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Best Indian Train Simulator Games Free To Download Pc #2022

If you like fast-moving games then train games for PC 2020, is the best option for you. With these games, you can enjoy the real-world, weather effects, and the capability to drive modern and historic trains around the world. You can find a huge list of train games for PC 2020 online. Here is a list of best seven train games for PC 2020


Trainz A New Era

A New Era offers almost everything railway fans want. From building your own railway to controlling your train. This game is the closest enthusiast to the dream of driving a 662,000-pound engine.


Features include:

  • New graphic engine with global shadows and per-pixel lighting
  • Real-time physical feedback and editing tools
  • Procedural animation spline junction
  • Realistic cab shaking and external train movement
  • Smoke and weather affected by world objects
  • In-game navigation system
  • Multiplayer
  • Multi-window support


Train Sim World CSX

With Train Sim World, you can sit on a full-fledged machine that will take your breath away. Balance brake pressure, control speed, manage refueling, switching, gardening and more. The “Journey” feature guides you through timetables for more than 24 hours of scenarios, tutorials, and services for each route. In addition, the new progress tracker highlights hundreds of railway jobs that can be completed when mastering a route.



The top-grade realism: Train Sim World, powered by Dovetail Games’ new SimuGraph vehicle dynamics engine as well as Unreal Engine4 technology, always uses real-world data to perfectly reproduce the performance, sound as well as the feel of real trains.


With full interactivity with the cockpit, control one of three types of locomotives, sit in the driver’s seat and feel the details and bring some of the world’s largest and most powerful trains to life.

The real challenge: You were invited to work at CSX Transportation as a railway engineer delivering critical cargo on a tight schedule. There are plenty of six challenging settings and places to explore, including Rockwood Mine, Sand Patch Summit and Cumberland Yard, so your skills, concentration, and endurance are tested to the limit.


Experience a complete “day of life” in a new service model. Reproduce a 24-hour schedule based on actual operations. Two days are not the same. You can get on and off various services while doing your homework. Take control or travel, the choice is yours.


Interactive learning: Sim World training is available for players of all skill levels. Seven guided tutorials cover everything from getting started with beginner software to operating locomotives for more advanced players. Take a taxi and step by step through three very different locomotives, learning how to operate quickly from beginner to expert.


Train Simulator 2017

If you want to drive a train, Train Simulator 2017 offers the opportunity to do it with digital simulation. In this game, you can drive an accurate train from “the steam age to the present” on eight different routes. All of these have been painstakingly reproduced with “accurate signals and signals”. There is also a carrier mode with 50 scenarios that allow you to compare performance and compete with other drivers on the network. But the best part is the new editing tools.

Additional features:

  • Quick drive menu system: put what you need, wherever you want
  • Drive using an Xbox 360 controller, keyboard, or mouse
  • Free Stage Download Center Integrated Steam Workshop
  • Create your personal routes as well as scenarios with powerful in-game editing tools


Trainz 2012

Trainz 2012includes the most exciting new features in Trainz history. The player requested it and provided Trainz Multiplayer. Trainz Simulator includes the most exciting new features in Trainz history. Players are asking for it and delivered using Trainz Multiplayer! Players around the world can now construct, play, and function railroads jointly.

Discover the practicality, flexibility, and ability you expect from the best train simulator on the market. Eight new model and exotic routes are available, including a new civic railway with trams and commuter trains, and incredibly detailed routes set in modern times such as Russia and Hungary!


Main functions

  • How an authoritative engine feels like putting control over towns, cities, and rolling fields
  • Design and create your own railway with Trainz Surveyor and access hundreds of thousands of possessions from Trainz unloading stations
  • Merge your passion with other railroad fans by joining the efforts of working your railroad tracks with the new Trainz multiplayer.


Train Mechanic Simulator 2017

Train Mechanic Simulator is, as the name implies, a game where you are a trained mechanic. You don’t have to go everywhere on the 25-square-kilometer map to get a target that indicates which group the broken train is on the map. This game was developed by Si7 Studio and is primarily published by PlayWay S.A., a popular developer of various simulator titles such as Car Mechanic Simulator 2015, Helicopter: Natural Disasters, Truck Mechanic 2015, and Farm Mechanic Simulator 2015.


Microsoft Train Simulator

Perhaps the train is blocked because it is not the most obvious vehicle to simulate, but is blocked by two metal straps that prevent operations other than moving forward or backward. But that doesn’t stop Microsoft and British developer Kuju from trying the impossible. And they are almost successful.


Transport Fever

Transport Fever is a great game dedicated to railways. Players start in 1850 and set up a thriving shipping company. Like rising transport mogul, players will build stations, airports, ports and create money connection areas that require transport services.


Build a complex railroad transport network with endless play and experience in over 150 years of transport history. Satisfy people’s needs and watch the city evolve dynamically. The supply of cargo to industry develops a complete cargo chain and enables economic growth. Build a transport empire!


Game features

  • Intuitive but powerful rail and road construction
  • Updatable train and bus stations, airports and ports
  • Randomly generated land that can be distorted with practical size
  • Urban development and enthusiastically replicated passenger movement
  • The sophisticated economic model and load simulation
  • Content of transport history for more than 150 years
  • Realistic simulation of vehicle, coloring, aging
  • Graphics, lighting, and simulation with a physical foundation
  • More than 25 rewarding achievements
  • Steam workshop and extensive remodeling support



So if you like to play the best train games for PC 2020, then download any of the above games online. Most of these games are free of cost and easy to download. There is no too many requirements for the installation of these games.

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