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best roms sites 2020

If you are searching for the best and safe ROM sites for games then you are in right place. You may find lots of free ROM sites but not all of them are safe and they may contain a virus that can ruin your computer or any other device.
But since you have come here you won’t have to worry about the sites with viruses or viruses as we have picked the best ROM sites that are free as well as safe and you can play all your games on emulator and just enjoy!

1. Gamulator

Gamulator is one of the leading and best ROM download site. The reason behind its popularity is that it provides various ROMs for every console present. You will love this site for downloading ROM as it keeps expanding its game list on a daily basis so that you can find everything you will ever need.
Don’t you worry about downloading safety as they will provide you both manager based and direct download? Browse your desired ROM by both categories and tags. You will find the ROM for your computer, tablet, and smartphone, so don’t just wait here for perfect ROM site just head out to the gamulator.

2. ROM Hustler

ROM hustler is considered the safest ROM downloading site and it does a really great job in keeping away the viruses and malware. Other than being the safest rom site possible it also does a pretty good job in searching your desired ROM site with any console or keyword (isn’t it amazing!).
It also has a pretty good collection of different types of ROMs and emulators, so you can blindly trust this site! If you want it for your smartphone then the good news is its mobile version is also available for you and it is very efficient.

3. DopeROMs

You will be thankful that we have introduced you to this free ROM site as it has millions of ROMs to download. The unique thing about this site is, the ROMs allow you to backup your games and you can play these backups on your computer or smartphone, whichever you like most.
If you are not a pro at these things then don’t worry it provides the study emulation concepts specially made for beginners. It’s searching option is also really easy and you just have to enter the keyword and your desired ROM will be there in no time.

4. Romania

It is also a great ROM downloading site and you will find a great number of ROMs in one place. Just search for the ROM you are looking for in its search box and it will present you the result in real-time. One unique thing about this site is it also provides you the vital information for each ROM like it’s console etc.
This free ROM site surely deserves a chance to next time you want to download the ROMs and emulators and just visit this site and you won’t be disappointed.

5. CoolROM

This free ROM downloading site is as good as its name, it has a huge number of game resources having thousand of games and emulators. These are the features which make it the most significant site. This site lets you make an informed decision as it provides lots of information about the ROM such as it’s rating, game preview videos and many more.
Downloading ROM from this site is not only safe but it also easy, when you search for a ROM it will show you a list of ROMs from which you choose the ROM you find best for yourself.

6. Retrosic

Retrosic is a kind of site where you will find every game for every console that was ever-present. Download your ROMs directly without worrying about any malware or viruses.
It is easy to use, all you have to do is search for your favorite console and pick the game you like the best and just like that they will be ready to play on your device.  It’s easy, it’s secure and it’s free! What more you want? Just go to this free ROM site and play your favorite games on your device.

7. Emuparadise

It is one of the best virus-free ROM sites which is best known for its easy downloading and a variety of ROMs. The great thing about this site is it will provide you a lot of options to make your search and downloading method easy and secure.
We won’t say beware of viruses because there are no viruses or malware in these ROMs. And the cherry on the cake is you won’t have to deal with those annoying pop-up ads as you do in any other websites.

8. Emulator zone 

Just like its name says you will find every emulator that you will ever need and it also has a wide variety of games too. The reason why it is in our best free ROM sites is, you will find every detail about the ROMs, emulators, download links, updates and so much more which will eliminate your risk of getting viruses in your devices.
The emulators present in these sites support PlayStation, Xbox, saga, MAME, etc. So if you are looking for the best ROMs and game then you can definitely rely on this site.

9. Vimm’s lair

This virus-free safe ROM site is as unique as its name. Tjis is proven by the fact that it is almost 18 years old and still has a really good reputation in the software industry. You will find a collection of games that were ever released in the US and in 10 different game consoles.
You won’t have any difficulty in finding you’re desired ROMs and games as it provides many sorting options and easy search engine. Overall this free and safe ROM site definitely worth a try.

10. The Eye 

Our list of safe ROM sites wouldn’t be completed without mentioning The Eye, as we are listing out the virus-free ROM sites, it is free from the pop-up ads too which will ensure the protection from dangerous viruses and malware.  The users can download in bulk and it works for both Linux and Windows. You can download many games and that too at a really fast speed.
We hope you find this virus free and safe ROM site helpful and convenient. We know the importance of good emulators for gamers that is why we have listed some of the best free ROM sites, so choose the one which suits you the best and have fun playing your favorite games.

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