How to play PUBG on your PC or Laptop

All You Need To Know Before Entering In The World Of PUBG #2022

What is PUBG?

Online Mobile games are spreading over the world like a fire, everyone is interested in knowing about these online games especially those with battlegrounds. PUBG is one of the best and most popular game that has made its impact on the world so rapidly.

PUBG or Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds is the world’s top-grossing multiplayer mobile game that has more than 100 million players every month. There is a battle that goes in PUBG where every single player of the team uses encountered with every player of other team and the one that survives till the last is declared as a winner.

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PUBG mobile ranking points list

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Crown
  • Ace
  • Conqueror


How To create a custom match in PUBG?

  • Download, install, and launch the PUBG test server.
  • Setting up a custom match in PUBG is quite easy. Go to the Cust Match tab in the Play tab and then click Create button placed at the bottom left.
  • Now select the type of battle mode from Normal, Esports, Zombie, War.
  • Now you enter the next screen, here you can change the settings of the game.
  • After this, you’ll see a list of all participants.
  • One can also set up a password for hosting private events and even create a password for the audience and this will allow the only spectating audience to access.

How To change the blood color in PUBG?

  • Tap on the settings button placed at the bottom.
  • Now click on the given graphics tab
  • After scrolling the options you’ll find an option for Colourblind mode.
  • There you will find three options for colour.
  • You can change the color within a game and even before starting a new game.
  • You can also set back to the default or any other colour of blood in between the game. 


How to improve your aim to be a better player in PUBG?

If you are able to shoot other players then only there are your chances of winning the game, the shots that do not land in enemies are not counted. You have to shot the opponent with much accuracy to make your shot count. There are steps mentioned below to learn to improve your aim-

  1. Adjust the aim depending upon the type of weapon you use, it’s a range, firing modes, and other related elements that you need to know.
  2. It’s rightly said that practice makes a man perfect and similar is the case with the game of PUBG, the more you practice the shots the more your aim gets clear. Always try your weapon before firing upon your opponent in the battlegrounds, but also make sure that your enemy is not near else it can alert him.
  3. Try shooting with all weapons available in the Practice Range with still as well as moving targets. It will help you make your aim better and will help you know more about the weapon.
  4. If you are new in the PUBG then while shooting your opponent try to get an aim on his body whereas it’s always recommended on the head but it’s a skill that needs time to master
  5. Observe the movement of the enemy and never shot them when they are at safe distance, track their movements. This will help in improving your aim.
  6. Adjust your bullets so that they do not drop off before reaching the enemies.
  7. If you’re going to target the head of the enemy then hit the bullet slightly above it and if you are going to shot at the body hit the bullet at his neck.

PUBG Sniper Stats in Battlegrounds

Name Ammo Cap Power Range Stability Rate
AWM .300 5 100 100 34 6
M24 7.62 5 77 96 32 6
KAR 98 7.62 5 66 79 34 4
SKS 7.62 10 50 64 48 32

PUBG Assault Rifle Stats in Battlegrounds

Name Ammo Cap Power Range Stability Rate
AKM 7.62 30 42 60 34 61
SCAR 5.56 30 37 55 31 71
M16A4 5.62 30 37 62 28 81
M416 5.62 30 37 57 32 77

PUBG SMG Stats in Battlegrounds

Name Ammo Cap Power Range Stability Rate
M249 5.56 100 40 71 44 77
Tommy Gun .45 100 35 46 31 100
UMP9 9mm 30 30 30 31 62
UZI 9mm 25 21 22 31 70

PUBG Shotgun Stats in Battlegrounds

Name Ammo Cap Power Range Stability Rate
S686 12 G 2 100 13 77 7
S1897 12 G 5 100 8 77 8
S12K 12 G 5 92 9 86 15

PUBG Pistol Stats in Battlegrounds

Name Ammo Cap Power Range Stability Rate
R1895 7.62 7 42 31 29 11
P1911 .45 7 32 15 26 29
P92 9mm 15 27 15 25 53


How to play PUBG on your PC or Laptop?

To play PUBG on PC one need Android emulator that behaves similar to the mobile device. It can help in playing games and running apps exactly the same way as it works on mobile devices. There are several emulators available in the market but the Tencent Games has launched an emulator that is specifically created for playing PUBG known as Tencent Gaming Buddy. To use it you need to follow the following instructions

  • Download the Gameloop emulator from
  • Once it is downloaded, run the installer in order to install it on your system.
  • Hit the start button
  • First it Will download Turbo AOW Engine (450 Mb)
  • The emulator will download the game automatically.
  • Once the game is downloaded you can start playing.
  • Now you get your chicken dinner.


Why PUBG Shows “Servers are too busy, please try again later” error message?

The one and only one reason why the error message is showing because the experimental Server or the main servers of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are not running. There are a few reasons why servers are overloaded or down.

#1:- More players from the same location

This is the main reason behind PUBG error. The servers are designed so that, it can handle only a particular number of players at a time. If you are playing at a peak time like Sundays, evening, more people might be playing at the same time. This will bring more load to the server and you will see “Servers are too busy, please try again later” error message.

#2:- Server under maintenance

This is yet another reason. Developers of PUBG will introduce updates and server maintenance periodically. Some updates won’t affect the gameplay. You can install the latest update and continue playing the game without any issue. But sometimes, it requires more time for server maintenance. For example, adding new servers, updating the capacity of the existing servers, and so on. At this point, servers will be down and you will see the error message on the screen.

How to Solve this error if only one server is overloaded?

As I told above, there are many servers worldwide for this game, which is capable of handling thousands of requests at a time. You will be connected to the nearest server every time you play the game. Follow the steps to bypass PUBG server issue, if your server is the culprit.

Open the game and check whether the error is happening. Try Clicking Reconnect button a couple of times.

If there is an error message, click on the “globe” icon shown in the bottom right corner. Now it will list the complete server list. You can change the server to another location and retry connecting. This will work only if your local server is overcrowded. Sometimes maintenance of servers shows server busy message and at that point, changing servers won’t work.


How To Change User Name in PUBG?

This helps you to name the player as you want to rather than being known as the one the game has provided.

  • This feature works for the users with a 0.4 version of PUBG.
  • Select inventory from the bottom of the main menu when you enter the game.
  • Click Create from the right side of the screen.
  • To change the name, you need to collect the Rename Cards if you have not collected yet. For this go to the events and collect the reward.
  • Now tap to use the Rename Cards.
  • Enter the name you want to put and then click ok, this will change the name.

Best PUBG Names for boys

  1. Alpha Squad
  2. Ultra Power
  3. Blade Butcher
  4. Attacking Avengers
  5. Demonic Domination
  6. Cruel Criminals
  7. Contrary Commando
  8. Thousand of Thugs
  9. Dragon Driller
  10. Soul Stranger
  11. Faulty Devils
  12. Iŋɩɱɩcʌɭ Tʜʋʛs
  13. Fʌŋʌtɩcʌɭ Tƴʀʌŋŋƴ
  14. Mighty Monster
  15. Gamble of Jokers
  16. Aŋŋoƴɘɗ Powɘʀ
  17. Quarrelsome_ Stʀʌtɘʛƴ
  18. Coɱpɭɘx Sɭʌƴɘʀs
  19. Kɘɘŋ Tɘʌɱ Sɩx
  20. Team Swag
  21. cret Nipper
  22. Spicy Senorita
  23. Young Dayana
  24. Innocent Doll
  25. Choco Pie
  26. Giggle Fluff
  27. Dexterous Queen
  28. Princes Pickney
  29. Dangerous Damsel
  30. Wonder Woman
  31. Auspicious Olivia
  32. Tʜoʀɓoʀʛ
  33. Aɭcʜɘɱɩɭɭʌ
  34. Ancient Ambrosia
  35. Tʌssɘɭɩs
  36. Fʌʀɩŋosʌ
  37. Wɩɭɭoŋɩʌ
  38. Cʌʀoŋɩsɘ
  39. Curious Caroline
  40. Crazy Cinderella

Best PUBG Names for Girls

  1. Eat Bullets
  2. Collateral Damage
  3. Shoot 2 Kill
  4. Veteran of Death
  5. Tonight Gamer
  6. Dead Deal
  7. Overkill
  8. Lowercase Guy
  9. Brute Fact
  10. Green Ghost
  11. Bloss Flop
  12. Tango Boss
  13. Kill Spree
  14. Optimal Aces
  15. Inimical Thugs
  16. Knuckle Duster
  17. Local Back Stabber
  18. Happy Killing
  19. Fear Butchers
  20. Guncap Slingbad
  21. Highlander Monk
  22. Left Divide
  23. Jack The Ripper
  24. Hog Butcher
  25. Psychedelic Servicemen
  26. Militaristic Fighting Machine
  27. Keen Team Six
  28. Junkyard Dog
  29. Fuzzy Pack
  30. Straight Gangsters
  31. Mortified Coercion
  32. Lyrical Armed Services
  33. Outrageous Dominance
  34. Brash Thugs
  35. Complex Slayers
  36. Faulty Devils
  37. Odd Hooligans
  38. Organic Punks
  39. Hungry Admirals
  40. Cloudy Perpetrator
  41. Keen Team Six
  42. Married Man
  44. Agent Hercules
  45. Metal Star
  46. Night Magnet
  47. Alpha Returns
  48. Dancing Madman
  49. Kill Switch
  50. Pixie Soldier
  51. Grave Digger
  52. Thunderbeast
  53. Bad soldier
  54. LocalGrimReaper
  55. Captain Jack Sparrow
  56. Strange Love
  57. PUBG Lover
  58. Cool Shooter
  59. Dead Shot
  60. Pro Headshot
  61. Headshooter
  62. Agent 47
  63. PUBG Striker
  64. Gangster PUBG
  65. Chicken Lover
  66. PUBGian
  67. Quarrelsome Strategy
  68. Cloudy Perpetrator
  69. Fuzzy Pack
  70. Straight Gangsters
  71. Mortified Coercion
  72. Lyrical Armed Services
  73. Outrageous Dominance
  74. Homely Sharpshooters
  75. Plain Privileg
  76. Annoyed Power
  77. Demonic Criminals
  78. Left Divide
  79. Militaristic Fighting Machine
  80. Ball Blaster


PUBG has offered the user to explore the game not only as a player but as a spectator too so that it can be a popular and prominent Esport. Several countries have banned the game because of being addictive and allegedly dangerous. Players playing on the battlegrounds can even talk to each other while playing by enabling the voice chat. The game offers to play either for free or with a paid version that offers many advance options.

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