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It would be safe to say that automation tools are the need of the hour. With growing software business, automation testing tools are considered as a blessing.
If you are not aware of automation tools here what it does: automation testing tools are used to check new software and how they are working. You can run your software that carries out the automation execution of some work. It produces the test results without any human intervention.
As the software is growing day by day the need of automation tools is too growing. There are hundreds of automation tools that are present, but only a few are best to use. To save you the trouble of going through every automation tools and find the best one, we have picked the top 10 free automation tools.

1. Selenium

When we are talking about automation testing tools selenium comes first in mind. It is one of the best automation tools in the market. One of the best features of selenium is, it can be executed in multiple operating systems and web browsers.
You don’t have to worry about the different programming languages (java, python, PHP etc)  and automation testing framework when you are using selenium. It’s strong browser centered automation test scripts are scalable across different environments. According to the survey, Selenium is the choice of nine out of ten testers for their projects.
Although to use selenium as your automation testing tool, it’s users have to spend reasonable time to build the automation framework for testing and they must possess required programming skills. It is open-source licensed and flexible to use so we will definitely recommend you use it.

2. TestComplete

TestComplete is yet again one of the best automation testing tools and 2nd in our list for it’s powerful and comprehensive set of features for test application on various platforms such as desktop, web, and mobile.
You can also test your applications by scripting it in many languages such as java, python, VBScript, etc. Test complete has an engine recognition that will help you easily detect user dynamic interface or the frequently changing interface.
With a wide range of applications ( android, iOS, along with cross testing capabilities) you can easily scale your tests across 1500 real test environments. This is the main reason why test complete is chosen by a large number of software testers. It’s record and playback feature is also a unique feature.

3. Katalon studio

Katalon Studio is also a popular automation testing tools. It covers API, web and mobile testing which makes it more comprehensive and a great choice for an automation tool. It also supports Linux, Windows, and macOS as a testing platform. It is an easy to use the tool than selenium as it provides a uniquely integrated environment for testers who don’t want to make complex frameworks and libraries.
You will also find hundreds of built-in keywords for creating test cases. It can also be used for both automated and exploratory testing. It is a free automation tool but provides paid service for business software.

4. Qualibrate

If you come from a none technical background or you don’t have much experience in the programming then calibrate should be the best automation testing tool for you. But it will still provide you the best-advanced technologies and robustness functionalities for testing.
The best thing about it is, it is a 3 in one automation tool, meaning you can use it for 3 different purposes that include test automation and accelerated manual testing. You can also use it for business process documentation and end-user training.

5.  IBM rational functional tester RFT

It is a data-driven testing tool that is made for functional and regression testing. You can also perform GUI testing. You can also test the applications which are developed using different language scripts and technologies.
IBM RFT also supports a wide range of web-based and terminal emulator based applications. It will provide you easy script maintenance and efficient testing which makes it among the best automation testing tool.

6. Microfocus UFT

Microfocus is also a leading automation testing tool. It is mainly used for functional testing and you can also do testing with other developers and testers as it also gives you the best testing solutions.
Previously it was known as QUICK TEST PROFESSIONAL or QTP. It is best known for its less complexity and cost-friendly nature. You can try its trial version for 60 days free of cost and see how it works for your applications.

7. Webtestware (freeware)

Webtestware is a free automation tool. Being selenium based in nature, it is a codeless web automation tool too. For the testers who want their testing tool simple and time-efficient, this automation tool is a blessing. You can easily create a test project in a short time through its unique features and shortcuts. With its multiple folds, it will provide you the best developmental productivity. You can easily get the comprehensive test report which helps you to evaluate the app performance better.

8. Cross browsing testing

Cross browsing testing is also a great choice for an automation tool where it will run your exciting selenium scripts on 2500 real desktop and browsers. You can also them on real devices and browsers very efficiently.
Cross browser’s record and replay features are all you will ever need in an automation testing tool. It is also a none technical user-friendly tool that will speed up your testing.

9. Clic test

Clic test would be a perfect choice for a scriptless automation tool. It is a browser-based testing tool that serves as a non-stop solution for functional and performance testing. It can be launched on any browser. You won’t need any scripting and coding knowledge. It is a 100% web-based automation tool and it is cost-friendly too.

10. Worksoft

Worksoft is a leading automation testing tool and becomes highly successful in the software industry. It is best suited for complex enterprise applications. It supports web and cloud applications. It also offers a code-free continuous test automation platform.

Here our list of 10 best automation testing tools ends, we hope you find them helpful.

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