6 Group And Family Costumes for Halloween

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If you are planning on celebrating Halloween with a group of friends or your family, there are a lot of group costumes to choose from. From the cast of Glee to the Addams Family, you can be characters from your favorite show or book. Either way, here are a few ideas to help you all decide on the best options for you and your family or circle of friends:

The Care Bears

If you are looking for child-friendly costumes that you and the kids can wear, consider the Care Bears. Whether you choose onesie costumes or get little bear outfits for the kids, it’s an easy costume that’s recognizable and easy to find. Plus, you’ll all look adorable as you go out to trick-or-treat.

Halloween Witch Costumes

Do you want to keep things simple in your group of gal friends? In that case, dress up in Halloween witch costumes. Whether you have comical gal pals who love the idea of looking like a creepy old witch on Halloween or your friends are all about those attractive witch costumes, you can dress as you please with any type of witch you pick.

If you want to keep things simple while dressing up as a classic, this is the ideal way to show up at a party—especially if you’re choosing costumes at the last-minute.

Schitt’s Creek Rose Family

Whether it’s you and the kids dressing up for Halloween, or it’s you and your friends, if you’re a fan of “Schitt’s Creek” on Netflix, then you have your outfits cut out for you. Mom and dad can be Alexa and David, while the littles can be the very out-there characters of the Rose family mom and dad.

Sex and the City

If it’s you and your girlfriends putting together a group outfit effort, “Sex and the City” provides you with at least four fun characters to dress up as. Take your Halloween outing a step further by impersonating the characters. After all, anyone who is a fan of “Sex and the City” has the character flaws and strengths down pat. From Carrie to Samantha, “Sex and the City” is a classic for any girl group costume party.

Game of Thrones

“Game of Thrones” is certainly an iconic show and one that is full of characters that would make for great costumes. From Khaleesi to Cersei, there are plenty of fun costumes you can come up with for a group costume idea that is bound to impress at any Halloween party.

From wigs to unique outfits, this is the kind of group idea that does require some investment and planning, and maybe even the help of pro face-painters. But, in the end, it’s certainly a costume concept that will impress at any party.

Stranger Things

If your friend group doesn’t feel like investing in extreme costumes, then you might consider going as the characters of “Stranger Things” as a group costume. While there are various things that stand out with each character, you can find most pieces of the costumes in your closet. Whether you’re celebrating with the kids or with your friends, “Stranger Things” is an iconic show that everyone will recognize if you hit the mark with your costumes.

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In Conclusion

Whether you’re celebrating with your kids or with your friend group, these ideas can get you started on discussing the costumes you want to find. What’s more impressive than one good costume? A group of good, well-coordinated costumes. So, if you want to show up in style while standing out at any Halloween party, these ideas will help ensure that you do.


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