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10 Best Free DLL Fixer Tools / Software #2022

DLL Fixers are the program that supports you in getting free of DLL defects that commonly basis software or system smashes on Windows PC. These tools aid you in figuring out the misplaced or smashed DLL files, download them with no trouble and resolve ordinary nuisance with negligible attempts.

DLL issues are a serious problem that, if not resolved, can lead to accidents, blockages, and even the infamous blue screen of death. Therefore, solving DLL problems is essential, but repairing them is a tough task. This is because finding DLL files on the Internet is difficult, and these tools are useful.


DLL tools

DLL tools are mainly focused on instantly repairing damaged or missing DLLs on the system. It is regarded as a powerful DLL solution, this software is optimized for Windows and works on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. The DLL tool examines the total amount of DLL faults on your system with one tick and can mend the whole thing.


  • It determines all problems
  • Produce a backup


DLL tools have the following disadvantages:

  • One-click repair options may work.
  • You cannot search for specific DLLs manually.


DLL Suite

DLL Suite recognizes lost, damaged, and anonymous DLL files on your PC and mechanically maintenance the files. Since all versions of Windows to Windows 10 using one of the largest DLL databases, little is known about known DLL files for Windows PCs.


  • The system automatically scans and fixes missing DLL files.
  • You can manually find and repair DLL files.
  • Refine the list of system issues and fix them immediately.


DLL Suite is, of course, not perfect and lacks some things:

  • Many DLL files are missing.
  • Sometimes do not solve some problems.


Smart DLL Missing Fixer

Smart DLL Missing Fixer repairs missing or cleaned out DLL files and authorizes you to re-register vanished files. This program declares to have one of the major DLL file catalogs, and you can discover DLL files straight from the device. This software repairs DLL file nuisances and also DLL registry mistakes for Windows XP.


  • Works properly for most lost DLLs
  • offers a lot of other implements to fix and optimize the whole system.

Cons: The DLL repair software could not resolve these issues in the following cases:

DLL file not found in database


DLL Fixer file

DLL File Fixer removes all DLL errors and registry errors from your PC. Repair and clean up your system and remove corrupted DLLs for faster performance. The nice thing about the Fixer DLL file is its user-friendly interface. This means that novice and amateur users can easily operate the software. Also, it works perfectly on Windows versions such as XP, Vista, 7, Windows 8.


  • Scan and repair DLL errors instantly.
  • Automatically scans the entire PC at system startup.
  • A full backup of the registration system before making any changes


  • There are several issues with DLL repair files
  • Finding a DLL takes a long time.


Glorysoft Registry Repair is a bright software that repairs DLL faults and recovers system presentation. Locate and mend concealed, damaged, or lost DLL files. The program also aids you re-establish the newest scraps and reconsider the resultant records. Glorysoft works on Windows XP and later without interfering with other programs on the system.


  • System backup before the change.
  • It also analyzes and identifies various types of other issues.


  • In most cases, Rebel files cannot be cleaned up!
  • It does not give a task to look for a detailed DLL.

SpeedyPC Pro

SpeedyPC Pro is a simple program that examines and maintains DLL faults in a jiffy. The program also can optimize your PC using the DLL database and find specific DLL files that are not in the system. But SpeedyPC doesn’t stop there because you can quickly install missing DLLs in Windows XP and later versions.

Pros: SpeedyPC Pro shines with the following features:

  • Order DLL issues easily
  • Includes many tools to solve other system problems

Cons:  SpeedyPC Pro is inadequate for the following reasons:

Do not suggest to search for specific DLLs manually.


Registry Fix

Registry Fix fixes the error messages and permits you to rapidly set and mend your DLL dilemma. It also fixes stubborn problematic programs that are missing DLL files. These programs are not easy to solve and extend to various places on the system. Also, the software repairs DLL miscalculation in the DLL registry and supports growth in Windows XP up to Windows 8.


  • Scan and optimize your system efficiently.
  • Quickly find and install missing DLL files.

Cons: There are no registry modifications:

  • Not compatible with 64-bit Windows.
  • Do not provide backup/restore functionality.

CC Cleaner

CC Cleaner is a DLL repair tool. DLL Repair Tool detects missing and corrupted DLL files and repairs them without any hassle. CC Cleaner downloads the DLL file instantly and resolves related system problems. It also detects system startup issues and other errors due to corrupt and fixed DLL files on systems running Windows XP through Windows 8.


  • Quickly find a specific DLL file.
  • Repair numerous subjects with one tick.

Cons: CC Cleaner has some issues:

  • No system restore point is created.
  • The free account has some limits.


DLL Files Client

DLL-Files Client software eliminates all DLL mistakes and registry faults from your system. Repair and clean up your system and remove corrupted DLLs for faster performance. The DLL-Files Client solution has an easy-to-use interface that allows novice and amateur users to easily manage the software. Also, it works perfectly on Windows versions such as XP, Vista, 7, Windows 8.


  • Automatically scans the entire PC at system startup.
  • Make a complete backup copy of the system registry before making any changes.

Cons: DLL file Cleaner has some missing issues:

  • Finding a DLL takes a long time.
  • The free version (trial version) has limited functions.


DLL Care

DLL Care fixes missing or corrupted DLL files and allows you to re-register the missing DLL files. This software declares to have one of the largest DLL file catalogs, and you can look for DLL records openly from the tool. The program maintains DLL files and also repairs DLL registry faults for Windows XP.


  • Works transparently for most missing DLLs
  • Provides more tools to repair and optimize your entire system


DLL not found in database



DLL files make an issue in your working at your device. But if you have Best Free DLL Fixer tools then you can sort out this issue easily by finding the DLL files. So use any of the above software to find out DLL files.


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