must task in order to protect your vault.


objectives are offered in Fallout Shelter. Complete the objectives indicated below to gain the corresponding reward.

  • Assign Two Dwellers to the Right Room – 25 CAPS
  • Collect 50 Water – 1 LUNCHBOX
  • Collect 2,000 Water – 1 LUNCHBOX
  • Equip 1 Dweller with an Outfit – 1 LUNCHBOX
  • Collect 5 Weapons – 150 CAPS
  • Raise the Endurance of 5 Dwellers – 1 LUNCHBOX
  • Send 1 Dweller to the Wasteland – 25 CAPS
  • Send 3 Dwellers to the Wasteland – 100 CAPS
  • Collect 2,000 Food – 1 LUNCHBOX
  • Raise any SPECIAL stat of 9 Dwellers – 220 CAPS
  • Successfully Rush 1 Room – 1 LUNCHBOX
  • Have 10 Male and Female couples dance in the Living Quarters – 200 CAPS
  • Raise any SPECIAL Stat of 10 Dwellers – 1 LUNCHBOX
  • Upgrade 2 Rooms – 200 CAPS
  • Raise Happiness of 10 Dwellers to 100% – 1 LUNCHBOX
  • Collect 100 Food – 50 CAPS
  • Succesfully Extinguish 1 Vault Fire – 25 CAPS
  • Sell 2 Weapons or Outfits – 50 CAPS
  • Collect 50 Food – 25 CAPS
  • Collect 100 Power – 50 CAPS
  • Sell 1 Weapon or Outfit – 25 CAPS
  • Raise the happiness of 1 Dweller to 100% – 25 CAPS
These are the top tips for a long run in the fallout universe. Make sure you consider all the factors which can affect the security of your vault and dwellers.
You can master the game with the help of these little things. We hope these tips will be helpful.

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