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Best 20+ dark circles under eyes treatment #2022

Dark circles under the lower eyelids are common in men and women. Often accompanied by bags, dark circles can make you appear older than you are. To make matters worse, they can be difficult to get rid of. Are you one of those individuals who has been tormented by dark circles under the eyes? Well, if yes, you are not the only one who suffers from this agony. But worry not, there are certain home remedies which can help in curing the dark circles. And the best part: They are as easy to use as they are effective.

What Causes Dark Circles Around The Eyes?

The unsightly dark circles can be caused due to many reasons. Find them listed below:

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Oversleeping
  • Stress
  • Tiredness and exhaustion
  • Nasal allergies
  • Constant itching and rubbing due to skin conditions like eczema
  • Skin irritants in makeup products
  • Exposure to the sun (in the absence of a good sunscreen)
  • Aging


Best Tips To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Eyes

 Cold milk –  Milk contains lactic acid which is beneficial for the skin. It improves the smoothness and firmness of the skin and also reduces lines and wrinkles. Take cold milk in a bowl and a cotton pad. Rub it over your dark circles and keep it on for 15 minutes. Wash with regular water after a few minutes.

 Turmeric – Turmeric has a powerful compound named curcumin which enhances the glow of the skin. It effectively reduces the melanin production and resolves hyper-pigmentation. It eliminates the dark and dead skin. When mixed with almond oil, it hydrates the skin. Take half spoon turmeric; pour a few drops of almond oil ( if your skin is dry). assage the area under the eye with this mixture. Wash after 15 minutes with normal water. Repeat the process thrice a week to eliminate dark circles.

 Coconut oil – Coconut oil promotes skin health and also moisturizes it. It also helps in reducing dark circles. Pat the oil in clock-wise and anti-clockwise motion under the eyes. Leave it on overnight and wash the face in the morning.

 Rosewater – Rosewater is known for rejuvenating the skin but do you know it is instrumental in reducing dark circles. Not only this it has a soothing effect on the eyes. As rose water possesses mild astringent properties it works as a skin toner. Apply rose water on the dark circles by using cotton pads. Soak a cotton pad in rose water and place them on closed eyelids. Repeat the process for at least three weeks for better results.

 Cucumber – While thinking about cucumber one gets reminded of the Bollywood movies in which heroines have cucumber slices kept on the eyes while relaxing. Well, cucumber is indeed refreshing as well as soothing. It is completely capable of fixing those raccoon eyes. Cut thick cucumber slices and keep them on both the eyes for half an hour.  You can also grate the cucumber and apply at the bottom of the eyes for procuring better results.

Tomatoes – Tomato possesses powerful bleaching properties which can be extremely effective in lightening the skin effectively. It also contains lycopene, a phytochemical which is beneficial for the skin and also protects it from damage. Apply the tomato juice over the dark circles and relax for 10 minutes. Rinse it with cool water after some time. Follow this remedy two to three times in a week to see better results.

 Raw Potatoes – Raw potatoes contain antioxidants and possess natural bleaching properties. It has nutrients that benefit the skin and also nurtures the ultra-thin skin around the eyes. It also reduces the inflammation and swelling of blood vessels. Grate a potato or cut an extra thin slice. Place the slice on the eyes for 10-15 minutes. Rinse your face with cold water. Repeat the process every day to get rid of dark circles.

 Almond Oil – Almonds are a rich source of Vitamin E which is beneficial for the skin. Almond oil can be used as an emollient as it possesses properties which can make the skin soft. Take a little amount of almond oil and gently massage it over the dark circles. Leave it overnight for better results.

Saffron – Saffron is well-known for enhancing skin color since ancient times. The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances present in saffron are the reasons behind the skin lightening. Take a spoon full of milk and dissolve saffron strands into it. Now, massage a few drops of this mixture around the eyes and relax. You can wash it the next morning. Continue the process every day for better results.

 Aloe Vera Gel – Aloe Vera, which has numerous benefits has nourishment pigments. It is known for making the skin healthier and brings a glow to the face. Apply aloe vera gel under the eyes over the dark circles and massage for a minute. Leave it overnight and wash with cold water in the morning.

 Cold tea bags – Green tea contains tannins that have astringent properties that help in reducing the dark circles. Dark circles are caused because the blood vessels get dilated. Green Tea constricts the blood vessels and thus reduces the dark circles. Take two tea bags and dip them in cold water. You can also refrigerate the water for some time. Keep both the tea bags over your eyes for a while(10 to 15 minutes) and then wash your face with cold water.

 Petroleum Jelly – Petroleum Jelly has the capacity to lock the moisture under the skin which is an absolutely excellent trait. It helps in reducing dark circles by nourishing the dead cells of the skin. Apply petroleum jelly over the dark circle and leave it overnight.

 Argan Oil – Argan oil gets easily absorbed in the skin because it is light-weight. Due to rich Vitamin E content, it has the ability to restore the natural glow of the skin. It is beneficial in reducing lines and wrinkles under the eyes.  Apply the oil under the eyes. You can lightly massage the oil under the eyes. Keep it overnight for better results.

Whole milk with rose water – For people whose skin is oily in texture it becomes difficult to keep the milk overnight as it appears sticky on the face. To avoid such a situation and also have a soothing effect, one can mix rose water in the milk and wash it after some time.

 Massage – To reduce the puffiness under the eyes and to avoid dark circles it is extremely necessary to keep a check on sleeping habits. If dark circles have already appeared then one can repeatedly massage under the eyes to balance the circulation of blood.

 Herbal Tea – Herbal tea has proven to lighten the eye area dramatically. Because of the presence of various herbs that are capable of rejuvenating the skin one can use the herbal tea bags to reduce dark circles.

 Eye Pack – Eye-pack is extremely effective in reducing dark circles. To make an eye-pack one needs a few drops of lemon juice, coconut, 2 tbsp cucumber, and fresh cream. Mix all the ingredients together and massage it over the dark circles. Leave it for at least 20 minutes before washing off. Apply the eye-pack once a week to get rid of dark circles.

 Orange peel extract – Not only orange but its peel too possess properties to reduce the dark circles. One can dry the peels of orange and later make a fine powder.
Mix the orange peel powder with rose water and apply every day for better results.

 Grapeseed Oil – Grapeseed oil is an essential oil that can do wonders in getting rid of dark circles. It contains flavonoids that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. One can gently apply a few drops on the affected area daily to get permanently rid of dark circles.

 Baking Soda – Baking soda possesses anti-inflammatory and skin lightening properties which can be beneficial in removing dark circles permanently. Take a spoonful of baking soda and mix it in Luke-warm water. Dip a cotton pad and massage gently under the eye. Repeat thrice a week for better results.

 Olive Oil – olive oil contains healthy fatty acids which are beneficial in reducing dark circles by hydrating and nourishing the skin. Massage oil in a circular motion for a minute or two. Leave the oil overnight. Have you tried all these remedies? If not then try them now and share your experience with us in comments.

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