Best Free Antivirus Software For Pc And Mac

Best Free Antivirus For Windows 10 Laptop #2022

Having an antivirus software in your devices have become a necessity, as you know hackers all around the world are trying to hack your device and steal your data. Not having an antivirus would mean you are leaving your house without locking it!
Antivirus software will detect and remove malware and virus from your device and keep it safe. In this article, we are gonna tell you which is the best free antivirus software to have on your device!

1 Avast

Best Free Antivirus Software avast

Avast is leading free antivirus software that you can find. Avast has been tested and it gained a very good score that means its a trusted antivirus software to have. It has so many features that make it one of the best. You might think free antivirus software is not that good of a deal but that where you are wrong when it comes to avast.
It has a network security inspector which will check your networks and detect and remove if there are any malware. It will scan your network regularly and remove or block the sites which contain malware content. Browser protection and password manager are something that will impress you certainly. You will find many more such features and all of them are absolutely free, and additionally, they also provide some advance but paid features.


Best Free Antivirus Software avg

AVG is another good scoring anti-virus software that is becoming everyone’s favorite due to its many many incredible features. It does all its work very effectively and efficiently and once you have got it you won’t have to worry about malware or viruses.
Get this free antivirus software and forget your concerns about viruses or getting your device hacked or damaged via viruses. Although there are some limited features all of them work just fine and you will like this free antivirus software.

3 Bitdefender

Best Free Antivirus Software bitdefender

If you want some quality level protection for your device without paying then Bitdefender is definitely a go-to antivirus software. Although Bitdefender also has a commercial and paid antivirus software the best thing about it is, you can find almost every feature in its free version.
It has scored really good at individual lab testing. It will automatically block any site of the program that is being a threat. It will also automatically detect malware and remove it from your program! You will find many features that make it among the best.

4 Avira

Best Free Antivirus Software avira

If you want to get an anti-virus software which will help you to protect your device from various malware and virus with a free anti-virus software then Avira should be your top choice. The fact it comes with many tools such as Avira connect makes it more effective!
It works best for browsers like chrome and firefox. And you will be impressed by its ability to eliminate various kinds of threats. It had also been praised for its availability of various kinds of features that you will otherwise find in paid antivirus software. It will also protect its users from various kinds of phishing attacks.

5 Kaspersky

Best Free Antivirus Software kaspersky

Kaspersky is another leading free antivirus software that you can rely on. What you will love the most about it is, it is best known for protecting against phishing attacks. It’s also one of top scorer antivirus software when it comes to blocking malware.
It also has a great number of advanced features that make sure the security of your device is protected. Its password protection feature is also great. Other features like VPN protection are also impressive.

6 Malwarebytes Anti-malware

Best Free Antivirus Software malwarebytes

Malwarebytes is also a popular antivirus software to have. It is really simple and easy to use. And you can easily install it. People love it for its ability to detect ransomware and eliminate it before it does any harm. It may have been also reported that it encrypted a few files before it detects the ransomware but other than that it is a reliable antivirus software to have. It won’t even take much space as it is very lightweight and that is why it’s easy to install it on your PC.

7 Panda Free Antivirus

Best Free Antivirus Software panda

The next free antivirus software in our list is  panda, this is as interesting and unique as its name suggests. What you will find on this anti-virus software, is great features that will safeguard your device from malware.
Don’t afraid to do online shopping and banking when you have antivirus software like  panda. It also controls VPN and gives you real-time protection against all kinds of malware and virus.
It is has a very advanced anti-phishing technology and you will love it for its user-friendly interface. Panda also happens to be great at detecting the malware and even faster in blocking it! Overall you will definitely wanna have this antivirus software for free.

So these are the best free antivirus software to have.

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