Best Cartoon Animator Software Alternatives To Crazytalk

10 Best Cartoon Animator Software Alternatives To Crazytalk #2022

/ / 10 Best Cartoon Animator Software Alternatives To Crazytalk #2022

Crazytalk is a cartoon animator for PC. So far this software is leading the competition. Do you know why this software is becoming so popular?

The top reason is its user-friendly interface and less complexity while navigating. If you remember Maya software. One of the oldest and popular software is very complex. Yes, it gives you lots of features compare to any other animating software. But you have to dedicate lots of time to learn the software.

Trying to understand only the interface might take you more than a month.

While on the other hand, Crazytalk is easy and fun to use. This software also has auto lips sync system. You can use the software for movie and video creation, for web and game designing and motion animation.

There are more features such as 3D motion, stage, and SFX. Yes, Crazytalk have lots of features is one of the best cartoon animators for PC in the market, but the price is also higher than other Software.


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Don’t worry if you can’t afford Crazytalk software because in this article we’ll walk you over 10 software that works as well as Crazytalk.

1. Animata

Animata is multifunctional animation software. They design it for almost all types of animation functions. With this software, you can create animation and work with interactive background projections for concerts, games, and films.

Animata is one of the best cartoon animators for PC because you can create many types of animation. The interface is also easy to understand and use. You can create a character in just a few minutes with little clicks.

The software supports only Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

2. PowToon

PowToon is a free best cartoon animator for PC. It’s a multiple animation and presentation software for professional business persons and designers. The best part about this software is it contains an animated explainer that makes the animation easy at all levels.

You can best use this software to create animated videos, images, and presentations. There are over 50 templates that will make your work easier. If you’re looking for a software that has both PowerPoint and 2D animation software. This one is for you. You won’t regret buying this software.

Yes, PowToon is free software, but there is also a pro version that gives you more amazing additional features. Also, note that the software is available only in the online environment. Which means you can’t download. You have to use it online.

3. Spriter

Spriter is another popular Crazytalk software alternative. This software is a 2D animation character creating software. This program is a great time saver and one of the best cartoon animator for PC.

The software gives you precise tools, instant creation of characters, custom tweaking for the modular images, and unlimited character variations. This not only saves your time but helps you create optimized and flexible modular 2D animation.

4. KToon

If you’re looking for the best cartoon animator for PC, this one is for you. This 2D animation gives you lots of comprehensive toolsets that allow the artists to create amazing 2D animations.

This software is one of the best user-friendly software that has easy access to the toolbar on the top and right side of the screen. You’ll find the layers and frames on the right side. And you can switch, delete or add frames whenever you want.

5. Digicel Flipbook

Digicel Flipbook is an easy and straightforward animation program. If you’re new to animation and want to learn animation, this system can help you. It’s easy to use and at the same time follows the principles of best animation systems.

The best part of the software is its design by a group of animators for animators. Keeping all the points in mind, they build an easy to navigate, user friends, and easy to learn animation software.

6. Moovly

What makes Moovly one of the best cartoon animators for PC is its versatility. This is an online platform where you can create animated videos, video presentations, and multimedia platforms.

You don’t have to be an expert to use this software. All you have to do just drag and drop. You can create your company content marketing videos, product explainers, and animated tutorials with just simple drag and drop.

On top of that, you also import files to combine them with Moovly pictures, sounds, and videos.

7. Google Slides

If you use Microsoft products, I’m sure you heard of this application. Crazytalk software gives you the ability to create both animation and presentation. But if you only looking for a presentation program, Google Slides will work as well as Crazytalk.

Though Google slides might not be the best cartoon animator for PC. But you can do a lot of things with it. You can create, edit, collaborate, and present whatever you want.

You can work with multiple people at the same time. You also can comment, chat, and do real-time editing.

8. Wideo

Another program that gives you the ability to create animation and presentation. With this software, you can create an animation video for your business.

Wideo gives you ready-to-use video templates for quick video animations. You can customize every detail of the video with just simple drag and drop. You can upload the videos directly to different social media or download it as an MP4 file.

9. Autodesk Animator

Autodesk is a popular company that develops and sells software. Autodesk Animator is a 2D animation program. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or professional, this software won’t let you down.

This software is one of the oldest software design for all types of animation. You can use this software to do a frame by frame animation, including individual pictures.

10. Animation Paper

Animation Paper is one of the best cartoon animators for PC, but it’s not designed for beginners. It’s a dedicated 2D development platform only for professional and experienced animators.

There are lots of features and functions to explore in this software. If you use this program as a beginner animator you’ll take time to learn this software but once you master the software, you’ll be a pro animator.


These are some of the best cartoon animators for PC and good alternatives to Crazytalk software. Some are free while some have both free and pro versions. Depending on your skills and need you can choose any one or more program.

Some program doesn’t have a presentation feature and some don’t have animation creation feature. Some have both, it’s up to you which one you choose. We have given the best list as per our research. Please let us know in the comment section which program works for you.