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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Whiteboard Marker #2022

Whiteboards markers are essential business supplies, and many people use them daily for different writing purposes from classrooms to business conferences. Whiteboard markers have an erasable ink that a writing board cannot absorb; thus, they are non-permanent and possible to wipe off.

If you are looking for a whiteboard marker, you should opt for the best one, something that will perform well. Make sure that it can meet your criteria and preference.


Wet-Erase Vs. Dry-Erase

Many people commonly use dry erase markers together with a whiteboard, as you can wipe them with the dry eraser. Whiteboard marker writings with the dry-erase feature are completely non-permanent. On the other hand, markers that are wet-erase come with a water-soluble element, which you can only wipe off with a damp cloth. This factor makes wet-erase markers as semi-permanent. Both wet-erase and dry erase whiteboard markers work best for various purposes. Deciding what to purchase between the two depends on why you need a pen.


Size, Material, and Shape of the Marker Tip

The tip of the whiteboard marker is the one that you write on the board. Marker tips typically come in two shapes; chisel and bullet. Chisel tips offer more flexibility in writing, for example, allowing you to create different sizes of line widths. Bullet tips create the same width of lines, making them ideal for constant writing. There are also the brush marker tips that are broad and work the same way as the brush tips.

The tip of the markers also comes in a variety of sizes, including small, large, mini, and extra-large. If the tip is smaller, the line stroke is also smaller, and if the tip is larger, the line stroke is larger too.

When it comes to the tip material of the whiteboard markers, they are generally made from nylon or polyester, which are either dense or loose. Densely packed tips have a similar feel of friction as with pencils and pens when you write them on boards. Loosely packed tips have less friction and provide you with more flexibility when writing.


Body and Components of a Whiteboard Marker

These factors do more with how durable the marker is. You want to choose those markers that come from quality materials that do not break at a snap. The most robust markers are made with plastic, which is an extremely sturdy thermoplastic polymer.

You can also find whiteboard markers that are composed of other plastic materials. Just make sure that the whiteboard marker you pick is durable enough to last.


The Odour of the Marker

Many whiteboard markers come with a strong smell, and these are what you call alcohol-based markers. Also, those bigger markers tend to have the strongest odours. However, some markers have low-odour, and you should target them for your office use.

Moreover, dry erase whiteboard markers contain silicone polymer, and this makes them release much odour than the wet-erase markers.

There are a variety of whiteboard markers available out there. They are suitable for use on various materials, depending on the features they have.

Therefore, when choosing your whiteboard marker, consider your business supply needs. Also, whiteboards are typically made from melamine, porcelain, or glass, so the marker you select must be compatible with the whiteboard you are using.


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