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Youtube is one the powerful marketing channels at our list. Videos rank well in Google and often have rich snippets that attract more clicks and brand awareness. While it’s a very effective platform to build readership and following, it can also be quite overwhelming. There are too many parts that come into play. How to make videos? How to increase  views and subscribers? How to produce quality and stand out? Luckily, there are tools that make the process easier.

Analytics tools make influencer marketing faster and efficient, and they become a must-have for YouTube influences on their way to success. Because YouTube influences use them to track all the YouTube stats to increase YouTube channel traffic and subscribers. Which YouTube analytics tools are more useful for influences in 2019? We have reviewed dozens of YouTube analytics tools and find an excellent free analytics tool below.

Vaizle is a social media analytics tool that makes social media analytics simple with Actionable insights. With Vaizle, you can boost your social media performance with quick social media audits, social median bench marking again your competitors and past performance, and social media competitive analysis.

How to use ?

Enter the URL of your company’s YouTube channel and your competitor’s YouTube channel – or any two YouTube channels you want to compare. Login using your Google account to see competitive analysis of the two YouTube channels.

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