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Top 10 Galaxy Watch Apps You Must Have In #2021

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So you have got your galaxy watch! Well sure feels great to have a gadget that makes us do stuff right from our wrist! But not many people are aware of what you can do with your galaxy watch. So here in this article, we have picked the best galaxy watch apps that you must have if you wanna make the fullest of your galaxy watch.

1 Find my car

best galaxy watch app find my car

Finding your car can be a challenge when you are in a crowded place like a concert or hotel, most of the time you get confused or sometimes you feel lost but thanks to find my car app you can now find your car using just you Galaxy watch!
It is really easy to use when you park your car open the app on your phone and allow it to record the location of your car and that’s it! When you will need to find your car the app will show the location of your car in the parking lot! If you have a car then this galaxy watch app might be your top pick as it will surely makes your life easier and save you the trouble of finding your car in a crowded parking lot!

2 Flipboard

best galaxy watch app flipboard
It’s hard to catch up with news as we all live a busy life and reading newspaper or watching news channel seems a tough job and that’s why we are here with the best galaxy watch app that is Flipboard.
Flip board is one of the best apps for those who don’t have time to the newspaper, so with this one you can read the news in a short and crisp manner. The app is smartly designed for smartwatch where you get news directly on your wrist. You can also customize the app according to your preference where you will see the news which you’re highly interested in. It has many other amazing features, and it’s a must-have galaxy watch app.

3 Speedometer

best galaxy watch app Speedometer
The speedometer is another great app for galaxy watch which makes your life easier. It basically helps those who want to stay fit. The app basically helps you to calculate your speed while you run or even ride a bike. And it becomes easier to know about your workout pattern and to know about your stamina.
Speedometer also helps you to calculate the distance from the starting point to the endpoint. So next time you take a run remember you have an app to calculate your speed and distance, so download this app now and keep track of your speed!

4 Uber

best galaxy watch app uber
We don’t need to tell you the importance of uber right? We do know how much uber value has added in our daily traveling. No matter where you are you can get a cab withing a few minutes. But uber wanted to make our traveling experience more convenient and that’s why they have launched their gear watches two years ago!
So now you will be able to track your cab from your wrist and you can book the cab from your galaxy watch. You can do everything that you do from your smartphone, and that is why you should definitely have this app for your galaxy watch.

5 Spotify

best galaxy watch app spotify
If you are among those people who just can’t live without their favorite songs and music then Spotify is definitely one of the best galaxy watch app for you. Yes you heard it right Spotify is now available for your smartwatch too and it has made our music experience extraordinary!
You can now use your galaxy watch as a remote for your Spotify or you can simply listen to your playlist or favorite songs on its standalone mode. The app will work on a one-tap mechanism, just click it and enjoy your time with your favorite songs! What more, you can also connect your Spotify to your Bluetooth headphones and use your watch as a music player too!

6 Calculator

best galaxy watch calculator
We know how important calculator is in our life, no.matter if you are a student or a grown-up up we can need a calculator at any time from solving maths questions to calculate the total price of our shopping list. But picking our phone every time we have to use the calculator seems a tough job and that’s is why Galaxy watch is invented to make your life easier or I can say to make your math easier. Now you can easily access the calculator from your wrist via this Galaxy watch app for calculator, and do your daily calculative stuff!

7 Timer

best galaxy watch app timer
Just like any other app, timer is also a very important application in our day to day life and you must have it on your galaxy watch. With timer app, you can easily set the time, and start the timer and once it’s done it will buzz just like any other timer! And it’s great to have as your galaxy watch app since you font need to bother your smartphone for every time you need a timer.

8 Voice memo

best galaxy watch app voicememo
Voice memo is undoubtedly the best galaxy watch app that you can have! Voice memo will allow it’s users to take voice notes so that you don’t have to carry pen and paper with you and you will always be able to collect your thoughts!

9 Wrist flashlight

best galaxy watch app flashlight
Wrist flashlight is exactly what you are guessing and it is one of the most useful galaxy watch apps to have. The app works as a small flashlight and the best thing is you can set its brightness level from your watch.

10 Samsung smart things

best galaxy watch smart things
Samsung smart things is also a great app to have in your galaxy watch. The app basically works as a watchdog for all of your other smart devices. For example, with this app, you can actually control your tv! Isn’t it great? And that’s why we have placed it on our list of best galaxy watch apps.

Who knew we would be able to do so much with just a watch! But here we are, so make the fullest use of your galaxy watch with these apps!

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