6 Best Apps to Take Scrolling Screenshots on Android and iPhone #2022

It’s simple to take a screenshot of a picture or a section of a text or site you’re now reading on your smartphone. It’s possible that you’ll wish to take a lengthier snapshot of a whole chat thread or website. Using an image editing application to combine many screenshots, on the other hand, would be time-consuming. Fortunately, you won’t have to deal with the trouble of using both hands. On Android and iPhone smartphones, there are a few reputable apps that can record scrolling screenshots. Let’s have a look at them. This article will tell you the 6 best apps to take scrolling screenshots on Android and iPhone.


Android owners, particularly those with Samsung or Huawei handsets, may take extended screenshots with the native Scroll Capture function (previously Catch Too much).

  • Follow the instructions below to utilize the Scroll Capture feature in Android:
  • First of all, you need to launch the Settings menu and then select Advanced Functionality from the drop-down menu.
  • The subsequent phase is to enable Smart Capture.
  • Take a photo of the screen (the method may be different with your Android phone, but the standard method is to press the Power and Volume Down button simultaneously). Click the Screenshot icon from the menu. The page will scroll automatically, but you may halt it where you want it to pause by tapping your phone’s screen.
  • A little sample of the lengthy screenshot will appear in the left corner of the screen. When you’re finished, press Store to save the picture, or Share to share it to someone via mail, social networks, or other channels.
  • Sadly, unlike other Android devices, iPhone owners do not have access to a native scrolling screenshot tool like Scroll Capture. Scrolling screenshot applications can be helpful in this situation.

Following is a list of the finest Android and iPhone scrolling screenshot applications.


This is a great Android app for scrolling screenshots that takes photos with a lot of information. The free program includes a weaving tool for joining numerous images together, as well as a floating tool for quickly taking many pictures.

This app allows you to use it to record long web pages by navigating to the bottom and the program will collect the complete page without you having to do anything. It also has the capability to add start and finishes to the snapshot if you want to make it more personalized. You don’t have to be concerned about watermarks appearing on your finished screenshots.


This is just another free program for taking extensive screenshots, although it lacks the automated scroll-and-shoot feature. As a result, to achieve the finest stitching results, you’ll need to shoot each photo separately while retaining some gaps.

It still functions with third-party applications, websites, fixed backdrop graphics, and chat conversations, and it’s still a powerful program. You may choose which photographs you wish to include in your lengthy screenshot and the software will stitch them together using its automated stitching algorithm. It’s also possible to do it manually with granular control.

The picture manager, tagging tool, and social media sharing options are among the other significant features. The software is free with advertisements, but you may upgrade to the premium Stitchcraft Pro app for an ad-free experience.

Stitch It!

Stitch It! is a freebie image editor available for Android and iOS. It has a convenient and easy-to-use interface, but it only allows you to upload three photographs at a time. If you want to do more with the software, you’ll need to upgrade to the premium version.

It’s an excellent program for sharing conversation or text message discussions via social networks, the internet, and other media since it allows you to generate a single, cohesive image. This can be done by cutting and stitching screenshots together and saving them to your image library immediately.

You can also republish personal data from any communication or topic that you don’t want to reveal.


Picsew allows iPhone customers to capture scrolling snapshots. You may use it to stitch photographs together automated, as well as generate a scenery image. It also combines an endless number of screenshots into a single picture.

You may use the application’s customization options to obscure or animate areas of the photograph, as well as conceal any confidential material or people’s pictures. This app helps to apply borders and overlays, as well as record a complete web page with a single swipe using the web snapshot addon.

Picsew deals with material from third-party apps and social networking platforms.

Web Scroll Capture

This is another freemium, ad-supported software for Android smartphones that allows you to take extended screenshots. It only captures material from web pages and cannot be used to record content from third-party apps or messaging threads.

Its notable characteristics include the ability to save online pages as PDFs or pictures, as well as the ability to download the pages you’ve recorded for offline viewing.

Although Android phones can accept PDF files, Web Scroll Capture comes in useful if you frequently save web pages as photos.

Android Manufacturer Apps

Some Android phone makers have begun to add the option to snap extended screenshots as a native feature on their smartphones. In this regard, Samsung and Huawei have taken the lead.

With the Note 5, Samsung debuted its Capture More function. On the Galaxy S8, this was renamed Scroll Capture.

You need to navigate to Advanced and make sure to switch on Smart Capture to use the function. Capture a screenshot normally, but then touch on Scroll Capture to add extra images to the bottom. Continue pressing Scroll Capture until you’ve captured all of the information you require.

To snap a basic screenshot on Huawei smartphones, use Power + Volume Down. To create a lengthy screenshot, touch on Scroll Shot right away. The page will instantly begin scrolling; touch the screen to pause it.


Screenshots that are well-done are a piece of artwork. While it’s critical to capture all of the details in a single shot, the software should be able to stitch information together intelligently. To guarantee that you acquire the greatest ones, you may utilize a variety of approaches. These six applications, on the other hand, will give good results while scrolling screenshots.




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