7 Best Insurance Apps You Must Download #2022

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Insurance can be defined as a form of risk management meant to protect you from financial loss. In this article, we will educate you about top 6 best insurance apps available this year, which you can download and install on your Android smartphone. When you insure your property (car, house, office building, etc.), you are in a good position to hedge against any risk occasioned by the uncertain or unexpected loss. With everyone owning a smartphone in this era, most insurance companies have made themselves available via the App store to easily reach out to future clients. Some insurance apps allow you insure almost anything, including certificates, valued files and even memorable photographs.

These are the Best Insurance Apps for Android


GEICO Mobile

GEICO is one of the best insurance apps in terms of user support and quality. You can manage all your insurance needs ranging from car insurance to home insurance with this app. You don’t need to subscribe to GEICO to avail these insurance services.

You can instantly purchase a new insurance policy, start a new insurance quote or review a previous quote on your smartphone. It allows you to get your billing information anytime and pay bills. It provides an easy way to submit and manage your claim for any damage or repair.


  • This app takes care of every form of insurance ranging from car insurance to property or home insurance.
  • With GEICO Mobile, you can start a new insurance quote or review an old one.
  • It is a reliable tool during a road accident as it’ll serve as a guide for you to gather the needed info instantly.
  • The app lets you start an insurance policy easily right on your Android smartphone.

Get GEICO Mobile app from Google Play Store.


Liberty Mutual Mobile

Thanks to Liberty Mutual Mobile, creating virtual home inventory has never been so easy. Keeping home inventory makes the task of filling the insurance claim easy, in case of damage, theft or fire. You can build your inventory by uploading pictures and barcodes, and specifying details of your belongings on the app. Hence, details of every item such as purchase date, price, model etc. are recorded and saved, which are crucial in claim filing.


  • Should a case of theft or loss occurs, a home inventory is crucial at this kind of times.
  • The tool lets you assign details about a purchase such as price, date, etc. and you could add a receipt to all items if you so desire.
  • It lets you add photos and details about them for a maximum of 3 items.
  • This app can capture a product by importing images from your handset.
  • It can take multiple photos of belongings in your home quickly.
  • It lets you add details of items or scan their barcodes for photos as well as descriptions.
  • With Liberty Mutual Mobile, you can export an inventory as a PDF or CSV file with images.
  • It lets you browse a virtual gallery of any of your items quickly.

Download Liberty Mutual Mobile app from Liberty Mutual Insurance from Play Store.


Esurance App

This is a mobile app for car insurance that offers smooth support, at no cost, for claiming as well as tracking the status of your application. If your country accepts ID cards in digital form, with just one touch of Esurance app, you can access your digital identity card.


  • It offers payment options that are reliable and fast.
  • With Esurance, checking your payment schedule and status has never been easier.
  • It is one of the best car insurance apps available.
  • It makes it easy for you to know petrol stations, parking lots and restaurants that are nearby.

Get Esurance for Android on Google Play Store and try it out.


Money Supermarket GO

This car insurance app is a spectacular tool that helps you search for every requirement you need to insure your vehicles at one spot.


  • The app is not restricted to the insurance policy of just one firm.
  • It offers an advanced feature to assist you in choosing the most suitable insurance policy.
  • The app lets you renew car insurance that is lapsed.
  • It assists in making a comparison of a number of insurance applications in the country.

Get Money Supermarket GO application from Play Store and install it on your Android smartphone.


State Farm Pocket Agent

This is an insurance app that has attractive features and makes use of material design in a creative manner.


  • The tool lets you manage insurance for your car, home, etc.
  • It helps you pay your bill and fill a claim.
  • The app allows you view documents.
  • It has quality roadside assistant features.

Download State Farm Pocket Agent for Android on Play Store.


Progressive App

This is another insurance app that lets you manage your insurances with ease.


  • It allows you view ID cards, discounts, coverages, documents as well as policy details.
  • Progressive lets you make payments with debit card, credit card or checking account.
  • It is useful for reporting and adding images to a claim.
  • It allows yous look through your billing records and future payment plan.
  • The app helps you stay in touch with your insurers and claim rep.
  • It helps you begin a car insurance quote, and purchase items online afterward.

Download Progressive app from Google Play Store for your Android smartphone.


Metlife Infinity

Metlife infinity is a unique app which allows you to create your own legacy by sharing memories to your family and friends. You can make a collection of photos videos, audios and documents and share them to your loved ones immediately or on any future date.  More recipients can be added by the user even after the collection is released but photos and videos ones shared cannot be recalled.

Metlife Infinity also allows you to store other important family documents such as certificates, financial documents, passports etc. which can be accessed by the family members for decades to come. Click here to visit the website.