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10 Best Software Similar To Rufus In #2022

Rufus is an open-source free and portable software for Windows that can create and format USB bootable software like bootable USB flash drive, or live USB. Rufus is very useful when you are working on a system that does not have an operating system installed on your PC.

It is very small in size i.e. 1MB but it’s still very powerful software. It’s crucial when you are required to run a low-level utility. The software majorly works for Windows but to function in Mac, Linux or any other operating system it can create an ISO to install the software.

here are the best Softwares Similar to Rufus –


YUMI- Multiboot USB creator

YUMI or Your Universal Multiboot Installer USB bootable software is very much similar to the portable version of Rufus. It was originally created for running and storing the ‘Live Linux’ Operating systems and the tools USB has. Some of its utilities are antivirus utilities, diagnostic tools, disc cloning, and others.YUMI also has albeit alpha support for the UEFI.


Universal USB Installer

It was primarily built for Linux based system but it can also be used for Windows systems amazingly. This means that it can support both Windows and Linux system images which makes it an amazing alternative to Rufus. Since it has a minimal user interface, it is of small size and thus you can use it immediately. It has all features that you’ll require while building a  bootable flash drive from your PC.



Rufus has been the best USB bootable software, but it can be used only for Windows OS. Rather, on the other hand, Etcher is a program that is suitable and can work with all major platforms as well as support all formats of images. It is very easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. Etcher has. a special feature of Image Validation for validating a system image and removable drives before the flashing of images.



It’s a great alternative to Rufus but unlike the latter along with the creation of bootable drives it also has other features like image conversion to ISO, disk mounting, and others. The specialty of this USB bootable software is its reliability, credibility, and speed. This software is only compatible with Windows OS and does not work with Mac, Linux, and other devices. It’s very fast at the flashing of images.



UNetbootin or Universal Netboot Installer used for Windows, Mac, Ubuntu and Linux Operating systems is also a popular alternative to Rufus. It is a lightweight USB bootable software. You can create bootable flash drives with UNetbootin based on Linux from any machine. It is very fast at flashing images and supports all major platforms but allows Linux based file formats only.



It is one of the best USB bootable software as an alternative to Rufus for those who use Mac OS. It can easily build up a bootable image of Mac OS on your USB flash drive. It too has a built-in support to Mojave. The important feature is that it can detect the USB drive automatically in your system and ask the permission for image flashing.



It is highly flexible, configurable and a free USB bootable software that is similar to Rufus. It is portable and does not require installation on the system. The UEFI booting support of the software makes it unique from others. One can easily alter the menu text, menu defaults, wallpapers, and can add your own submenus and more. It’s quite easier to use and is user friendly.



This software is best for those who are not a typical technical person and want a simple program to flash the files on Linux. This software is best for building Windows USB bootable flash drives on Ubuntu or Linux. Why USB has a graphical user interface that helps in building a USB installer with few taps. It is pretty fast at flashing and is good for those who look for an alternative to Rufus.



It is of great help if you want to make a Mac OS bootable  USB flash drive on Windows operating system. To use it you have to download the Mac OS DMG file then import it to the TransMac. TransMac takes a longer time to format the flash drive with APFS  file formats because of the encrypted DMG file that is hard to flash.


Windows 7 USB Tool

This program lets you make a bootable media on Windows that is compatible to Windows version 7 8 and 10. All you need to do is select a removable device that is USB and an ISO image. It does not take much time to create a bootable USB drive and the flashing speed is almost similar to the Rufus. The problem with the software is that it is limited only to Windows operating system.


These were 10 Best software that can be an alternative of Rufus for all operating systems and the file formats. These alternatives can help you create a bootable USB drive to install an Operating system. The flashing speed of image that is the unique feature of Rufus can be used to  differentiate among the  various alternatives of USB bootable software. Most of the software might seem similar since the purpose of all is common.

One can download the software from the link available in this article.Paid version alternatives are also available but they are quite complicated then Rufus.All you need to do is pick the right software for you to create a portable drive that you can take wherever you want.

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