highly compressed games for pc under 50mb

8 Highly Compressed Games For Pc Under 50MB #2022

So, We are at the mid of the year and acknowledging you the Pc games under 50 MB. If it is really possible to see games under 50mb only. It sounds odd but yes it is available. With less than 100 MB games and the best games, we have found out.
The good part is there are games that you can even play on 1 GB ram. You can download the games on Gameslay. The games are really the best to play. Especially for people who have low internet networks or connections. The games are running for decades. But, let us tell you the games we are telling you for it is not possible that games like GTA V download over 50MB. You can have fun playing games. So, let’s know the highly compressed games for PC.

here are the best highly compressed games for pc under 50mb


Taken 3 an incredible fighting game that is an ultra compressed game for pc. Tekken has a wide-character list such as Jin Kazama, Bryan Fury and many more. The home version of the game is a beat-em-up mode which is called Tekken force. A core fighting game with strength and weakness. The customization and graphics of the game are really appreciating. You should not take a chance to miss out on this amazing game which is highly compressed for your pc.


A strategic,maze-based video game that offers ultra compressed. The game is developed by Husson soft and recently owned by Konami. The game allows you two modes to play out. In the first mode, a single-player play the game. The second mode is for multiplayer. The player who will live until being the winner of the game. The game is about placing down bombs. With increasing in the power of the player at certain stages. You can play the game in the windows and iPod too.


If you like puzzle games then this is a perfect place for you. Rodent’s revenge is an ultra compressed game that can download in 1 MB. It is a computer puzzle game which is of mouse and the cat. Basically, like a mousetrap, a way for the cats. Same here the mouse has to trap the cats using movable blocks. The game has fifty levels itself which test your strength and patience too. Playing the highly compressed game you can really have fun.


With a simple and sweet interface to play. Stick hero game is downloaded free under 50 MB. The arcade games are for the longer you hold on the further pole you will extend. Playing stick hero you will face different scenarios that are really pretty amazing to play. A fun and addictive gameplay.Spectacular graphics and the visuals of the game. You can play the game for free downloading available.


An amazing ultra compressed game with free download. The game is an endless runner game. The game is developed by Kiloo. The game gained so much popularity over the internet. That it hits 2 billion download mark in the previous years. The characters of the game are running for World tour. Characters of the game has to run fast to avoid obstacles in the tour The game offers gold coins to the runner. Simple and creative interface. Millions of people enjoy the game over phones and windows too. Once you play the game you can’t take yourself back.

Pc games under 50mb free download-


 If you want to play the best adventure game then this is a good choice. The game is a side-scrolling game which is again a highly compressed one. The game is produced by Hudson Soft in Japan. The gameplay is different as the character of the game loses life whenever he touches an enemy. The theme of the game takes you in the deep mode and immersive mode. It is gonna be a great platform to opt for.


Plants Vs Zombies is an Ultra compressed game with free download for Pc. The game is a tower defense video game. You can play the game as a solo or with a multiplayer. The game theme is the owner is protecting his plants from zombies. If once they will enter your house they will eat you out and the game is over. The game is horror with fun. Impressive graphics and visual effects. You can download it now for free.


An expansion packed highly compressed game. 100% free downloading game. The game is developed by Pyro Studios. The game includes 8 missions and higher resolutions. The game needs a lot of strategies, control, and patience to play. The theme of the game is you have been selected in Commandos corps. You may see the action ‘Behind enemy lines’.You have given the opportunity to show your tactical ability. New challenges and missions to see ahead in the game. You will really enjoy the great game by playing and downloadng.


As we above mention the best of the ultra, highly compressed games for computers. The game will really help you out to enjoy games over pc with low internet network. Opt for the game or download every game depending on your choice. Like our page and comment below.

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