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Top 10 Creative Online Resume Maker Websites In #2022

If you want to create a CV that catches the eye of the recruiter, the layout and design are things that can make the difference.

Creating a CV takes time, and to stand out from other candidates, you have to be creative. The difficulty remains to find a happy medium between creativity and readability. An exercise far from easy, therefore, but which can still be simplified if you use the right tools.

Today, many sites offer ready-to-use CV templates. It only takes a few clicks to generate your resume. Thanks to these ten websites, you no longer need to be a professional graphic designer to get there!




On the  Novoresume website, you will become a CV design pro in a few steps. After creating a personal space, you can choose from dozens of different models. A design library is available free of charge. The site also allows you to modify your profile photo thanks to numerous filters to insert icons, banners.

The Novoresume tool allows you to easily create and personalize your CV online. You have the choice between more than 35 models, including four free, all customizable. You can change the color, font, spaces, and even some icons.

Many sections are available, allowing you to create a complete CV. In addition to traditional training, professional experience, skills, etc., you can add your social networks and even a footer. Another plus of this tool, you can translate your CV into eight different languages.



My Perfect CV

My Perfect CV is very easy to use. With just a few clicks, your CV will be ready. And above all, your experiences and skills will be perfectly valued. The site even offers you to use ready-made texts to describe your skills. A little extra well appreciated simplifying your task.

With the help of My perfect CV, you can create your CV by importing an existing one, using a template, or starting from scratch. Regarding the templates, you have three free ones at your disposal, visually quite simple, but the ten other premium templates are more modern.

Note that the templates are in English, so you must rewrite the titles of the different sections. You can, of course, customize all the fields of your CV as well as the color, the font, and the margins.




More complete and maybe even a little more advanced than the other sites, resume genius provides a design creation tool. Starting from a model that you have chosen, you will be able to modify all the graphic elements: inserts, photos, tables, etc. The interface of the tool can make you think of that of software such as Photoshop, but rest assured, the site supports you step by step.

If you want to create a CV with a very simple design, then a resume genius template will suit you.

The strength of this tool?

Its ease of use: you simply have to fill in the requested fields, and then you can download your CV.

You will understand the layout of your CV will be very simple, and you will not be able to customize the colors and the font.




In addition to resume genius , the Zety site gives you the possibility of posting it on the web to increase your chances of being recruited. The online CV creation tool is particularly simple, accessible, and intuitive. So you can do it in just a few minutes and focus on finding a job.

Easy to use, Zety generates your CV after three steps. Fill in your personal information, add content to the other sections, then choose your design and your color from 32 models.

If the personalization of your CV cannot be very advanced, the tool still allows you to add many other sections to those initially proposed.




The Enhancv is an online tool that works in two steps via a simple and quick form to fill out: an identification part (name, first name, etc.), a second for your experiences and skills. All you have to do is choose a CV template so that your information is laid out in a few seconds.

On Enhancv, to start creating your CV, you must first answer a series of 6 questions. You are then redirected to a very intuitive interface.




Resume-now tool has 20 free CV templates, all of which can be personalized. Whether you want to highlight your experience, your professional career, or you want a feminine presentation, you will find a template that meets your needs. The interface is very intuitive, and you can customize the colors, the texts (size, font), as well as the margins between the different blocks.




To create your CV with Hloom, you must first fill in a few fields about your profile, your professional experience, your studies, etc. It is only after the CV is generated that you can modify the style. The tool focuses on speed of use, so you will not be able to customize the color and the font.



cultivated culture

cultivated culture is complete and, above all, easy to use the tool. You just have to choose your models among the 28 proposed templates then fill in the different fields requested in the form of a questionnaire.

Between each step, you benefit from advice to fill in the best way in the following fields. Note also that certain information is automatically offered to you depending on the profession entered (this is the case for skills or missions related to your professional experience, for example). Small flat, the CV models sometimes lack modernity.



CV Builder

With CV Builder, you can create your CV in just three steps. Fill in your first information on your profile, choose your model, and complete the different sections.

You have the choice between several more or less elaborate models. As for personalization, you can only change the color, but the choice is limited: 5 colors are available. Little more all the same, advice is given to you to fill each section (professional experience, teaching, skills, hobbies, languages, and references), and you can import your information directly from LinkedIn.



CV Maker

Creating a CV with CV Maker does not require any prior registration. Start by filling in your information, complete the following sections, then choose your model. Nine templates are available with simple but effective presentations. Here you will not be able to customize the colors and the font, only the position of the different sections.


Conclusion: So if you are looking for the best job then you must have an attractive CV. There are many sites which help to make CV online. You can make attractive Cv with the help of these sites.

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