8 Ways to Get Into the Fall Spirit

/ / 8 Ways to Get Into the Fall Spirit

Autumn is coming, which makes those who love pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkins, and apple cider want to put on their boots and drive to the cider mill. However, the season isn’t here yet. While this season is arguably the best because you get to put on your favorite sweater and enjoy the changing leaves, you’ll need to start getting into the fall spirit and ditch your summer spirit before the leaves begin to change. Here’s how you can get into the fall spirit.

Light Your Favorite Fall Scented Candle

Nothing says like autumn is here like a fall-scented candle burning in your home. There are many scents to choose from, but pumpkin is our favorite. By making your home smell like fall, you can get yourself excited for all of the activities that come with the changing of the leaves.

Engage in Fall Activities

As soon as the first leaf falls, fall activities will begin in your hometown. From outdoor activities to indoor fall decoration, you should take part in all of the autumn celebrations that you can. After all, you only have a few months before snowfall, so now is the perfect time to get outside; just make sure to bring a lightweight jacket.

Turn on a Halloween Movie

Fall might be your favorite season because it’s when Halloween is, so make sure that you get into the fall spirit by putting on your favorite horror or Halloween movie. You can choose anything from Hocus Pocus to Halloween to get you in the spirit.

Add a Splash of Color to Your Home

There’s no better way to bring the fall colors into your home than by getting a fall flower bouquet. Bringing a bouquet of any type into your home can brighten the place up and make you feel more energized throughout the day, but a fall bouquet can help you bring your favorite seasonal colors into your home.

Decorate Your Home Accordingly

While it might be a little weird to start decorating your home for Halloween in September, there’s no harm in decorating your home for fall right now. Bring in fall colors like orange to make your home feel like the season. You can also add peel and stick wallpaper with a fall theme to help you get in the spirit.

Spend Time Outdoors

Summer is a brutal season that can make many people who don’t enjoy heat absolutely miserable. Fall is the perfect season for those who don’t enjoy sweating while walking the dog because the air is cooler and crisper, making being outdoors more comfortable. You can grab your favorite comfy sweater and head outside for as long as you want, especially during the beginning of fall before the winter winds roll in towards the end of fall.

Eat More Apples

Fall is apple-picking season, which means that you’re going to be consuming tons of fresh fruit during the next few months. Even if you don’t like apples, the odds are that you love apple cider and donuts. To get yourself in the fall spirit, begin by buying fresh apples from local sources at your grocery store. If cider mills and apple orchards are currently open to the public, skip the grocery store and head on over to your favorite apple orchard to pick the freshest apples.

Get Your Fall Clothes Out

Even if the weather where you live is still warm, you can still get out your fall clothes and start planning your outfits for the coming months. Remember, fall can be fickle, so you’ll need to plan outfits that include clothes for both warm and cold weather.


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