Android 12: How To Turn off WIFI or Internet completely – Step By Step Guide

Android 12 is now available for people who have Pixel phones running the latest update. They’ll be aware of the modifications to Google’s mobile operating system’s appearance. The individual style of each piece on Android 12 is one of its talking points, owing to Material You. Each user can personalize a Pixel by choosing from a variety of colors and themes. This article will explain to you how to turn off Wifi, a Wifi connection, or Internet connectivity completely on Android 12. So, let us check out what is Android button is all about then will move on.

What Does Android 12’s Internet Button Mean?

Earlier to Android 12, turning on or off Wi-Fi or Mobile data was as simple as tapping the icons in Quick Settings. However, if you go to Quick settings right now, you won’t find those 2 alternatives. Google essentially combined the toggles for mobile data and Wi-Fi into a single Internet icon.

The move may appear inconvenient at first, particularly for Android customers who have been using the platform for a long time. Because enabling or disabling mobile data on your phone now demands more taps. However, Google believes that the new way is more straightforward since both mobile data and Wi-Fi are now grouped together, allowing switching between them quicker.

The presently associated connectivity (mobile data or Wi-Fi) is also displayed on the Internet icon, which helps you figure out which internet connection your phone is utilizing.

On Android 12, how can I switch off Wi-Fi?

If you want to switch off the Wi-Fi radio on your device entirely, here’s how to do it on Android 12.

Turning Off Wi-Fi Utilizing Quick Settings

The quickest thing to switch off Wi-Fi on Android is to use the approach described below.

  • To do so, slide down on your Android main screen once and seek for the ‘Internet’ button in the Quick Settings section at the upper edge.
  • Click on the icon if it is available. Alternatively, you’ll have to swipe down again to see it.
  • When you press the ‘Internet’ button, you’ll be sent to the ‘Internet’ section of the app.
  • Next, at the bottom, you must view a popup window. It will display the Wi-Fi network you’re linked to as well as all other Wi-Fi networks available nearby.
  • To completely turn off the Wi-Fi radio, press the button next to ‘Wi-Fi’. Your Android smartphone will no longer be linked to the Wi-Fi network when the toggle becomes grey.

Turning Off Wi-Fi Utilizing Settings Application

If you feel the above technique is complicated, you can often make use of the Settings menu to switch off Wi-Fi in an old-fashioned manner.

You should launch the Settings application and head to ‘Network and internet’ to turn off the Wi-Fi radio on Android 12.

Click the ‘Internet’ button on the following screen. It should display under ‘Internet’ if your Android smartphone is already linked to a Wi-Fi network.

To disconnect Wi-Fi, press the button within the ‘Internet’ window until it goes grey.

What is the procedure for disconnecting your smartphone from a Wi-Fi network?

In case, you do not want to turn off your smartphone’s WiFi radio button but still need to disengage your device from a current Wi-Fi network. The easiest and quickest way to accomplish it is to use the approach below.

  • To accomplish this, you need to slide down on the main screen once on your device. Afterward, you are required to look for an Internet button that will be available inside the Quick Setting.
  • This will bring up the ‘Internet’ page, where you’ll be able to check the Wi-Fi network you’re currently connected to. In the following phase, touch on the linked network to disengage from it.
  • To momentarily disengage from this network, press the ‘Disconnect’ button on the Network information page that opens.
  • You may also reach this page by pressing on the taskbar open next to the title of the linked Wi-Fi network on the Wi-Fi display window.
  • If you’re used to working with the Settings app. Navigate to Settings > Networks or the internet > Internet to get the Internet screen.

On Android 12, what is the procedure to turn off mobile data?

If you want to turn off your device’s mobile data network. You may do so by moving down once on your Android homepage and selecting the ‘Internet’ icon from the Quick Settings menu.

  • To deactivate the link, turn off the option next to the mobile network’s name in the box that opens.
  • You may also tap and hold the Internet icon in Quick Settings. Then, just beside your cell network, press the navigation pane.
  • Toggle the ‘Mobile data’ button until it goes grey on the following screen to shut off your mobile data.

On Android 12, where can we find the toggles for Wi-Fi and mobile data?

Google gave two different switches under Quick Settings to switch on/off Wi-Fi and mobile data on Android 11 and older editions. This gave consumers an easy method to switch between the two internet choices whenever they needed to. With Android 12, Google aims to clean things up and group some of the choices together to create room for new, huge tiles in Quick Settings that fit the rest of the UI.

So let me make it absolutely clear to you if you are fully opposed to this move. Unless you use the third-party software, there’s no method of getting the Wi-Fi and mobile data buttons individually on Android 12.

How can I fix the problem of the Internet Tile Not Showing Up in Quick Settings?

It’s likely that the Internet tile is hidden from view if you can’t locate it in Quick settings. You must first activate it in the Quick options.:

The Alert panel should now be visible.

To see additional tiles, scroll to the bottom on Quick settings. Select the Edit (pencil) symbol from the drop-down menu.

The Internet tile may be found by scrolling down. Hold and move it to the part above where you want it to go. Return to Quick settings and you should now view the Internet tile.







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