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15 excellent PC games highly compressed download now #2022

Games are the best part of our life. We all like to play games in our free time. This is addictive power and it is the best way of entertainment and joy. When we start playing games then we completely lost and we forget reality. Life is more entertainment if you play games.
There are many interesting games on the market. The gaming industry has advanced and expanded rapidly over the year. Games are a miraculous way to reduce mental stress. Winning games makes you feel heroic. you may also like pc games less than 500 MB
I strongly believe that games are not just a form of fun but an essential desire to achieve goals and self-fulfillment. Here is the collection of best games under 500MB and I’m completely sure, this list will give you a different fun which you want.

collection pc  highly compressed  games

Smackdown vs raw 2007

Smackdown vs RAW 2007 received great reviews on all platforms. Same as the other game it has two modes single-player and multiplayer game and you can play this game at many platforms like  Playstation 2, Xbox 360, PlayStation Portable, etc. There have many interesting characters.
New gameplay mechanics provide full control over every aspect of the game: new stare downs, chop fighting, reversals in submissions, matching tactics and overhauled Royal Rumble controls. I recommend this game to any WWE Fan or Fan of the Ruthless Aggression Era.


The raft is a survival game that makes you really focus on what you have. Ever 5 minutes you find yourself planning to do something interesting and when it works out you get such satisfaction.
This game also makes you keep saying that you are low on changing supplies. The best part is that you also have to be afraid of thirst and hunger and all the enemies. Now you can even play multiplayer which adds up the fun.
Honestly, this game is an interesting and learning game. There’s a practical progression, and it’s challenging and rewarding, plus you can play with friends!


Portal is a series of first-person puzzle video games and is developed by Valve. The game Portal consists mainly of a series of puzzles that have to be solved by teleporting.
 Most of the matches involve using the “Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device” – the “portal gun”.The player’s character or objects in the game world may move through portals while protecting their momentum.
 The player’s character, Chell, is challenged to complete the puzzle with a gun to guarantee the reception of cake when all puzzles in the Open Science Centre, using artificial
intelligence called GLaDOS (Genetic Lifestyles and Disk Operating System).

Pizza dude

In Pizza Dude, you can either control pizza girl or Pizzadude, of which the latter is simpler to play with more time. In this game, you have a goal to prepared pizzas and deliver them.
Preparing pizzas means cutting onions, tomatoes, and many other pizza ingredients. Slicing pieces of pizza with a chainsaw is also possible, as well as preparing other meals like french fries, soda, and salads.
Once completed when preparing the food, you have to deliver it to various locations, by either scooter or quad. There are many easy locations, and some “special” locations to drive. Once arrived at the location, there is some run action like avoiding dogs and other barriers, trying to not fall into the water, etc.
When you have delivered the Pizza, you must go back to the restaurant to prepared more pizzas.


Really enjoy this game, it’s definitely a good way to kill time, there’s always something to do. It’s also kinda-ish a bit a brain thinker, you really gotta think about whats your next move and what you gonna do after. The Age of Discovery of Astroneer takes place
during the 25th century.
There may be no storyline to it, but it’s analyzing, and that’s fun! You can go to seven planets, unlock emotes, play coop, collect resources that make interesting sounds when you obtain them. In this adventure, players can work together to build a customized base above or below ground and they can develop vehicles to explore a huge solar system.

Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow

Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow is a stealth video game and Pandora tomorrow is the second game in the splinter cell series. There are eight levels and fourteen missions in this game.
The game follows the activity of Sam fish and an agent working. Sam Fisher is a raging covert soldier waging a one-man war against a terrorist network in Indonesia. In Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow you play Sam Fisher. PandoraTomorrow, inspired by the Tom Clancy universe, has a line that you like.


Transformers is a series of games. The game consists of 7 chapters, which are each divide into various missions, including some optional side-missions. Players are ranked on each goal based on their overall performance.
Players can earn credits and gain new weapons by winning, destroying certain objects, and solving puzzles hidden across each chapter.

Hitman: blood money

The Blood Money story revolves around the murders committed by the narrator, Agent 47, The player guides Agent 47 through the game’s levels from a third-person attitude. A map showing each topographical area and the location of targets and characters assist the player. To complete his mission, Agent 47 uses multiple strategies.
 Every level in Blood Money contains a strategy to make the target’s death look like a disaster, such as altering with a grill to make it explode when it is activated, rigging a chandelier to drop on a target or pushing a target off a balcony.
Agent 47 can improvise weapons to finished missions, such as nail guns, toy air rifles, fire extinguishers, stilettos, cane swords, screwdrivers, hammers, and hedge clippers.

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

Hot pursuit lets players be either a racer or cops and features a full mission mode for both roles. The relationship between the cops and racers is described as “tom and Jerry”; the police being more strong while the racers are faster.
Hot pursuit features a new social interchange system called “Autolog” which is. The game features both single-player and multiplayer game modes with up to eight players; as a choice to live multiplayer racing, players can post records and successes on the Autolog.


Limbo is a puzzle game. In this game, the player guides an unidentified boy through difficult environments and traps as he searches for his sister.
The boy can run left or right, hop, climb onto short ledges or up and down ropes and ladders, and push or pull objects. Limbo is presented through dark, graphics and with minimalist ambient sounds, creating an eerie, disturbing environment.
 As the player will likely encounter various deaths before they crack each puzzle and finish the game.


Virtua Cop 2 is a shooting game, released in 1995 and developed by their AM2 studio. It is a game of shooting that has three characters named James Cools, Janet Marshal, by the name of Michael Hardy and it has a lot to do. A lot of people love to play this game on the PC. It is compressed for PCs that you can download in 10 MB on your PC.

Need for speed: most wanted

Need for Speed: Most Wanted received favorable reviews. Most Wanted allows players to choose one car and compete against other racers in three types of events: Sprint races, which involves traveling from one step of the city to another, Circuit races, each having 2-3 laps total and Speed runs, which involve crossing through a course in the highest average speed possible.
There are also Ambush races, where the player starts surrounded by cops and must evade their goal as quickly as possible.

Devil may cry 3

This game is a hack and slash game for action-adventure. The gameplay in Devil May Cry consists of a mission in which players battle opposers, carry out platforming missions and solve puzzles to improve through the story.
The player’s performance in each task is rated from D through C, B and A, with top ratings of S and SS. Devil May Cry 3’s battle system permits a player to link attacks, with each weapon having a set no. of attacks.

Ww3 legends of WrestleMania

The game features a new combo fighting system. The game features a WrestleMania mode consisting of 3 options: Relive, Rewrite, and Redefine. In Relive, the player can play like a legend that defeated a match over a particular wrestler.
Rewrite permits the player to play as the loser of a particular historic match in order to “rewrite” history. The player in this mode can watch a recap of the history of particular wrestlers, a recap of their feud, and a recap of their match at WrestleMania.
In this mode, the player must complete specific objectives, besides winning the match. In Redefine, the player chooses any wrestler to play and the ability to change the match type.


The gameplay is very parallel to earlier games by Namco, like MotoGP and MotoGP 2. MotoGP 3 has remote more tracks than the earlier game, with 15 real-world courses which include Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, Paul Ricard, Motegi, and Mugello. There is also a variety of fantasy layouts that can be as simplistic as a vertical line or as complex as having a crossroads in it.


Everyone knows about games. They know, games are the best way for passing the time and they love it. That’s why we bring the top best games under 500mb. I’m sure, this article will help you a lot and I hope you enjoy all the games which are given in this article. If you like this article then share and comment.

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