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Nowadays, icons are playing a major role in website designing. Designers are constantly focusing on icons because they are very important for any website. Icons are very important because users can be motivated by the message conveyed by icons. We have noticed that most of the users try to scan a website when they visit for the first time.

Therefore, we should design a very interactive website that should attract users. With added graphics and display, one must also concentrate on icons. There are various ways by which designers can design an icon.

In our everyday life, there are icons everywhere. You can find them on any interface, road sign, keyboard, you name it. Icons help us to better understand and interpret information. Not only offline but also online can icons help us to support content. Therefore it is important to understand how and why to use them. Let’s take a look at why you should include icons in your web design and how to do it most effectively.

Normally we don’t have problems to differentiate between good looking web design and a bad looking one. Yet, it can be hard to tell why one is better than the other. Sometimes, the devil is in the detail. When we look at the content of a website, it’s all about readability.

How well can people grasp the main points and how easily can they read and process information. Icons can help in several ways to support your content presentation:

There Are Some Websites In The World To Download Free Icons



flaticon is the best website on the web to find and download high-quality vector icons in different formats. You can explore icons on the website by categories, download icon packs or use the search bar to go through 400,000+ vector icons. Flaticon.com offers icons under the freemium business model, which means users should read and see the attribution icon before using any graphic for commercial use.


iconfinder is the largest community of icons on the internet.  over 1,700,000 million icons (free and paid) and thousands of icon sets, Users can browse and download icons by categories, or use the search bar to search on the largest search engine for icons.


icons8 is a place on the web of more than 50,000+ icons, available under free and paid licenses. The website also provides client software for Windows and macOS computers lets users can browse, drag & drop and use all of their icons without using the internet.


freepik is one of the largest communities in the world for graphic designers. Both Freepik.com and Flaticon.com are the same company, and both are known as the largest search engine of vector icons. You can explore and download millions of free graphics available on the website. Don’t forget about attribution, Freepik offer icons under the freemium business model.


iconarchive is a database of more than 500,000 free icons licensed under commercial and non-commercial usage. You can browse and download icons by categories, or download a set of icons easily. Use the search bar to search across thousands of icons and icon sets. Please read the license information on the icon page in order to use any content for commercial use.


thenounproject offers one of the largest icon libraries available on the web. Most of this site’s icons are available in SVG and PNG formats, and most of the icons available on this site are in black and white styles.

The site’s library is made up of icon files designed by a variety of independent designers. It’s a place where creators and creative professionals alike can collaborate to sell their designs and find a seemingly endless library of premium icons.


iconmonstr offers over 3,400 simple, black-and-white icons. Every icon on this site is available for free, and icon files come in such formats as SVG, AI, PSD, and PNG. The files can be used for free and commercial purposes. If you don’t want to browse through all 3,400+ icons available on the site, use the site’s search feature or browse its 246+ collections.

Material Icons by Google

Material Icons are icon sets Google’s Material Design team has created by following its own Material Design guidelines. These icons are lightweight, and they’re designed in a way that promotes a more beautiful UI experience no matter what type of application or design you use them in.

The icons are open source and available to be used as-is or edited. Dozens of icon files are available, and new ones are added on a regular basis. Available file formats include SVG and PNG, though you can also use icon font scripts.

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