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Top 15 Animation Software For Kids #2022

Teaching kids can be a hard job, you will have to present the knowledge in the most interesting way possible and that’s where animation software comes in handy. We are gonna tell you about 15 best animation software for kids through which you can make interesting content for kids. And even kids use this animation software to make animated content or explore various ideas and present them in a creative way.

Here are the best  animation software for kids

1 Toon Boom Harmony

If you want to make a story by using 2D images or want to create an art piece, toon boom harmony is the best for the job. We placed it on number one on our list of best animation software for kids and the reason for that would be its vector tools for creating art, 3D imported models, bitmap and various options to create multiple scenes with Z-depth.
Its vector technology is just revolutionary and drawing technology is also phenomenal. It also has 2D and 3D integration which is very crucial for making animation videos for kids. Painting options and color palettes are very advance. This animation software for kids is a bit pricey but considering its features, it’s totally worth it.

2. Animatronla

Animatron is another best choice for animation software for kids and its widely popular for making interesting content for kids that will engage them and make them learn better. You animate whatever you have in your mind for your kids and its narrating quality is also really great.
It works on drag and drop interface which makes it simple and easy to use. One thing that makes it one of the best animation software for kids is, even kids can use it for making their own contents. Animatron is easily used by kids from the age of 8 years. So let them be creative on their own or make videos for them to make them learn better, either way, the animation is a perfect choice.

3 Videoscribe

Videoscribe is also a great choice for animation software for kids and it has a number of features that landed it on our list. For starters, you can easily add music files or voiceover and select images to add to your video. You can also write text in your video to make it more interesting and understandable.
Another best quality of Videoscribe is it’s really quick and you can easily make animated videos or content in a short period of time because of its amazing tools.

4 Powtoon

You must have heard the name of powtoon before, and if you haven’t let us tell you it is one the best animation software for kids as well as for making presentations. Either you have to teach them by making animated content or simply build a story for kids featuring animations its perfect choice for that.
You will get many free templates to get started on your project. It’s also very simple and ideal for beginners (that includes kids as well). You can make animated videos in a short period of time and without putting much effort.

5 FlipBook

If you are searching for animation software for kids that is simple yet provides you high-quality animation videos then Flipbook is where you go. It can be easily used by kids as they can directly draw on screen and move objects here and there to make content.
It has a very intuitive touch display interface that makes it simple to use. Furthermore, you can easily add soundtracks and audios in your animation content. It can be simply used by other kids and teens, so you can definitely rely on this animation software for your kids.

6. Muvizu

It’s a fun way to make animation videos, with muvizu you can easily create any animated content for kids. And even kids can create their content by using their imagination. You can build 3D scenes in high quality with its amazing collection of tools.
As mentioned above, this animation software for kids is the perfect choice for those who want to explore 3D animation. You can easily create customized animated characters, and it also comes with a number of predefined characters. It is suitable for all the age groups including students, teachers, and professionals.
So if your kid wants to make 3D animations you can introduce Muvizu to him/her!

7. Harmony

Harmony is another name in the animation software industry that comes to mind when we are looking for software that can be easily used by kids. Although it was created by Toonboom it differs in some ways.
Not only for kids it is widely popular among professional graphics artists too. Harmony was specially designed for teens and beginners, and if you stuck anywhere when you are using it you can simply go through its tutorials. Harmony has a series of programs where kids can learn about animations.

8. Pencil 2D

Pencil 2D is one of the best animation software tools for kids where they can draw hand-drawn animations. With pencil 2D you can use both vector graphics and raster graphics. What’s impressive about this animation software is that it’s completely free and open-source so that anyone can easily get access to it.
It has various handy tools ghat makes it more productive and it runs on various platform such as windows, mac, Linux, etc. Moreover, you can easily import and export files as gifs.

9. CelAction2D

If you wanna take a unique road for creating animations then CelAction2D is the one you choose. It has every feature that you can possibly need for making an extraordinary presentation or animated content for kids or otherwise.
If we talk about its features and tools then you will be surprised to know that you will literally get a palette that has over 16 million colors! It’s both easy and quick to use and perfect for beginners and kids.

10 Moho(Anime studio) pro

Moho is also a great choice for animation software for kids. It is best suited for those who want to do 2D animation. It is cheaper than most of the other animation software yet it comes with amazing features.
You can easily create animated videos by using its freehand drawing tools. And if you want to bend and twist your custom meshes then you can use its smart wrap features.

11 Stop motion studio

Stop motion studio is also a known name for animation software that can even be used by kids, they can make presentations or use their creativity to make anything they had thought with its many many great features. They include chroma key, audio recording for better narration.
It also has an easy one-click feature that can quickly upload the video on a platform like youtube. It also supports the DSLR camera and you can record videos in 1080p that will help you to create a high-quality video.

12 Synfig

Synfig is an open-source animation software where you can make 2D animated videos and its developers have designed it, especially for beginners. They can experiment its both stable and testing versions and pick that suits them best.
It supports multilayer content, you can also cut out animations from bitmap images. It also has sound support that allows you to sync your animation video with narrations. Above all that this animation software is absolutely free.

13 Opentoonz

Opentoonz is a free animation software for creating 2D animated content. Users can modify it according to their taste by adding specific features to the program. What’s best about opentoonz is literally anyone can use it be it adults, pros, beginners or even kids!
Its features include the GTS scanning tool, ability to change picture style that can add a special touch. It is compatible with black and white and colored scans. So overall its a great choice for animation software for kids!

14. Tupi

Tupi is also a free animation software that can use by kids or even adults for making presentations or animated movies. What’s unique about this animation software is that you can use it on your android phone, ios phone, tablets to create animation content, but for that, you will have to download its app and you will be good to go.
It has easy tutorials that can help kids to learn better and improve their artistic skills. Its intuitive interface will help beginners and kids to easily use it.

15 cartoon animator 4

Last but not least, cartoon animator 4 is also a leading animation software that can be used by anyone from beginners to pros. With this animation software for kids, kids can learn so much and put their thoughts literally in an animated video form.
With this, you can create 2D characters by choosing from a huge database. It has a number of tools that can help you to create your desired content.
Here our list of best animation software for kids ends and you will surely wanna introduce to your kids if they are into creating animation stuff.

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