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Crazy Keyboard Apps for Android and iOS #2022

A smooth keyboard is all we need to type whatever we feel. Some people underrated the importance of a good keyboard. I personally believe there has to be a perfect keyboard app that is just made for. The look and feel are different from different keyboard apps so we have picked the best keyboard apps that will help you write better at your own pace.

Gboard- the Google keyboard

Android/ iPhone
There isn’t a service app that isn’t provided by Google. The board is also considered as the best keyboard for Android and iPhone with over a billion users.  It supports various types of typing including glide typing, where you can simply swipe on the keyboard to write your messages or emails. It also supports voice typing where your whatever you say that will be typed.
Handwriting is also available where you can type in cursive and printed letters. You can easily search and share this free Google keyboard. Other features like multilingual typing and google translate are also available.

Go keyboard

Android/ iPhone
Go keyboard app is one of the best keyboard apps with over 100 million downloads. People have used it, people have appreciated it and people have loved it. It has the best-personalized features with great themes and cute emojis. It also takes care of your privacy and keeps your texts secure from third party interference. Get your own sticker library and get your own emoji avatar and share it with your friends.

Swiftkey keyboard

Android/ iPhone
Swiftkey is one of the famous and most popular free keyboard app. You will find many customization features in this app that will make your typing fun and easy. One of the best things about the swiftkey keyboard app is that it learns your writing style which helps your typing as it would automatically suggest you’re the words you are most likely to use. It has the best collection of emojis that will be ever needed by you.
You will find every emoji that you can use to make your conversation more fun and convenient. You will find GIFs too on this keyboard that will suit your text and express your feelings in a fun way. It will also suggest the predictions that will save you time while typing. You can choose your own design for the keyboard. So it’s safe to say that swiftkey is the best keyboard app for android and iPhone.

Cheetah keyboard

Android/ iPhone
When we talk about keyboard apps first thing we search for their looks, but it hard to find such great apps that have an impressive look and feel. With this free keyboard app, you will get lots of DIY themes that include hundreds of other themes to choose from. An impressive look isn’t enough that is why it is fast and accurate to use. When it comes to the speed its name does justice.
It is really efficient when it comes to saving your time while typing, it comes to fast typing there isn’t a competition for this keyboard app for android and iOS. It also supports gesture typing so that you can write by just swiping on your keyboard. Lots of funny emojis and stickers are present to make your typing and texting fun. You can also choose a photo for your keyboard by custom keyboard theme.

Google Indic keyboard

Android/ iPhone
Google Indic keyboard is one of the best keyboard apps for India as it is available in so many regional languages. There is a different charm in our mother tongue and it’s always good to write about our feelings and send messages to our loved ones in our native feelings. With this thought, google has presented this keyboard app that is available in English, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Odia, Telugu, and Tamil.
Translate mode is also available that will translate your words from English to any of the above-mentioned languages. There is a handwriting mode available which will allow you to write directly on your phone screen. It is easy to use and the best keyboard app free for those who love to type in their native language.

Fast typing keyboard

As its name suggests it is a fast keyboard app that is made for those who love typing fast. Other than fast typing it also features amazing themes that actually make you love typing even more. You can customize your keyboard with the best fonts and they also provide you fun sounds while you type. Use your favorite photo as your keyboard theme.

Kika keyboard

There are some people who are emoji fans, they just express their feelings with emojis and for them, the text is incomplete without an emoji, this keyboard app is specially made for these people. With lots of emojis, stickers, and gifs this is the most fun keyboard app for android. There is also an emoji prediction and an emoji dictionary which will help you explore the emoji world better. It also supports bilingual text and fast typing with sliding.

Glass drop keyboard

This keyboard app is best known for its water-based theme which gives you a cool and calm vibe. You will fill like you are typing on water drops. It is a great keyboard app for those who want something different as their keyboard theme. You will also get over 4000 free keyboard themes. Download this keyboard app and keep your phone refreshing.

Go keyboard lite

We have earlier mentioned the features of go keyboard and this keyboard app is a lite version of that. You can download this app if you don’t have enough space for the former one. The features of this app are almost similar to the original one. You can definitely rely on this keyboard app for fast and convenient typing.
We understand how important a keyboard app is to make our typing convenient and easy. These are the 10 best keyboard apps for Android and iPhone that you can download for free and type with ease and comfort with other customization features.

Classic big keyboard

The classic keyboard app is one of the finest keyboard app present. If don’t like those keyboard with extra and unnecessary features then you can switch to this elegant keyboard app for android. You can adjust the size of the keyboard and vibration settings. Just go with ease and write with the comfort with this keyboard app for android.

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