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Latest Tips – Last Day On Earth Survival advanced tips and tricks #2021

/ / Latest Tips – Last Day On Earth Survival advanced tips and tricks #2021
we don’t need to tell you the importance of earth day. We are educated enough to cherish the fact that earth has given birth to humanity. But is one day enough to cherish the entire planet that has literally given us life? On the occasion of earth day promise yourself to be eco-friendly the whole year and bring positive changes. Here are some tips on how you should celebrate the earth day.

1. Say no to plastic. Period!

The threat of plastic isn’t new, we all what the little bag of plastic is capable of doing. The plastic bag that you have used is gonna stay this way for like thousands of year and it will cost the animals, environment and causes so much more problems. Use jute or paper bags as much as you can do. Bought your own bag when you go shopping.

2. Save electricity

Unplug all the electric appliances when you are not using them, by this you will make sure it isn’t consuming electricity. Make a habit of unplugging your phone charger, hairdryer, coffee maker and other electrical appliances at night. On this earth, day buys eco-friendly appliances that consume less electricity. Use a programmable thermostat that will regulate the energy uses and won’t waste electricity.

3. Save water

The water crisis isn’t new, minute by minute we are running out of freshwater. Make little changes in your lifestyle on this earth day, like turning off the faucet while brushing, scrubbing or washing your hands try to avoid wasting water as much as possible. Fix your leaking toilet or faucets ASAP, as these broken pipes cost us so much water.

4. Adapt a paperless lifestyle

How many magazines you have subscribed? And how many of them you actually read? This habit of yours not even a waste of money but also a waste of paper that ultimately means cutting off more tress! Unsubscribe all your unnecessarily magazines, prefer e-books if you can. And as everything is done online, do your payments through e-wallets don’t ask for paper receipts or tickets or any other cash memo as all this will be available on your smartphone without harming our mother nature.

5. Fix some things!

Try to fix things if they are broken or damaged instead of buying new ones, sometimes we throw things that aren’t actually that damaged, and they become trash. Instead try fixing and start re-using.

6. Buy from local farm vegetable shop

You will find good quality of vegetable at any local shop than those expensive grocery stores. They not only sell old vegetable but also their vegetables come with heavy packaging that means more plastic. Also, the local farmers use fewer pesticides, and less oil and gas used for its transportation. Always buy seasonal fruits and vegetables.

7. Avoid meat

Dishes that require meat needs too much water and its also a loss of our ecosystem and possible fissile fuel. You can do a huge favor for our earth by reducing your meat intake to just one day a week. A study has shown that one-fifth of total man-made greenhouse gas emission is done by the meat industry. Eat more and more fresh and green vegetables this will also reduce your carbon footprint.

8. Save fuel

Fuel is a limited resource and on this earth day start carpooling when you are going to work, by doing so you can save so much fuel and energy.  Try using public transport as much as possible. Don’t let your bicycle rust in your backyard when you are going to a nearby shop or your friend’s house use your bicycle, this will not only save fuel but keep you healthy. These little things will reduce pollution by a great amount. Even if you own a vehicle make sure it is low carbon vehicle that is it does not exist much carbon.
Another important thing when you are driving a car is to be in your speed limit, it will not only keep you safe but also produce less pollution and less consumption.

9. Use a cloth for cleaning

Avoid paper cleaners that just require more and more trees to be cut off. On this earth, day try to keep all the paper towels away and switch them with your old t-shirt. It is much efficient and eco-friendly.

10. Organize your trash

That’s the thing we just throw away our trash without thinking how much harm they can cost. Landfilling your food trash will emit greenhouse gas or methane in our environment. Gift yourself a compost bin this earth day, you can keep it in your backyard and throw your food trash in it. If you don’t have a backyard you can use worm bin in your house. It will reduce the trash amount in your house as well as your carbon footprint.

11. Do some gardening!

Start gardening and grow more and more plants. These will not just look pretty but also help in saving the environment. You will have fresh vegetables and flowers in your garden that means you don’t have to go to the grocery store more often. It will also help with your left out food trash, the food trash in your compost bin will be nutrient-rich soil that will help in growing more plants and flourish your garden. If you don’t have the space for a garden, you can grow herbs inside your house and get yourself some indoor plants.

12. Reduce, reuse and recycle!

Make this your mantra this earth day and contribute to our mother nature by following these three golden steps. Reduce all the unnecessary things, before throwing something think if you can reuse it. Lastly, do recycling as much as possible. You know how much these things can make a difference then start acting on them.

Please adapt these tips on this earth day and contribute as much as you can to save our planet. We have got only life planet, don’t take it for granted.

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