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We live in a world where clicking photos becomes an art. And not only just photos we have to add some extra effects too to make it look unique and extraordinary. One such thing that people like to add to their photos is the mirror effect.
Making your photo look like you are standing in front of a mirror is becoming a trend and if you are wondering how people do that then you should it’s all done with the help of these mirror apps. Though there are thousands of mirror apps present we have picked the top 10 mirror apps for Android and iPhone that will make your photos extraordinary and larger than life!

Echo mirror magic

Android / iphone
Echo mirror magic is surely making its place in the best mirror apps for Android and iPhone. You can create a mirror effect on any photo of yours and you can add a specific background to your photo too with the help of this best mirror app for 2020.
You can also add 3D effects too on your photos and make a collage to make your picture library unique and full of amazing pics of yours. You will have a variety of effects to choose from and that will ensure you won’t run out of ideas to make your photos unique! You will have another tool like crops or adjusting curves to make your mirror effects more effective. So you can rely on this mirror app to add mirror effects on your photos.

 Echo- best mirror magic effect

This is one of the best mirror apps for iPhone and you will definitely love the way it makes your photo look interesting. You will get many choices including blender effect and 3D mirror effect. This app has done a great job which will definitely leave you satisfied.

Photo mirror collage maker pro

You won’t find any better mirror app for iPhone like this one. It also provides you various effects that are unique in its own way. It’s easy to use and has a lot of features that you can ever need to add mirror effects to the photos. You can make the best colleges with this mirror app just make sure you have lots of photos on your phone as once you will start using this mirror app you won’t stop!

Mirror photo editor


Our list of best mirror app 2020 wouldn’t be complete without mentioning this mirror app for iPhone. You will find a lot of methods to add mirror effects and let me tell you, you definitely need it’s reflection effect because it’s the best!


Echo is one of the best mirror apps for Android and that proves with its huge number of downloads that is over 10 million. All its users are really happy about its service and they recommend this app with thumps up! So maybe wondering what’s special about this app, well for starters you will have a choice from over 22 mirror effects with different styles so that you will get lots of ideas for your photos to make them unique.
The background pictures will be in full HD quality which will add an extra touch in your pictures. If we talk about its mirror effects then you will get the choices from over 20 mirror effects in 3D. To make your pictures funny they also provide you a bunch of stickers. Other than that it also provides over 20 gif effects! You will definitely enjoy this mirror app.

Mirror photo editor

Mirror photo editor app is one of the leading and best mirror app for android and that is proven by its huge popularity among youth. Over 50 million people have downloaded this app and is currently very satisfied with its service.
This mirror app makes sure you get the best quality pictures and best mirror effect to your selfies. Add mirror effects to your photos and make mirror collages with this app for free. The best thing about this app is it provides you it’s own camera through which you can click your selfies and photos with many filters and special effects to make your photos more beautiful.
Other than adding those amazing mirror photos this app also allows you to edit your existing pictures with basic tools like crop, resize and many more!

Mirror photo- editor and collage (HD)

This one is also a very popular mirror app where you can those beautiful mirror effects. Those mirror effects will give your photo an HD affects and makes it appear like you are with your twin. You can repeat yourself as much time as you want and it won’t look over.
This mirror app does its job very effectively and efficiently and everyone will be in awe of your pictures. It has more than 50 frequent filters with other features like photo blending and shaping.

Best echo magic mirror effect

Great your photos with stunning effects and make them look like art or some professional picture with the help of this mirror app for android. You will definitely love the way it makes you appear several times effortlessly. Turn your pictures into reflection effect, mirror effect and many more.
It’s crazy how one app can provide such stunning effects and make your photos as if they were clicked and made by professionals. You should definitely try out this mirror app.

Photo mirror

It is also a leading mirror app for android and like any other mirror app, you will be able to add dramatic mirror effects to your photos and make them look like a treat. It should be your best choice to make photo collages and photo grids. Different layout styles are also present to make your collages unique and beautiful.

Photo mirror pro- PIP collage frame photo editor

Make your photos dramatic as ever with its many many filters and effects. This mirror app does not provide the best mirror effect but it also adds a specific touch to your photos and they will appear as a piece of art. We would definitely suggest this mirror app for android as it is capable to do multiple functions.
We have mentioned the top 10 best mirror apps for Android and iPhone and we hope the above list will help you find the perfect mirror app for you!

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