Best Money transfer apps (AndroidiPhone) 2020

Best Money Transfer Apps (Android/iPhone) #2022

Transferring money with a click isn’t a surprise nowadays. With growing digitalization, everything has become virtual that includes your card too! No matter where you are and what kind of payment you have to do you can always rely on the money transferring apps. We have a list of best money transferring apps for Android and iPhone.



Paytm has become India’s best money transferring app. It is considered to be the revolutionary step towards India’s digitization. It was the first app that has introduced us to digital money transfer. You can do lots of things with paytm including bank to bank money transfer ( it’s is a relief that we don’t have to go to a bank whenever we have to transfer money to someone) the money will be directly transferred from your bank account to another bank account.
Do your mobile recharge without going to the shops. You can pay for all kinds of postpaid and utility bills. Don’t hesitate to do online payment with paytm and you do UPI payments too. If you wanna book the tickets for trains or buses paytm is here for you.  Buy online movie tickets or order food, paytm is a kind of money transferring app that does all your payment related stuff with just your single tap on your android or iOS smartphone.


Best Money transfer apps phonepe
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PhonePe is also great money transferring app for Android and iPhone. Pay or transfer your money anytime anywhere. It is such a blessing to have an app like that on which we can completely rely on. Wallets have become an old school thing now it seems such a hard and unnecessary task carrying money when we have such amazing money transferring app that can do all the payment virtually.
Ever get yourself in a situation where you needed the money ASAP but couldn’t do anything about it? Well, now you can request money from your contacts anytime and anywhere. Whether you have to recharge your phone or pay for DTH you can do all these things with just one click. One of the coolest things is now you can split bills with your friends and settle them without having any stupid arguments.


Best Money transfer apps GOOGLE PAY
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How can we not mention a Google app? With many many other google app services, this should be considered as best. Google pay, in my opinion, is the best money transferring app. It is safe and secure and it will do all your payments with just one click no matter where you are.
If you hate all those KYC formalities then google pay is the best choice cause you won’t need any other KYC to transfer money or make online payments. It just works with your existing bank account so forget about all the reloading wallets.
It is the most secure money transferring app with layered security that will help prevent any fraud or hacking of your account. One of the unique features of google pay is you can buy 24k gold and it will be delivered to your house!
Try your luck with Google scratching card where you can win some cash. Overall it is great and reliable money transferring app.

4. Ultra cash

Best Money transfer apps ultra cash
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Gone are the days when we have to worry about how much we got or going to the bank for money transfer, with this money transfer app for android and iPhone you can just in your couch and transfer money to any bank account from your phone. From paying mobile recharges to doing credit card payments this app does it all. It is connected to SBI, ICICI, HDFC, axis and Canada bank.

5. Bhim Axis Pay UPI

Best Money transfer apps paytm bhim axis pay
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BHIM stands for Bharat Interface for money. It is launched by the Indian government to make India cashless and you can do the fast, secure and reliable payment. Although you have to take some measures to activate this app such us make sure you have an active sim that is kinked to your bank account.
You have to have a valid debit card for your bank account. You can purchase in a 40000 rupees limit per day.
Overall it’s a decent money transfer app.

6. TransferWise

Best Money transfer apps transferwise
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If you are a business person or someone in your family lives abroad then transfer wise would be your best choice for money transfer apps. The amazing thing about this app is it can convert your money in 28 currencies. So that you can transfer your money abroad in a quick and secure way possible that too at the lowest cost and you will get a real exchange deal.
You will get a multi-currency account where you can hold your money in different currencies. And it’s not 8 times cheaper than other international money transfer app.

7. PayPal

Best Money transfer apps paypal
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PayPal is also a best money transfer app and it is used globally too. So you don’t have to worry about transferring money or making payments. It is absolutely free with no transaction charge so send money to your friends and family in the U.S. without those heavy and unnecessary transaction charges.
Keep your financial information private and protected with its high-end encryption policy and protect your accounts from fraud. Online payment and money transferring were never this easy as it is with PayPal.

8. Mobikwik

Best Money transfer apps mobikwik
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It is also great money transferring app for Android and iPhone where you can do all kinds of payment virtually by your bank account. Mobikwik can be used to transfer money, paying bills or recharging your phone. Invest in mutual funds straight from your phone without the troubles of card numbers and other complicated stuff.
Buy gold and insurance with just one click on your smartphone. Do try out this money transfer app and you won’t be disappointed.

9. Google pay for a business

Best Money transfer apps GOOGLE PAY business
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Earlier we have discussed google pay that is used for private payments like paying recharge and bills but when it comes to doing payments for the business the amount is significantly high. So  Google has come up with a money transfer app that is specifically designed for business purposes. Whether you have a small business or large you can completely rely on google pay for safe and secure money transfer.

10. XE currency converter and money transfers

Best Money transfer apps xe
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This money transfer app is a big help for those who make international payments. It is hard to catch up with the changing currency rates, that is why they offer a currency chart where you can get all the information about the currency rate and compare currency whenever and wherever you want. This app provides you will reliable currency exchange rates.
If you are traveling abroad this money transfer app is a must! As it is always confusing to compare the currencies of two different countries. You can definitely trust this app with your money transfers.

Here our list of best money transfer apps for android and iPhone ends. Get yourself a break from wallets and switch to these money transfer app to make a safe and secure transaction!

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