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    Best DSLR Camera in 2019

    What are the best DSLR cameras to consider today? With so many different DSLR options on the market, it might be tough to pick the model that has the features you need that also fits your budget. Without a doubt, DSLR cameras have been a popular choice among photographers for many years now. Thanks to their excellent image quality, incredibly fast autofocus performance, superb ergonomics, rugged body build, excellent battery life and bright optical viewfinder, DSLRs have proven themselves to be the tools that many photographers rely on every day.   DSLR PRICE CATEGORY SENSOR MP WEIGHT BURST 4K WEATHER Nikon D850 $3,297 Full frame 861 sq. mm 45.7 32.3…

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    how to prepare for interview

    Think you know how to prepare for an interview? The difference between landing the job of your dreams and bombing the interview often boils down to one key element: how well you prepare.A job interview is one of the most drawn-out and intimidating ways of making first impression. However, it’s also your opportunity to get on an employer’s good side, which can give you a distinct edge over even those applicants whose credentials are better than yours. It’s not possible to anticipate every question that will be asked. It is entirely possible (and advisable) to enter your interview with a strong sense of what to expect and how to approach…