8 Things to Bring on a Family Hiking Trip – [Guide #2022]

Hiking as a family outing is an activity that many around the world enjoy. From visiting local favorites to taking an adventure somewhere completely new, hiking is one activity that is both good for you and fun.

However, whether you’re a novice out for your first hiking adventure or it’s something you’ve done countless times before, failing to have the right supplies can be a literal disaster. As such, we wanted to share this list of things you should definitely bring with you on your next family hiking trip.

1. Plenty of Hydration

While you may think you can pack plenty of water into your traditional backpack with all of your other necessary supplies, you likely don’t have enough room for what you need for the day. With a hydration pack, you’ll not only have enough freshwater, but you’ll also have plenty of room for the rest of the supplies on this list.

2. Communication

Hiking is generally considered a safe undertaking, but emergency situations may arise where you’ll need to call for help. Some smartwatches will automatically prompt you if they detect a fall or too high of a heart rate, but even then, you need to be sure to always have your cellphone with you at all times.

3. Just in Case

If you don’t have a cell signal or help is too far away, you should have both a snake bite kit and a first aid kit. Additionally, carry at least one extra pair of socks for each person in your hiking party in case they get wet, and don’t forget a large blanket. This one can be used for a picnic and double as protection against the overnight cold if necessary.

As a pro tip coupled with our second tip above, having a map or, better yet, a quality GPS, is ideal for hiking just in case you get lost and don’t have cell reception for your hiking app.

4. Protection

This should go without saying, but too many people forget to put this on their packing list – sunscreen. Treat exposed areas with a product that is at least SPF 60, and reapply at least every two hours. Furthermore, have everyone wear a hat in order to help prevent overheating and sunglasses to protect their eyes.

5. Knowledge

Whether you’re traveling internationally and plan on hiking or you’re visiting a local state park for the first time, you need to research the area beforehand.

  • How challenging is the trek?
  • What is the estimated time it takes to hike the trails?
  • Is it safe for novices?
  • How far away is help?
  • What is the weather forecast?
  • What wild animals are known to be in the area?

These are all things that you should know before hiking anywhere new.

3 More Unforgettable Hiking Essentials

6. – A flashlight or headlamp – if you just lose track of time or things go wrong, and you’re out on the trails after dark, you’re going to appreciate having this one on your list.

7. – Plenty of food – don’t just pack a lunch either! Take some extra sandwiches, trail mix, and other snacks. You never know when the trek is going to make someone more hungry than expected.

8. – Lighter/matches – fire could be life-saving. Make sure you can easily start one if necessary.

Ideally, both parents will carry hydration packs and split the other necessary items above between them. Neglecting to take even one of them could result in your family hiking trip being an adventure you remember for all the wrong reasons.


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