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Apple is famous for its privacy and discretion of information as well as security of the device, and 2019 will see a new high in terms of security for the iPhone. The iOS itself is a very secure operating system, and when clubbed with the best App Locker Apps, your security will simply reach different levels. So, let us take a look at the best App Locker Apps for iPhone 2020.

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The best and hence the first to start this list is the AppLocker application. It has been around since iOS 6 and running successfully since then. With this application, you can lock more than just your phone’s home screen. Once you purchase this locker app, you can apply individual locks to the applications or folders that you want to keep protected.
With its latest update, now you can also use your fingerprint as a password if you are skeptical about using passwords. However, you need to keep in mind that AppLocker only works on iPhone 6s onwards, and cannot run on devices that are not compatible.


Another impressive app locker app for iPhone 2019 is the BioLockdown by Ryan Petritsch. This application takes the concept of locking your phone with a fingerprint scanner to another level. In 2013, Apple launched the technology of the Touch ID password, and this application made sure that the password can protect individual applications too. The best part of this application is an easy interface. You can apply the settings of lockdown on any application depending on your preference. You just have to toggle the switch in the settings mode to fingerprint protect that specific application.


This is another amazing application that works similar to the above-mentioned apps. But this one comes with an advantage – it supports the latest jailbroken firmware of iOS 10.2. Moreover, you should go for this application if you wish to put password protection on contacts, photos, videos, and folders along with the applications. With iProtect, you can either secure your apps using a password or go for the Touch ID protection – the choice is yours.


This application is developed by Elias Limneos, who is also famous for the Audio recorder 2 app. Therefore, you already know it is going to be another easy interface application with all basic functions. However, the impressive part of this application when compared to others is that no one can even change the settings of your phone or application without your permission. In short, it not only secures your applications but also the settings of your iPhone.
These are the best app locker apps for iPhone 2019, which you can install in your phone to have maximum security. Also, know about the features of the iOS 13 operating system to stay updated with your iPhone.

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