features of IOS 13 operating system

5+ hidden features of IOS 13 operating system #2022

Apple will officially release iOS 13 and iPadOS this fall, probably in September.  however, as Apple has released a version of iOS 13 through its Public  program. The pre-release software is rough around the edges, with plenty of bugs and features that just don’t work yet, so only install the beta if you’re ready to troubleshoot or live with issues for the next couple of months. For most of iOS’s history — the last seven years — Apple has released the official finished build of its major updates midway through September during the same year as its WWDC announcement. We’ll find out the exact release date at the same time Apple unveils all the new iPhones it’s been working for a fall release.

Faster performance

Apple says it has focused on faster performance once again. For example, unlocking your iPhone with Face ID is 30 percent faster. Downloading apps are getting sped up, too. That’s because Apple worked to make apps 50 percent smaller. Updates are also 60 percent smaller. by this the  launch speed for apps is now 2x faster.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode in iOS 13 makes your content look more immersive, with a dark background for the home screen and in all sorts of apps, from messages to photos. The idea is to make your content pop more, though the company didn’t say anything about potential battery life savings on iPhones with OLED screens. Apple says that Dark Mode can be scheduled to be turned on automatically at sunset, which is neat. The company is making the feature available for developers so they can give their apps a Dark Mode makeover.

Portrait Mode

The iOS 13 is going to offer important changes to camera features, starting with enabling you to change the intensity of light in Portrait Mode, which is something we’ve wanted for a while. Portrait mode is also getting a new monochromatic effect called High‑Key Mono.


FaceTime Attention

This is an interesting one. There’s now an option for FaceTime Attention Correction, according to registered iOS 13 beta testing developers,  It makes it so that it appears as if you’re looking straight into the front-facing camera during a FaceTime video call, when you’re actually looking at the adjacent screen. That distracted look could be a thing of the past soon.

QuickPath keyboard

With iOS 13, Apple’s default QuickType keyboard will be incorporating swipe-to-type, a popular way of sliding across the keyboard to form words. We’ve used this in prior iOS keyboard extensions like Google’s Gboard and SwiftKey.

ebuts new ‘Find My’ app

Apple is combining Find My Friends and Find My iPhone in iOS 13, and the union lets you locate your friends and missing gadgets with a faster, easier-to-use interface.

iOS 13 Device Support

These are the devices that will be supported:

  1. iPhone XS
  2. iPhone XS Max
  3. iPhone XR
  4. iPhone X
  5. iPhone 8
  6. iPhone 8 Plus
  7. iPhone 7
  8. iPhone 7 Plus
  9. iPhone 6s
  10. iPhone 6s Plus
  11. iPhone SE
  12. iPod touch (7th generation)

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