7 hidden ways to earn money in GTA-online

7 Hidden Ways To Earn Money In GTA Online #2022

You must be a GTA fan, we’ll who isn’t? No one can argue over how awesome the GTA is, but we agree that in its latest version the cost of vehicles, weapons and many other things are as expensive as it can be.
Sometimes it kills the joy when you don’t have enough cash for buying all those cool stuff and become the coolest person in the GTA world. We are gonna tell you some ways from which you can make money in GTA to make sure you run out of cash. you mas also like highly compressed pc games.

1. Double money events

You must be familiar with double money events and it will be a great way to make money by these events. Usually, they appear on races or advisory modes and sometimes they occur on gun-running bunker or vehicle cargo sales. All you have to do is the lookout for this double money event and take their advantage as much as possible.

2. Heists

Heists are every GTA lovers dream, you must be aware that you will get $400k in cash per hour! Sure it is a big amount to win. You will need a high-end apartment whose minimum cost is $200k and your 3 friends that have the required skills.
Firstly you have to walk to the heist planning room in your luxurious apartment. After that, you will have to select your chosen heist to start your mission. For that, you will need to pay some amount as an upfront cost to start the heist as host.
Make sure all your 3 friends have the skills to get you through the mission and get to the finale. If your friends are skilled, your time taken to the mission will be less and you will get some advantages for that. If you wanna make more money through this you should choose The pacific Standard Heist on hard mode to get the most profit per hour!

3. Doomsday heist

You will need a Facility whose minimum cost is 1.25 million and your 1 to 3 friends to start this mission and through this, you can earn up to $300k per hour.
You have to do the usual to start the mission, walk to the heist planning room and select your chosen heist act to start.
Your one to three friends is enough to start the mission, with an upfront cost you can start the heist as a host. Gather your good players to prep the mission, and plan through the finale, again if their skills are really important to reduce the time taken and reach the finale. If you choose fewer players for the mission you will significantly make more profit but at the same time, it is more difficult and time-consuming.

4. Special Cargo

You can make $200k profit per hour if you have an office worth $1mil, a warehouse worth $250 with an organization member. Start an organization as a CEO. Walk to the computer in your office and select “special cargo” then tap on the buy option of the crates. As you know you have to complete the mission to deliver the crates to your warehouse. Remember you can carry only one crate at a time and you have to move back and forth to collect them.
And now to make profits out of these crates you have to walk to your laptop to sell these at a higher price. To save some time you can buy many crates at once and invite your friends to help you in collecting and delivering them.

5. Vehicle cargo

It is just like special cargo but here you can make $300k profit per hour and you will need an office, vehicle warehouse and organization member. Start just like you do in special cargo and walk to the office computer and select “vehicle cargo” and then “source vehicle”.
Remember you have to steal the vehicles and then drive them to your vehicle warehouse and that too without damaging it otherwise you have to give repair cost. Now export the vehicle to the sources to make profits. To maximize your profit per hour you should get 10 top range vehicles along with 10 mid-range vehicles.
It will be a smart decision if you export your top range vehicles and sell your mid-range vehicles. Don’t hesitate to invite your friend to help you if need some.

6. Airfreight cargo

You will make $150k profit per hour and you will need a Hanger with a minimum cost of 1.2 million with an organization member. Start an organization as a CEO (you can start this mission as a VIP too). Walk to the hanger computer and select the source option on it, now select the type of cargo you want.
As you did with the above missions, you have to deliver your cargo go your change and then sell them using your laptop go make profits. Make sure you stick with one type of cargo to make more profits.

7. Gunrunning

You will make $80k profit per hour and the best thing about this is you can do other things too while doing this. You will need a bunker that costs around 1.2 million dollars and an organization member either a CEO or VIP.
After starting an organization as a CEO you have to walk to the laptop in your bunker and select ” resupply” then tap on “buy supply”. Again you have to complete missions to deliver your supplies to the bunker (in steal option) but you will get the delivery of the supplies if you have chosen the buy option.
The best thing about this you can do other things and your staff will take care of these supplies and turn them into stocks. Again you have to use your laptop to sell these stocks and make profits.
So these were the most profitable things that you can do to make money in GTA Online. Other than these you can try doing daily objectives that will earn you 1.6 million per month (28 days). We hope you have found these tips helpful to make more money and you enjoy your GTA journey without running out of cash.

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