Best Free Music Apps for iPhone ##2022

Everyone listens to music, it lightens up your mood, brightens your day make your travel fun, workout sessions Energetic and much more. Music is a vital part of everyone’s life and for the best experience, we need a Music player that can understand us and optimize our experience.

Apple music App is good but it lacks many things you can do with a third party Music Player. People look for freedom, better control, customization, organization, sound quality improvement and swiping your hand to change the music will never get less cool. We have made a list of top iOS music player you definitely wanna try out, these third-party music apps comes with exclusive features and everything you may require from a music app.

Spotify (iOS)

Spotify makes it easy to find new music and connect with your friends by way of themed playlists for genres, moods, and a weekly “Discovery” page that changes to highlight new tunes picked just for you.


Size : 165.3 MB

Ratings : 4.8 | 4.1M Ratings


Jay-Z’s Tidal gives audiophiles a high-quality streaming experience unmatched by the competition with a maximum streaming bit rate of 1,411Kbps with lossless FLAC files. It also offers new, often exclusive, music thanks to its artist partnerships.


Size : 95.5MB

Ratings : 4.3 | 8.7 k Ratings

Google Play Music iOS

Google Play Music lets you store songs from your own music library and seamlessly blends them with the 30-million-strong streaming catalog. You can access all the songs and playlists you’ve uploaded, stream them over the Internet, and download them.


Size : 103.6 MB

Ratings : 4.0 | 1.1 k Ratings

Napster (iOS)

Formerly Rhapsody, the new Napster app is rich with recommendations and playlists that populate based on your listening habits. Its no-fuss layout and straightforward features are also great for newcomers that may be intimidated by the bells and whis…


Size : 179.5MB

Ratings : 4.7 | 475  Ratings

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