Top 9 best video editing software for windows and mac

Top 9 best video editing software (window/ mac/ Linux) #2022

If you are searching for the best video editing software then you are at the right place. We have compared many video editing apps and picked the best out of them.
Since it becomes kind of a trend to make video content and viral them it’s now more important to stick with some of the best tools and that includes video editing software too. Here our list of best video editing software starts.

1. Adobe after effects (windows/ Mac)

best video editing software after effects

When it comes to video editing software for windows and mac there is no match for adobe after effects. Adobe never fails us and it continues with its phenomenal video editing software too. It is used by professionals for post-production of film making. Not only in film making it can be used in animation, composition, keying, and tracking too.
You can easily add and import various files including moving image files, still image files and even audio files to the video editor. Another great feature of adobe effect is you can easily add animated titles and 3D texts along with a list of comprehensive effects.
You. An easily master title designs to make your video more effective. And lastly, you can easily repair and fix or edit your video files. Become a master and pro at video editing via adobe after effects and it won’t give you a reason to complain.

2. Adobe premiere pro (windows/ Mac)

best video editing software Adobe premiere pro

Yeah, adobe has a lot of options for you! Again adobe software for video editing for mac and windows. What makes it different from other software is its ability to handle details. You can add video, audio, and graphics no matter what their format is.
Editing was never this easy as it is with adobe premiere pro, you can easily crop videos, trim clips or rearrange scenes in real-time. It’s super smooth controls provides what you want in your video.
When it comes to effects you will be surprised to know its wide range of effects and animations that you can easily add to your videos. You can easily share or export your videos. Its color correction feature is considered as one other best and unique features in the video or film making industry. To give your video more professional touch you can add dynamic audio too with its powerful tools.
To sum up this one, we can only say adobe premiere pro is made for professionals!

3. Lightworks ( available for Windows, Linux, and Mac)

best video editing software lightworks

If you are looking for a video editing software for slick-looking films then there is no better option than Lightworks. You can get the idea about how professional it is with the fact that is used by major Hollywood products too. And what’s more impressive about Linux is you can get its version too.
Its free version is as good as its paid one which includes many features. Linux has the best-designed timeline that enables a higher of control as you can mix audio and video clips together and get exactly what you want. If you wanna learn how to use it’s properly you can get many tutorial videos that will help you to navigate easily.

4. Shotcut ( available for Windows, Linux, and Mac)

best video editing software shortcut

Shotcut is another free video editing platform for windows, Linux, and mac. Shotcut comes with a comprehensive list of video editing features including 4K resolution support. It is the best choice for basic video editing and you won’t find any better platform than this one.
It’s lots of filters and effects make sure you get want you to want in your video. It’s customizable interface let’s use it as per your needs. And if you work with many formats then you don’t have to worry as it provides a wide range of support for many formats.

5. Hit film Express (available for both mac and windows)

best video editing software hitfilm express

If you are looking for a video editing software that lets you do all kinds of 3D effects and editing in your video then you are at the right place and hitfilm express is just made for you. It comes over 180 visual effects that can easily let you produce feature films.
It has all the features that are needed to produce a high-quality video. You can buy its add on features that will help you to make better quality videos and they come at a very cheap and affordable price. Overall hit films are the best platform to make videos for YouTube.

6. DaVinci Resolve ( available for Windows, Mac, Linux)

best video editing software davinci resolve

DaVinci resolve is best known for its specialized color correction and audio editing and it is one of the best choices for making feature films and or even high budget films. These are the reasons why many tv and film productions use this one. You will be stunned with its exceptional and powerful audio post-production with its powerful high-end tools.
You will get facial tracking features where you easily set skin tones and give your video a professional touch.

7. VSDC free video editing software ( available for windows)

best video editing software vsdc

VSDC is another great software for editing videos and you can get many professional features for free. You will get many special effects to enhance the quality of your video. You don’t have to worry about the formats as it supports a number of formats so that you can be as creative as you want.
Its filters are inspired by Instagram style filtres so that you can use whatever effect or filters that are trending. You can also do color corrections and blurring.

8. Open shots

best video editing software openshot

The open shot is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux and you would be thrilled to know that is absolutely free to use. You can easily learn how to use this one with its user-friendly interface and beginners can easily use this one for video editing.
Some of its great features include unlimited layers for the watermark, background videos, and audio. You will also find many digital video effects such as brightness, greyscale, hue, etc. Its customizable title card templates are just game-changers. And if you are looking for animations then you can easily create animations effects with open shots. You won’t find any better video editing software than this one for free.

9. Video pad

best video editing software video pad

Video pad is exclusively made for Windows users and it is a reliable video editing software that’s is 100 percent free to use. It is easy to use and yet gives you every bit of professional touch to your video.

So these were the top 9 video editing software that we hope will help you to edit your videos for various platforms.

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