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    100 Best Fitness Tips 2019

    Build Better Abs Don’t work your abdominal muscles every day. “Physiologically, your abs are like any other muscle in your body,” says David Pearson, Ph.D., C.S.C.S., an exercise scientist at Ball State University. Train them only 2 or 3 days a week. Protect Your Neck Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth when you do crunches. “It will help align your head properly, which helps reduce neck strain,” says Michael Mejia, C..S.C.S., Men’s Health exercise advisor. Keep Muscles Limber If you’re under 40, hold your stretches for 30 seconds. If you’re over 40, hold them for 60 seconds. As you reach your 40s, your muscles become less pliable, so they…

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    Top 100 Ways to Be Healthy 2019

      Cut down on sugary drinks: Reduce your intake, or completely cut out soft drinks, juices, and sports drinks that are full of sugar, and opt for water, milk and healthier options instead. Don’t forget to eat your veggies: Eat at least five servings of fruit and vegetables every day. Make sure you’re getting enough Omega-3 fats: Eat a diet rich in fish, legumes, and nuts to get Omega-3 fats. Drink water: You’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again. Drink water to stay hydrated. You can add some cucumber, lemon, orange, or grapefruit to bring some flavor to water if you need to. Never super size: Eating fast…

  • Best tips for weight loss
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    Best tips for weight loss

    It seems that you can’t look at any magazine, television program or read through any website without seeing some advertisement or story about how to lose weight. And unfortunately, we are being inundated with information about weight loss due to the rising obesity rates and numbers of people struggling to lose or control their weight. Despite the media attention and all the information that’s available, people simply aren’t losing weight. But there are some very good reasons for this: too much misinformation is available, too many people rely on fad diets, too many people look for a pill to help them lose weight and too many people just don’t want…

  • Best Body Lotions
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    Best Body Lotions Of 2018

    Hey guys, given below is the list of the top 10 Body Lotions for Winters. These body lotions are suitable for dry, chilly , oily skin types and are i for both women & men . All the products are available in  local stores and many online shopping in websites in affordable price. Kaya Skin Clinic Daily Use Body Lotion: Himalaya Nourishing Body Lotion Nivea Smooth Milk with Shea Butter Nivea Express Hydration Body Lotion VLCC Cocoa Butter Hydrating Body Lotion SPF 15 VlCC Almond Nourishing Body Lotion Vaseline Total Moisture Nourishing Body Lotion Dove Essential Nourishment Lotion Ponds Triple Vitamin Moisturizing Lotion Parachute Advanced Deep Nourish Body lotion No views yet Our Reader Score [Total:…