Best-Selling Logic Puzzles Books of All Time – Logic Puzzle Books for adults

People read books for a variety of purposes, including relaxation, education, and escape. We read to push ourselves at times, and the challenge is sometimes part of the enjoyment. There are several excellent puzzle books available. The books on this list are book-sized puzzles that will test your mind. Today, I am going to share the best-selling logic puzzle books of all time here.

Here is the list of Best-Selling Logic Puzzle Books

Challenging Logic Puzzles

Barry R Clarke is the writer of the book “Challenging Logic Puzzles”. If you believe you have the mental capacity to solve difficult logic puzzles. Then you’ll enjoy this puzzle book. You should try this incredible collection of challenges. It includes Mix-and-Match logic puzzles and “Find the Liar” puzzles.

125 Best Brain Teasers of All Time

Marcel Danesi wrote the “125 Best Brain Teasers of All-time”. You should try this famous collection of brain teasers to solve some of history’s most difficult riddles. The finest brain teasers are those that have continuously challenged and fascinated puzzle fans. It includes the most ingenious puzzles from around the world and throughout history.

Criminal Mind Puzzles

Jesse Blake is the author of the book “Criminal Mind Puzzles”. Are you constantly on the lookout for new challenges to put yourself through? Then this puzzle book is for you. You will love this gamebook. Detective riddles convey a tale in this book. You must determine what is suspicious or incorrect.

Brain Games – Crossword Puzzles

Brain Games released the book “Brain Games – Crossword Puzzles”. There are more than 80 crossword challenges in this book. On Amazon, it has over 500 reviews and a 4.4-star rating. As you progress through the book, the riddles become more difficult. It helps you to have a better understanding of the craft before moving on to the more difficult aspects. With this entertaining collection of brain games that push you to solve mysteries, you can improve your detective abilities. Some of the puzzles are verbal, while others are pictorial. Quizzes about true crime stories will test your recall.

Funster 1,000+ Sudoku Puzzles

Charles Timmerman is the composer of “Funster 1000+ Sudoku Puzzles”. This is one of the greatest sudoku puzzle books on the market. They’re not only simple to read, but they also come in a variety of ability levels. The workbook is suitable for both beginners and expert sudoku fans.

Challenge Accepted!: 100 Word Searches

Andy Kravis is the writer of “Challenge Accepted: 100 Word Searches”. Find out how entertaining adult word search books can be. Challenge Accepted! is a set of large-print word searches that is easy to read. It is intended to test the abilities of both adults and teenagers. You may find fascinating terms based on a wide range of topics.

Puzzle Baron’s Logic Puzzles

Puzzle Baron and Stephen P. Ryder is the composer of “Puzzle Baron’s Logic Puzzles”. This book of logic games from Puzzle Baron will both challenge and delight you. The collection contains 200 grid-based logic problems of varying difficulty. Each one includes a short narrative as well as a set of clues. This will enable you to apply deductive reasoning to reach the correct solution.

Kakuro Cross Sums – 300 Puzzles

Christian Dimarco wrote the “Kakuro Cross Sums – 300 Puzzles”. It is very easy to read with a handy 6 x 9-inch layout. This puzzle book includes 100 simple, 100 medium, and 100 hard puzzles. It also includes a comprehensive number combination reference guide.


This tremendous book of large-print puzzles for adults will delight cryptogram fans. Jack Merrin produced a book of puzzles that everyone enjoys solving. A cryptogram, often known as a crypto quote, is a puzzle that involves rearranging the letters of a phrase. You have to solve the code. They’re much more interesting than crossword puzzles. Enjoy intelligent thoughts if you’re looking for brain exercise. Alternatively, if you wish to find surprising answers, you should try your hand at cryptograms.

399 Games

Nancy Linde is the author of the “399 Games”. One of the greatest varied puzzle books available in this fantastic brain teaser collection. It comprises puzzles such as riddles, word games, numbers, and trivia. The majority of them are rather difficult. The best part is that they’re organized by cognitive function. This is a purchase that is well worth the money. You will have a great time with this book. You can maintain the youth, strength, agility, and adaptability of your brain. It’s made to offer your brain the type of exercise that promotes neurogenesis.

The Fun and Relaxing Adult Activity Book

Fun Adult Activity Book is the author of the “The Fun and Relaxing Adult Activity Book”. This book has a wide range of entertaining exercises. The book is absolutely packed with simple puzzles and brainteasers. There are also writing exercises and coloring papers. It provides hours of fun for individuals of all ages, from teenagers to elders.

Montague Island Mysteries and Other Logic Puzzles

R. Schmittberger is the writer of “Montague Island Mysteries and Other Logic Puzzles”. This is a one-of-a-kind book that is essentially a novel. It revolves around a group of friends who get together on a regular basis to play murder mystery games. All of this takes place on a wealthy couple’s private island. You go about completing the problems as you read. You’ll discover more about the visitors, the home, and the island as well. Finally, the reader will uncover a mystery about the home.

The Moscow Puzzles: 359 Mathematical Recreations

Boris Kordemsky wrote “The Moscow Puzzles: 359 Mathematical Recreations”. It was initially published in 1956 in the Soviet Union. “The Moscow Puzzles: 359 Mathematical Recreations,” a famous puzzle book, is regarded as one of the greatest and most popular puzzle books. The book is made up of a wide range of brainteasers. The puzzles range in difficulty from easy to challenging, with a concentration on math and logic.

The Ultimate Brain Health Puzzle Book for Adults

Phil Fraas is the author of “The Ultimate Brain Health Puzzle Book for Adults”. This book will give your brain an exercise with challenging problems to enhance your thinking abilities. It maintains your brain in good shape. This will improve short-term memory. The book also encourages creative thinking as well as the development of observational and logical abilities. They’re also a fun method to de-stress and strengthen your brain muscles.

Five-Minute Mini-Mysteries

Stan Smith wrote the “Five-Minute Mini Mysteries”. Detective Stanwick has returned! And you’re going to be faced with 30 intriguing riddles. It takes around five minutes to read each one. Every problem mixes classic thriller elements with logic puzzles.


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